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  1. B

    Solved! Laptop stuck in Hibernation mode. Unable to access BIOS/Boot menu. NO bootable OS found.

    Have a crazy computer problem with a personal laptop. So, I installed Debian, but something was wrong with the bootloader....when you booted it up, it would give the "No disk/no OS" black screen, making it look like there was no OS installed, however you could hit F7 and access a boot menu...
  2. F

    Solved! Laptop does not come on after it enters sleep or hibernation.

    I have a laptop that when it enters hibernation or sleep mode, will go into that mode normally, but will never come back out. In order to get it to exit these modes, you have to power it down, take the battery out, and hold the power button down for 5+ seconds. If you don't, It won't come on...
  3. K

    Solved! Sleep or hibernation without switching off the graphics card...?

    Hi all, my question is, whether the above is possible. I have a borrowed laptop (until my own gets repaired) - Acer Aspire V5 with Windows 8 (sic! :[ ) - which has a problem with graphics card (I was told, and the owner was told in a repair shop some years ago). After turning on, the computer...
  4. T

    Mouse cursor issue

    Hello, I have a small issue with my new laptop (Asus ROG GL502V). When it wakes up from hibernation mode, sometimes I have a square instead of my mouse cursor. When I open something, the square is gone and I have normal cursor. I know it's not a big problem but it's a bit irritating. Thanks a...
  5. L

    Lenovo 910 won't come out of sleep mode

    Lenovo 910 powers on with blinking lights but doesn't boot up as if it is stuck in hibernation mode.
  6. S

    Solved! Toshiba M50-A-118 doesn't shutdown or sleep

    Dear tomshardware community, I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop that can't properly shut down or sleep/hibernate (restart is fine). What happens, frequently after some hours of usage, is that uppon asking the PC to shutdown/sleep, it will try to do so and then the screen goes black. But the...
  7. T

    how do I solve hibernation on my laptop

    When I switch on my laptop .the scream shows that the laptop is hibernating.how do I solve it
  8. C

    Laptop won't boot up past logo screen [ Lenovo ] after hibernation.

    Hello, I put my laptop into hibernation mode at 22:00 and the next day when I tried to boot it up , at 9:00 AM, it does not load past the logo screen. Lenovo G580, Windows 7 Ultimate. I have tried to smash F1, F2 and F12 in order to open the Bios, and the take out the battery and the power cord...
  9. G

    Laptop won't un-hibernate

    I have my friends Lenovo laptop here to try and resolve his issue, which is that it won't come out of hibernation. I mean in no situation does it ever try to boot anymore, it immediately goes to a screen that says "Your computer can't come out of hibernation", with an error code of 0xc000000d...
  10. yackar

    Acer One 10 S1003-114m Transitions from Sleep mode to Hibernate when on battery.

    The device is a 2-in-1 style, and it always turns itself to hibernation mode given the following circumstances: The device is already in Sleep mode. The device is not connected to a charger. The device has been left with the previous two conditions for an undetermined set amount of time. I've...
  11. M

    How can you get your laptop out of hibernation??

    How can I get my laptop out of hibernation??? It's been loading for 30 min now
  12. ConfusedWolf

    Solved! ASUS X72DR-TY012V died after turning on Hibernation

    Good day, dear Community! On Saturday, something quite interesting and bothering has happened to my 6 year old ASUS X72DR-TY012V running Windows 10. I have turned on the Hibernation mode and upon returning it from this state by pressing the power button, the screen stayed blank. After...
  13. R

    My laptop goes into hibernation after a while

    Whithout any reason, my laptop goes in hibernation even in the bios setup. I tried a lot of fixes like turn off hibernation from cmd and power setting, remove my ram and nvme ssd, checking my cpu temp which never passed 55 degree, ....... . If i remove one ram it takes more time to hibernate...
  14. C

    Hibernation Work Around

    Administrator has enforced a hibernation timer which requires me to open laptop lid and relog in after 60 minutes. Is there a way around this? I keep laptop under a shelf on my desk and having to log in several times a day is really irritating.
  15. E

    Solved! ALL acer computers...Just a question..

    Are you folks using SUSPEND MODE/HIBERNATION?? Im sorry, but I dont set that up on LAPTOPS.. What is happening to these laptops?? If so many are failing from power problems..Why are they STILL on the market?
  16. B

    how do I take out my acer inspire switch 10e out of hibernation mode

    My Acer inspire switch 10E laptop has gone into hibernation has gone into hibernation mode. As it doesn't have a removable battery how do I take it out of hibernation mode?
  17. rifty

    Laptop goes into hibernation during games then runs terrible after resuming windows

    Hi, so i recently bought a brand new asus gaming laptop model is GL552W and recently its been working fine for about a month, been doing games flawlessly. However about 2 weeks ago and up to today (why im making this) it would play games perfectly then all of a sudden go into hibernation mode...
  18. C

    how to get acer ES1-511-C11F out of hibernating mode? (solved)

    My nans acer ES1-511-C11F has been stuck in hibernation mode for a month. i have seen people say remove the battery but you cannot remoove the battery on her laptop , i also cannot open up the control panel
  19. G

    Laptop goes into hibernation on cold boot

    Hello everyone, I hope you will be able to help me. I have MSI CX600 laptop (ms-1682), and whenever I power it on in a cold room, or when he has been cold for a while, he starts, goes into bios and everything, but when windows boot start loading, he just goes into some sort of hibernation - all...
  20. F

    Laptop Hibernating Problem

    My Windows 10 laptop (HP Pavilion G6) will go to hibernate mode and will not let me get back to my screen until the power button goes off, then I press on it and it's back to normal. Otherwise, I have to wait. I have tried CPU issues, sleeping issues, settings changes but nothing.
  21. M

    Acer Aspire V5-471P turns on, then off, and then turns on normally!

    Hey guys, So since a month or so my laptop (model on title) started presenting a problem when booting. Every time I either turn it off or hibernate and turn it back on, it will start booting (lights turn on and the fan starts spinning) and the screen shows Acer like it usually does at boot, but...
  22. G

    e1505 laptop turns on but wont boot

    I have a problem with this laptop turning on. At times the laptop turns on(no booting,no fan) but I wont get anything on the screen. When i fidget with the display as soon as I press the power botton, it would display the windows screen(fan turns on) then goes to the hibernation load screen...
  23. C

    Asus laptop starting fail with single short beep

    Hello! I'm facing to a problem, by every boot (either normal, hibernation or sleep) the notebook (ASUS X550LB-XO114D) get to the Windows (10) booting, but after 1-2 seconds the notebook shuts down with a single short beeping noise. Second start always works, it gets to normal status. What could...
  24. L

    Extreme lag after hibernation on new Dell Inspiron i7559???

    Hi I recently bought the Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK and I’ve been having an issue with lag/freeze after leaving the laptop in hibernation for 1-4 hours. Every time I leave the computer on hibernate and open it up again I would get these computer freezes where every 7-10 seconds the computer will...
  25. T

    Laptop beeping when scrolling

    Whenever my laptop goes into hibernation after inactivity whenever I try to use 2 fingers on the trackpad to scroll the laptop makes beeping sounds. ( the sounds are coming from the speakers and it will also play the beeping in headphones if I have some plugged in). It is really annoying as I...
  26. G

    Laptop wakes shortly after standby / hibernation

    Hi! I know this is crops up a lot but none of the threads I found here or elsewhere were able to solve my problem. My notebook (Lenovo Thinkpad T530, Win7 Professional) wakes up a few minutes after being sent into standby or hibernation. This started just a couple of days ago; I've been using...
  27. B

    Toshiba Satellite P-50 Battery not charging, keeps turning off even when plugged in.

    A few weeks ago I noticed my Toshiba Satellite P-50 was displaying (0% battery remaining, plugged in charging) or (0%battery remaining, plugged in, not charging). Whenever I unplugged it from main adapter it would immediately go into hibernation, however it would resume functions immediately...
  28. J

    My computer will not come out of hibernation

    My computer has been very slow lately and not really working at all. What do I do? When I went today to start my computer it said that my computer won't come out of hibernation
  29. Z

    Instant-on, what is it?

    Hello out there, I just bought an ASUS laptop and it has this feature called "ASUS Instant On". I simply don't understand what it is. Is it a replacement for hibernation or a whole new feature? Another questions, is it safe to use "Instant-on" when traveling with my laptop from home to my...
  30. N

    hibernation on laptop

    The hibernation on my laptop was working fine. Lately, it does not hibernate. All the lid closure settings are proper, the way they should be. Is there any thing else that I can check and change?
  31. M

    Laptop will not turn on after going into hibernation

    Laptop went into hibernation now it won't come back on
  32. B

    Laptop's performance suffers after I close my laptop

    Whenever I close my laptop, putting it into hibernation and logging back on, my performance in video games suffers. For example, in one game I get around 40FPS before I make it go into hibernation when closing it. But when I do close it, my FPS drops around to 20. I fix it by just turning off...
  33. H

    acer aspire 5100 stuck in hibernation...help

    Friend just got a second hand acer 5100 anf was playing on it and he shut the lid left for a bit and now its not coming out Of hibernation
  34. B

    Toshiba Satellite A105 will not turn on from hibernation mode

    Turned off my Toshiba Satellite A105-54064 but when tried powering up found it would not turn back on from 'hibernation mode'. Have tried everything but still will not power up. HELP!!!
  35. C

    Sleep or Hibernation for Battery Conversation?

    Hi, Normally when I travel, I put my laptop into sleep mode. However, very often when I switch-on my laptop a few hours later after sitting in the plane, I realise about half of my laptop has already been drained out. I wonder, what could be the cause of this and how can this be best avoided...
  36. J

    computer won't turn on

    Hey guys my moms laptop hasnt tuned on at all and every time I click the power button a light bulb in the corner of the laptop turns on I looked it up and it means in hibernation mode I looked up ways to take it out of hibernation mode and I took out the battery pressed the power button for 30...
  37. rahul1

    is hibernation ok?

    I heard that, in case of laptops and all, upto 2 deliberate hibernations in a month is good towards the health of the laptop. Is this true?
  38. W

    Keyboard problem after hibernation

    hi, not the first time, my keyboard goes crazy after waking from hibernation. last time the problem solved by itself (i really dont know what i did to solve it). when i press button 'a' sometimes it will become 'caps' or 'caps + q' or just 'q' or 'a + q', it occurs randomly. there are some...
  39. Q

    Laptop hibernation issues with new battery

    I recently bought a new battery for my Sony Vaio laptop (vgn-nw235f) running windows 7 and I installed the patch for the BIOS that was provided with the battery. Ever since I started using this new battery I have encountered issues with the laptop randomly entering hibernation with plenty of...
  40. A

    Dell Inspiration 6400 locks up while coming out of hibernation

    OS: Windows xp 32-bit Home Edition, SP3 RAM: 4 GB CPU: Core 2 Duo T7200 I have not made any modification to the laptop, hardware or software, for the past three months. I've used Hibernation extensively for two years and this is the first time it locked up. I get to the "Resuming Windows"...
  41. J

    Wireless problems

    Hello, my Gateway laptop all of a sudden stopped sensing wireless signal after I woke it up from hibernation. It was working just fine before hibernation. I have tried: system restore, restarting, turning off and back on, fn-f2, switching wireless switch off and on numerous times all to no...
  42. T

    Standby function of Sony Vaio VGN-TZ17GN/N

    Hello, I've got this Sony Vaio. The power off options include Standby, hibernation, Turn Off and Restart. But the first two are grayed out. What can I do to activate them? Thanks. TZ
  43. C

    My sony vaio laptop won't turn on!

    Hello, I put my laptop to hibernation and when I came back a few hours later to use it again it won't turn back on! When I press the start button I can hear the laptop booth up but nothing comes on the screen! When I touch the on/of button again I can hear it turn off but nothing happens on the...
  44. M

    Sony vaio laptop hibernation problems

    Hello, Closed the laptop lid (windows 7) when I opened it up again a few minutes later, although the computer is on, the screen is blank. Have switched off and on again with no luck - a blank screen. Can anyone help?
  45. H

    Solved! How Do I Bring My Laptop out of Hibernation Mode

    how do i bring my laptop out of hibernation
  46. A

    LG E500 will no longer turn on :(

    This laptop has done brilliantly for the past 3 years i have had it, however today i tried turning it on and the switch lit up as it usually does, but then i could hear no activity and nothing happens, then after a moment the hibernation light comes on. So i thought this was strange and tried...
  47. F

    What is auto hibernate

    Hello, My laptop started randomly going into hibernation 'preparing to hibernate'. Although this appears to have stopped it now only runs for approx 30 minutes then just switches off. Bottom left hand corner of laptop seems to get pretty hot too. Can you advise or explain please?
  48. G

    Toshiba Satellite freezes at starting

    Hello, I turn on the laptop and it freezes showing the usual "Toshiba- Leading innovation" welcome, but the Windows 7 OS doesn´t load.Last time the laptop worked normally, I ended the session selecting the hibernation mode but perhaps I fear to have disconnected the machine from the AC source...
  49. S

    Frozen in standby/hibernation

    Hello, I have an acer laptop with Windows Vista and it is frozen in standby mode. The battery is fully charged and I am running it on the mains adaptor anyway. It will not run up or shut down, and the power button just keeps flashing on/off. I am currently at my workplace using their...
  50. G

    How Do I Bring My Laptop out of Hibernation Mode

    Hello, just got a brand new toshiba laptop. Satellite L510 series. just made my user name and all that. when going to the shut down tab, it gives options sleep and hibernate. what is the difference? and i chose hibernate and the next time i opened the lid should i have pressed the on/off...
  51. G

    Solved! What does hibernating mean on a laptop

    Hello. laptop is hibernation. how do i get it back. starts "resuming" and then goes to hibernating
  52. D

    Gateway Notebook doesn't turn on

    My Gateway M-6834 notebook suddenly won't turn on. Bought it new 2 years ago and it worked great up until last night. Today, when I pressed the power button, the power buttom light started blinking rapidly and in tandem with the WiFi "on" light. The manual says that means it's in hibernation...
  53. exfileme

    Boffins Close to Creating Suspended Animation

    Maybe scientists will have suspended hibernation figured out by the time humans head to Mars. Boffins Close to Creating Suspended Animation : Read more
  54. R

    Recover IBM ThinkPad from Hibernation

    I close the lid of my IBM thinkpad at night, and in the morning, I am forced to restart it by holding in the power button and rebooting. It does not go into sleep/standby mode and it gets stuck in hibernation mode. However, I think this is only the case either when in my dock, or charging, I'm...
  55. B

    Lenovo G530

    Hi guys... i have a problem with my Lenovo G530. I instaled fresh Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and im facing sleep and hibernation problems. When i try to put my laptop to sleepmode and when i try to restore it restarts by himself.I tried every single option in my power manager and every command...
  56. GDavidF

    Hibernate or Standby, differing opinions as to which is better?

    I had just been told that most IT techs would say that Hibernation is bad for laptops, anyone care to comment? With thanks and regards from Aus', Dave
  57. r_manic

    Why Do I Have to Replace My Battery?

    Woke my XPS up from hibernation, and here's what I see: The thing is, my XPS M1330 is less than a year old! I've been using it practically 12-16 hours a day since I got it though. Is this kind of capacity loss or wear normal? Am using Windows 7 btw, and as I've previously written, I've...
  58. C

    Auto wake up after hibernation

    Hullo, I found this program that claims to be able to put my computer into hibernation and then restore it without me having to power it on. I can't seem to get the program to fulfill its intended role. The program starts off perfect, everything works fine and it even goes into hibernation but...
  59. G

    Is this acceptable?

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) I recently bought my 1st laptop and the documentation seems to suggest that unless the laptop will not be used for several days it is preferable to use the hibernation mode (manual or timed out) rather than a full computer shutdown for...