Solved! Asus laptop doesn't boot, however disk and wireless lights turn off and on in loop, power led always on

Sep 15, 2021
Asus N56JR

It has been doing this thing for a while: I press the power button, I hear the pc trying to boot but it shuts down and resets itself in like once every 0.5 seconds according to the HDD and wireless LED on the front of the laptop. The screen doesnt turn on the backlight even. The fan work, there is heat inside from the CPU and from the GPU (I felt it when I unmounted it). Removed both caddy HDD and SSD drive, same thing but only the wireless led blinks since there is no hdd. Both drives work, tried on a different machine. Resetted everything according to every possible guide on the web. Tried to boot without screen, with second monitor, etc, can't even get to the BIOS screen.

I removed the RAM too and when I pressed the power button the behaviour is a bit different - It turns "on" (no light on screen tho), meaning the LEDs turn on and DONT LOOP, but shutdown after 1 second or so. Sadly I only have one stick of ram. Can it be a RAM problem or is this a probable motherboard issue?

Here is a video of it happening: View:

the middle led is disk, the one right next to the right is wireless and the one on the left of the image is the power led