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  1. B

    My front camera comes up but its like a filter on it and i can't get it to just show normal color

    My front facing camera looks as if I'm using a filter but I'm not I can't get it to show normal color
  2. Z

    Always show sticky keys ,filter keys on password and when type the password keys is wrong . What the problems exactly ?

    Always shows sticky keys ,filter keys in front password page ,and i cant fill the password because the password im type goes wrong. Dont know how to see what im typing because well its password right ?so what the main problem ?and the solution ?
  3. T

    Solved! rangehood filter mesh

    metal filter mesh in sheets or rolls {cut tyour own} for an oven range hood.I don't know where to buy this.
  4. themiziko

    Popfilter setup on microphone

    Is it better to setup popfilter like this : or like this ? So with the whole handle from bottom, or from above ? and it it better to have the popfilter far or close to mic ?
  5. Wayfall

    Different ways of doing macro

    Hi I have a Canon 450D. I am a happy user of my 50mm 1.8 STM and Sigma 105mm Macro lens. My question is this: Which is better? A actual physical 1:1 macro lens, a lens attached to extension tubes or a closeup filter. I presume their are other ways I haven't heard of yet as well. What's your...
  6. D

    Space, enter and back space quit

    My spacebar, enter key and backspace have stopped responding. I have tried reinstalling the keyboard driver and messing with sticky/filter keys. Any suggestions?
  7. C

    what are the most helpful room-finding app/site you've used where you can filter by # of total rooms, such as '2 or less' or '

    what are the most helpful room-finding app/site you've used where you can filter by # of total rooms, such as '2 or less' or 'only 1-person studios'? or better, 'only quiet places'
  8. Wayfall

    Having issues with long exposure

    Hi I went out to Manchester to try and have a bash at long exposure street photography and I used a 450D, tripod, adjustable neutral density filter and a wireless shutter controller. I came across some weird things smearing over some of my images. Whenever i put the filter to max and i do a...
  9. H

    My laptop is typing the letter "p" over and over and the only way to stop it is to turn on sticky key toggle keys and filter

    My laptop is typing the letter "p" over and over and the only way to stop it is to turn on sticky key toggle keys and filter keys and this renders my keyboard useless I tried using a separate keyboard but the only way to type is the on screen one
  10. C

    [ BLOCK NOISE ] -- What is the most effective solution and highest NRR item to block out 'non-constant' sounds, in 2017?

    please link to the best analysis of why this headphone is most effective What is the most effective solution and highest NRR item to block out 'non-constant' sounds, in 2017? 'noise-cancel' do not work, it blocks constant sounds from there, would filter out the options by which has an...
  11. D

    Solved! GoPro Filter Difficulty

    I have a Gopro Hero 4 Silver and bought a case for it that allowed for a 52mm filter to be attached to it. I decided to take advantage of that and got a Neutral Density filter to get some cool blurred shots. So I tried it with a ND.9, 4-stop filter. I go to Night picture mode, set shutter to 2...
  12. hoover1979

    Photoshop Cs5.5 Need help finding a wood texture generation plugin.

    Hi. I am working on an UltraHD texture pack for engine ports of the original Doom. (Gzdoom, doomsday, gzdoom, etc). I use Adobe Photoshop CS5.5 (64bit) I am avoiding Creative Cloud as I don't want to pay monthly fees for the rest of my life to use the program. I got my physical copy of...
  13. A

    Nikon D5100 Step Up and Step Down Rings

    Hi Guys I have a Nikon D5100 and a 18-55mm Kit lens with 52mm filter thread and a 70-300mm Di LD Macro 1:2 with 62mm filter thread. If I buy a few lens filters with 52mm thread size like a CPL UV Macro +1,+2,+4,+10 filters and get a step down ring on my Tamron to reduce its filter thread from...
  14. S

    Adblock+ not preventing popup ads

    Adblock+ can't detect and prevent popup ads. I have tried inserting some addresses to the filter but it still can't contain them. Also there are these new types of popup ads where the new tab redirects to the original site and the original tab shows the ads. These also seem to get through...
  15. C

    Laptop Cooling Pad with Dust Filter

    I need a cooling pad for my Alienware Laptop so it doesn't throttle when playing games. Part of the problem is that my house is very dusty and since the intake for the cooling fan on the laptop is on the button, If I had a cooling pad with a dust filter, it would lower the amount of dust getting...
  16. R

    Lens reflection on ND filter..

    Recently purchased a 10 stop 100mm ND filter and am using it with the LEE mounting kit on a 10-20mm wide angle lens. When I shoot long exposures, a faint reflection of the camera lens can be seen in the shot. This only happens when I expose for longer times (1 - 2 minutes). Is there anything I...
  17. B

    Website Blocked by filter?

    Every time I open up certain websites it shows up as a black screen and says, "Website Blocked By Filter" I checked and, no I do not have any parental controls enables. I went to DNS and I looked under advance settings and I un-checked some things that might be the issue. But it wont work. I...
  18. T

    Microsoft office 2010 filter pack 64 bit - KB2460041 Where can I find a good link to this?

    I am trying to install Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 and heard that you needed Microsoft Office 2010 Filter Packs 64 bit installed + the SP1 for that. Every link I find for it gives a message that page not found? Can someone provide a good link please? Thanks, Tigger
  19. J

    Suggest some good ND filter and lens adapter

    Ok, I've got a Nikon D5300 and I need some decent ND filters which are relatively cheap. And I want to use a lens adapter to test the canon lenses my friends have got in my nikon. Could you please tell me how well the adapter will work and which one will be quite good but inexpensive??
  20. L

    Pop Filter / Windshields Needed for Sennheiser PC 363D Headset Microphone

    Hi I'm trying to find a pop filter/windshield that will fit the microphone on the above headset, preferably from a UK website. Does anyone know a link to where I can find these? Also please don't say "make your own". Thanks Luke
  21. K

    Weird Slanted Line on LCD

    there appears to be a slanted filter in the edge of IPS lcd panel. Can anyone tell me what is the cause of this? Is it a slanted built-in LCD filter or did the factory worker forget to remove a protective film before installing the LCD Panel?:!:
  22. M

    Looking for a RF filter

    hi I was just wondering where i can find a RF filter to plug into the back of my computer and then to plug my speakers in, thanks.
  23. EagleOD1

    What pop filter is this?

    Hello, I would like to know what pop filter (shock mount??) this is, and will it fit an audio-technica at2020? Thanks.
  24. J

    LCD TV has slight pink tint.

    I have a 42 inch Digital Lifestyles LCD TV that one day went black with no sound, menu or anything else. I have repaired the PWR Supply w/new filter caps and one other cap. The output voltages were then present and correct. This got me to the backlight coming on but no menu or anything else. I...
  25. E

    Best way to filter out IP addresses with hardware..?

    I am looking to filter out IP addresses using hardware external to the computer itself. I have decided that using Windows' system for filtering IPs/hosts is no good, because if someone hacked the computer itself, then they could just alter all of that anyway. So it needs to be some external...
  26. L

    Using a passive 2way crossover as a low cut filter

    Hi I've purchased a Skytec STP-1 crossover. This is so I can take the 8 ohm output from an amplifier (100w) into an 8 ohm guitar cab (140w). The crossover splits at 180Hz which is ideal for me to protect the speaker against damage from low frequencies from my bass guitar. By using it this way I...
  27. U

    How are web content filters even able to filter secure traffic? Isn't secure traffic suppose to be, idk, secure?

    I have K9 web filter on which there is an option to filter secure traffic. How can they possibly do that? And is it risky to have this option active while using https sites like my online bank website? Sorry for sounding so paranoid but when it comes to banking I'm on the lookout for any...
  28. A

    How to Add Filters to Instagram Photos

    The filter options on Instagram are one of its largest draws, as they let you spice up your photos with a tap. There are a variety of filters from which to choose that enhance your photo and provide it with an artistic feel. You can easily add filters to your Instagram photos by following these...
  29. U

    Best filters for Nikon lenses?

    Hello, I'm about to get a new Nikon D5300 with 2 lenses: 18-55mm and 50mm f/1.4 Never before did I buy a filter so I have no idea how they work, if each lens has a specific filter due to diameter or anything like that. For example, would these work on my lenses...
  30. M

    Help in buying new lens..

    Hello guys... I'm posting in favor for one of my friends... He owns a Nikon D5100..and he is interested in buying a new lens for his cam. His budget is Rs7000 and he will be taking mostly portraits... He said something about telephoto or zoom lens something..please suggest me all...
  31. Q

    clean the fan filter on Asus G75vw

    I keep getting a message to check the fan filter. It says to check my owners manual for instructions but it is not addressed in the manual. I don't want to get overheated and ruin something. I paid a lot of money for this laptop.
  32. C

    Mic Windscreen / Pop Filter for Senn Headset

    Im looking for a windscreen (little black foam thing) for my pair of Sennheiser G4me One headset, which has the same mic as the PC 360 models and such. All I can find are tiny ones for instructor headsets.
  33. B

    Alternative Mount for Blue Yeti Microphone

    I purchased a Blue Yeti Microphone. http:// I have the stand and filter for it and everything, but I need an actual Microphone mount for it. However the official Blue Yeti Microphone Shock Mount is too expensive for me. http:// Does someone know of any alternative mount that still works but...
  34. F

    Best pop filter for the Blue Snowball?

    I need a pop filter that will fit the Blue Snowball, but with a fairly long/flexible wire. Any suggestions?
  35. N

    New Commentary Microphone

    Hi all, So I have a Razer Megladon headset, and I'm sure as many of you know that they do not work well in windows 8. So I have them plugged into my laptop and have the audio from my PC going through my laptop. And since I don't have a separate microphone besides the one on my headset, I am...
  36. C

    Need a ND filter

    Hi, I have a nikon D5200 and I am going to the Galapagos and wanted to take some cool photos with motion blur. I know for photos on sunny days with long shutter speeds you need a neutral density filter and I was wondering if you had any filters you recommended. I would like to go on the...
  37. U

    Password Dictionary Filter

    I'm looking for a program or script/command whether in Windows or Linux to filter password dictionaries. I want to filter out any password that include special characters, less than 8 characters and also duplicates.
  38. R

    What is an IR cut Filter?

    How is it related with clear picture?
  39. moulderhere

    Whats a good filter for Canon T3i. only.

    I used to have a pentax, I bought a filter that was actually fake because it was there to protect the lense. Now I got a real camera but I'm not sure what filter to get... From only (I have a huge gift card) any suggestions for UV Filter? Mainly I want it to protect 2 lenses I have...
  40. R

    Chrome's content filter flawed?

    Hello, I use Chrome's built in content filter to filter out images and plug-ins in order to speed up my web surfing (I go by dial up out here in the boonies.) and for personal reasons as well. But oddly enough an occasional image or ad will slip by and I really wonder why? I've checked my...
  41. H

    Quantaray teck -10 90mm 2 8 macro lens

    This lens orignaly came with a magnifer filter where can i purchase one? Thanks, Jerry
  42. exfileme

    Google Just Made It Harder to Find Boobs

    Google has tweaked the SafeSearch filter so that porn doesn't leak into image search results. Google Just Made It Harder to Find Boobs : Read more
  43. A

    Low Pass Filter for calss D amp.

    Hello, I have designed a Butterworth LPF with cutoff frequency of 4000Hz, now the problem is what type of inductor and capacitor should I provide?
  44. S

    Space bar not working

    Hello, only my space bar does not work on my new hp. Tried all the filter key etc techniques. pls help
  45. U


    Need camera 500$ budget. No point and shoot. Need to use polarization filter!
  46. S

    Can i use lens hood on a filter

    Hello, I am new to photography.. i am using 49mm filter on my sony hx100v.. can i use lenshood on my filter thread... ?
  47. C

    What is the best type of porn filter? How do they work?

    Yeah I blocked some on the router (supplied by my IP). I set it to block all adult contents, but now I see hes been using tunnel proxies...hmmmm...Yes, I need a keyword blocker of some sort ....Not sure what's good. I searched google and found the internet filter for Mac is popular. Have you...
  48. D

    How to hook up a dvd recorder to comcast digital filter to tv

    Hello, I just been forced to digital conversion by comcast. This means I have to deploy a filter box along with my setup. I have a DVD recorder, VCR, The new comcast filter and a digital TV. I can hook everything up and get digital TV reception, but I no longer get an TV picture through my DVD...
  49. Z

    Outlook 2003 Junk E-mail filter doesn't work

    Hi everyone, In my Junk E-mail filter options I added a domain (I added something like : but emails from this domain still show up in my inbox. Anyone knows how to fix this problem ?
  50. M

    Cannot create video captue filter

    How to cope if after the install there is always a message "canot create video capture filter" thank you
  51. C


    is there need of converter,are these converter or filter built in operating system and what if they are not?
  52. S

    How i can remove the error cannot create video capture filter

    how can i remove the error of my msi cr400 web cam the error is cannot create video capture filter.
  53. BilalAthar

    Free Reliable URL blocking software?

    My web filter K9 Web protection is doing a great job but falters with some searches like "velvet sky" on Google images.I want to block such searches.
  54. BilalAthar

    How to block few urls of Google images?

    I am currently using k9 web protection which is probably the best free internet filter out there.The real challenge for it is Google images.Although it allows to add some URL key words but it can add one word at a time fore.g I want to block the search velvet sky if I add them individually then...
  55. G

    Facebook May Remove Options to Filter News Feed

    Facebook reportedly has ideas to cancel the filter for your news stream on the social network. Facebook May Remove Options to Filter News Feed : Read more
  56. K

    Better screen quality

    Sometimes some screens don't have good picture uniformity. Is there anytype of software which can sort of put a filter on the outgoing image from a pc to ccancel that out? For example there is a band which is redder this will tint that band of the screen the opposite colour of red to cancel that...
  57. R

    Modem set up

    is one single filter enough. what use is the dsl/hpna if I only have one device to connect, the laptop.
  58. R

    Solved! Modem set up

    is one single filter enough. what use is the dsl/hpna if I only have one device to connect, the laptop.
  59. R

    Solved! Dsl/hpna

    Can I just use the single filter without the dsl/hpna filter as I have my telephone line only connected to the wall jack. I am only interested in connecting one device, my laptop computer with ethernet cable.
  60. J

    Difference between digital uv and ordinary uv filter

    Hello,should I pay more for digital uv filter or just buy the ordinary one say B+W 010 for my digital Camera. Thanx.JGH