New Commentary Microphone


Dec 23, 2013
Hi all,
So I have a Razer Megladon headset, and I'm sure as many of you know that they do not work well in windows 8. So I have them plugged into my laptop and have the audio from my PC going through my laptop.
And since I don't have a separate microphone besides the one on my headset, I am stuck using the unused Kinect Sensor microphone to talk to my friends while playing games and making YouTube content... Hilarious I know.

So I would like to replace using the Kinect with something more professional and better. So what microphone would you recommend me getting? Also, I am a fair noob when it comes to microphone quality and such, so if I get a microphone, what would you recommend me get along with it? (e.g. a pop filter, sound card, etc.)

Thank you for your help,
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