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  1. S

    Dell XPS 15 9570

    Do you have any experience working in adobe programs (video, photo editing) with this laptop (dell xps 15 9570)? Is overheating really an issue? Would you recommend a 4K display? Thank you :)
  2. J

    Solved! adobe photo shop express keeps crashing

    As soon as i open adobe photo shop express it instantly crashes
  3. G

    Adobe Premiere Elements 2019 Review: Still the Best Video Editor

    Adobe Premiere Elements continues its long reign as the overall best consumer video-editing app, with new automated features and simplified workflows for quick video editing. Adobe Premiere Elements 2019 Review: Still the Best Video Editor : Read more
  4. G

    Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 Review: A Very Useful Update

    The latest version of Photoshop Elements doesn't have a lot of new features, but new users and anyone with an older version of the app will appreciate the changes that are there. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 Review: A Very Useful Update : Read more
  5. E

    Solved! cannot install adobe flash player

    cannot install adobe flash player 64 bit on windows 7 professional
  6. D

    Solved! Is there a program that will show you your computer's display's sRGB and Adobe RGB information?

    Hi everyone. Is there a program that will show you what your computer's display's sRGB and Adobe RGB information is? If one exists, would someone please tell me what it's called? Thank you.
  7. N

    Macbook Core m3 1.1 12

    Hi, Is buying a Macbook Core m3 1.1 good enough for working with adobe products such as Illustrator and Photoshop? These are the specs.: Early 2016 1.1 GHz Intel Core m3 / Skylake processor (M3-6Y30) with two independent processor “cores” on a single chip 12” TFT LED-backlit active matrix...
  8. P

    Stop adobe reader from crashing

    Adobe flash keeps asking permission and then goes really slow on my Facebook games
  9. I

    Adobe After Effects

    i just looked up how to make video slideshows with music, doing research and i see alot of cool effects, where do i go to learn to do these effects is the only way to learn is buy these effect packages?
  10. P

    pdf edit and merge?

    Have to use and submit .pdf files for our work portal. We are a small company, and due to the "per seat" license the boss doesn't really want to use Adobe Pro, and yes, I know it's $14.99 a month. I work with pdf escape and pdf merge, which have been free online tools. Not long ago escape put...
  11. A

    Solved! has anyone been able to get Adobe Audition 1.5 or 3.0 recently?

    software availability of Adobe Audition 1.5 or 3.0 for W10
  12. C

    Adobe Premiere Pro

    Anyone proficient with Premiere Pro Accidentally replaced the original footage with a broken render and I don't know how to recover the footage to finish the render, since the Adobe project is still there but the footage is an error since I accidentally replaced the original footage. Anyone...
  13. M

    Laptop good enough to run Adobe premier Pro cc

    I have Adobe premiere Pro cc running on this laptop and it freezes and crashes. Here are the specs - FX-7500 Quad Core Gaming Laptop - 16GB RAM 1TB HD - R7 Graphics 15.6" Windows 10 Are these specs good enough for the program? Is it struggling because it's not powerful enough? Or is it fine...
  14. L

    Asus keeps crashing

    My ASUS ROG laptop keeps crashing after working on Adobe Premier Pro. It suddenly turns black/pink/white and only the cursor is seen and nothing else. After some time it will shut down itself. Can anybody tell me why this is happening?
  15. N

    Solved! Update broke Adobe Flash App

    So I use a program called TheRenamer(, it auto renames TV shows and places them in proper folders that I use with Plex. The other week I realized it wasn’t working on my HTPC, no idea, uninstall/reinstall, nothing. I then tried to use it on another one of my PCs and...
  16. S

    Looking for a New Upgradeable Laptop?

    I run primarily Adobe Photoshop and some other heavy creative programs as well as games, and I am looking for a laptop where I can upgrade the RAM overtime. Preferably under $1000USD. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  17. M

    Video became corrupted somehow

    So I have this video I rendered from Adobe After Effects in .mov. I use and play this video back a lot using VLC media player but now the whole video looks like this... I don't know what it is but it definitely wasn't there before. This file is like a couple months old.
  18. B

    Laptop that supports Adobe flash

    I buying a HP laptop it's a 10 inch touchscreen Atom Intel X5-Z851 i want to know does this laptop support Adore flash player. Thanks
  19. B

    Laptop that supports Adobe flash player i don't alot of money

    I need a laptop that supports Adobe flash player i don't have a lot of money. I really need good laptop.
  20. S

    Do I need to buy expensive sound hardware or I can get same resulat with Adobe Audition?

    Hi there, I have a MXL 990 mic and a behringer UMC 22 sound card. Quality seems good enough but I need to know for even a better quality do I need to buy expensive pre-amp/sound card or I can get similar result with softwares like Audition? I forget to say I'm going to record vocal for a video...
  21. noyaus

    Surface Pro 4 m3 run Photoshop and Premiere Pro

    Hi Guys Do you think that a surface pro 4 m3, 128Gb could run photoshop or premiere pro? I am looking at CS6 or CC Thanks
  22. S

    Adobe Audition vs. Serum

    I would like to make electronic music (ya ya, cringy kid wanting to make electronic music), but I want to know which is best, or I should use both, like Serum for making the .wav samples and audition for placing them in place. I don't know what to do.
  23. S

    Adobe PS and Lightrom as it relates to speed & CPU cores

    For anyone who uses Adobe Photoshop CC and/or Lightroom (Classic) CC, can anyone comment on the differences (if any) they experienced going from a quad core to something more (6 cores+)? I'm considering a new build for photo editing and considering either getting an i5 7600 (for core clock...
  24. N

    Affordable laptop £300 or less for Digital Marketing Student??

    Affordable laptop £300 or less for Digital Marketing Student?? I really need a laptop within the price range of £200- £300. I'll mainly be using the laptop for the basic browsing/Microsoft office as well as Photoshop and Adobe creative cloud when completing coursework. Any ideas??
  25. A

    How Or where do I find audio settings for playback or record With Adobe Audition 1.5

    If I want to do adjustments on Volume after I do an audio recording where do I find it
  26. C

    Premiere Pro is so hard to work on my MacBook!

    Hello to everyone! First of all I apologize to you for my bad english. About a month ago I bought a Macbook with great hopes. The only reason for this was that my old computer was now inadequate for video editing. But I am having a great disappointment right now. First of all I want to give you...
  27. K

    Im a animation student which latop is best for me

    Im doing work in 3ds max, maya, photoshop, adobe premier pro
  28. Wayfall

    Lightroom CC (with 1TB cloud data)

    Hi I can't afford the class Lightroom and had to get the new basic one which comes with cloud data. Really quick question. Where is the red eye tool?, if there for some reason isnt one is their a work around? Thanks!
  29. A

    can't get flash player, what do I have to do to get it

    Adobe flash player won't work, all i get is a blank screen, can't play games and friends videos won't play the screen just blurs
  30. I

    Looking for an art laptop

    I need a laptop that can run Paint Tool SAI, Blender, and preferably Adobe Animate. I have a budget of $500, but can go up to $600 if it's really necessary. Battery life isn't a big concern and neither is size. I can't find anything that suits me, any suggestions?
  31. G

    Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018: Best Photo-Editing App

    Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 remains the best choice for beginners and experienced users, but some of its new features could use refinement. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018: Best Photo-Editing App : Read more
  32. C

    Cannot use after effects properly

    Hi people. My laptop spec- Core i5, 8gb ram, 4gb Nvidia Gforce 920m graphics card. Still i cannot run adobe after effects properly on it. When I use it, a pop-up flashes in the middle asking me to clear space and just freezes sometimes. I have no other high memory using software or games...
  33. S

    Need a virus free and compressed adobe photoshop file.

    Hey can you please post a working link to the download page of Adobe photoshop software(compressed form)i tried a lot but can't find the exact file.
  34. D

    Adobe Premier pro problem.

    Hi i am unaware if this is the correct forum to ask, however recently Adobe premier pro has been playing up and i can now no longer access some of the workshop windows. I can only use the effects window, the assembly window and the colour window. If anyone has any idea on how to fix this, please...
  35. L

    Solved! Adobe Photoshop CS6 won't complete installation

    I've had Photoshop CS6 on my laptop (Windows 10) for about two years. Worked great. I now have a new laptop (Windows 10 also) and cannot install Ps CS6 on this new one. Photoshop is the app I use most, so this is important. I just got an Asus ROG gaming computer because it has lots of power for...
  36. T

    Chrome will NOT recognize that I have the latest adobe flash installed

    Yesterday, every webpage which uses adobe flash, using Google Chrome, doesn't recognize that I DO have the latest adobe flash version. I have to click on the "Run This Time" button as well as close the Chrome doesn't support xxxxxx banner It also doesn't like my computers running Vista and XP...
  37. S

    Microsoft Surface Book + Games

    I am now looking at Surface Book the one that has i5 6300U, 8 GB ram and dGPU as they call it (it is the 940M). My main usage will be consuming media, Adobe lightroom or photoshop processing photos of about 20MB. Apart from this I will be playing Warframe, thats the only game I will play. I...
  38. A

    Can I buy just one month of Adobe premiere pro and not commit to a plan?

    I was wondering If I could just buy one month of adobe premiere pro and thats it? Say for example I buy one month then that month is over just buy a month when i want to use it again? No commitment? For example, like purchasing a month of "World of Warcraft" where you could only buy one month...
  39. J

    Adobe CS6 Download

    Hi Guys, I know this is improper but I was wondering if anyone can point me to a crack download for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS6 for Windows 7 64 Bit.
  40. J

    My download for Adobe Flash Player goes to 90% and it stops; telling me to close Firefox. I can't close Firefox and have to a

    Adobe Flash Player Goes to 90% and Stops! My installation process goes to 90% and stops. A message tells me to close Firefox. I try to close the Firefox tab and it won't close. I have to abort the installation. I am running on Windows XP. Am I too obsolete with Windows XP to run Adobe Flash...
  41. B

    Adobe Photodeluxe question

    Adobe Photodeluxe Home Edition 3 was brilliant to use. What is the best & nearest editing software to this ?
  42. N

    information for coding

    i would like to know how to make a batch.bat file and the autorun.inf file that runs it to run multiple softwares example 7zip,adobe.etc.etc. i need to know by example how to write the strings in each file please, if someone can be so kind to show me, thanks
  43. A

    Adobe Premiere CC 2017 seems to be completely broken

    Adobe has been constantly crashing lately. I already did a complete reinstall of it but nothing changed. Every video I've worked with in the last 2 months has been a nightmare to edit. - Audio drops out completely while editing with no way to get it back without restarting the project. -...
  44. W

    Optimal configuration for a graphic designer laptop

    Hi everyone. I'm a freelance graphic designer and photographer. I'v been using since 2006 a Sony Vaio 15" i3 8gb ddr3 amd5000 as my main laptop for work. It shows its age now and need to replaced with something more optimized to 2017 softwares and work. I won't ask for a specific model cause I'm...
  45. M

    Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 18.0 0xc000007b error

    A day before yesterday i installed adobe ps cc 2017 18.0 . After Installing i tried to open but was having an error. It said "The Application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). what i tried;- 1 uninstalling all microsoft redistrible(smthing like that) and installing them again. 2...
  46. C

    Laptop Best Suited for Video Editing

    I'm not looking to spend some outrageous amount of money, but I'm wiling to be flexible. I am a video editor, who also does motion graphics with some other work on the side. I'm looking for a Laptop that has a good panel for editing (IPS), good specs, and would be great to use for the Adobe...
  47. X

    Looking for a Laptop for Graphical Design, School, & Gaming.

    I am looking for a laptop for 3 main things. I need to be able to edit video and run 3d modeling and visualization software. 3ds Max & Solidworks & All adobes. I also need it to be able to play video games, I need it to have good battery life, and bring it to school. The only computer I have...
  48. M

    Will Adobe CS6 Work on My Computer?

    So I just bought a few parts to build a computer. Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX B250F Graphics Card: Gigabyte 210 DDR3-1GB Processor: Intel BX80662G4400 Pentium Processor G4400 3.3 GHz FCLGA1151 Ram/Memory: Ballistix Sport LT 8GB Kit (4GBx2) DDR4 I am running windows 10 on it. So I am wondering...
  49. I

    Would a surface pro 4 do fine with video editing?

    If i choose the SP4 with i7 and 16GB RAM, will it run all the adobe packages really well?
  50. D

    Laptop for Photo/Video editing and Gaming - 1400€

    Hello, I'm looking for a laptop to Photo/Video editing for 1400€/$1550. I'll be making a purchase in ~2 weeks, I'd prefer to don't increse budget unless there's something much better right behind the corner. So, basically what am I looking for is full desktop replacement which can handle all...
  51. C

    Which one of these is best?

    I want to get a laptop for some editing programs like Adobe Photoshop, Ilustrator etc. and some gaming (not last gen games.. some Overwatch and stuff like that). I know a desktop is better but I need a laptop cuz I'm going to another country and I can't carry it with me. The budget is pretty...
  52. hoover1979

    Photoshop Cs5.5 Need help finding a wood texture generation plugin.

    Hi. I am working on an UltraHD texture pack for engine ports of the original Doom. (Gzdoom, doomsday, gzdoom, etc). I use Adobe Photoshop CS5.5 (64bit) I am avoiding Creative Cloud as I don't want to pay monthly fees for the rest of my life to use the program. I got my physical copy of...
  53. N

    Adobe Digital Edition 4.5 issue.

    Hello all. My mom is having issues with Adobe Digital Edition. Basically, she accidentally set her birth year to 2017 during the create account phase, Adobe of course rejected that, and now she in unable to sign into the account she was trying to create. She also can't seem to make a new...
  54. dlucksoner

    Cheap laptop for video editing - need for travel

    Hi all, I'm new to the world of laptops having only owned one in my life which is now dead and useless to me. However I will be travelling at the end of this year and I need a cheap but decent laptop that will assist me with basic video editing like premiere pro - don't need after effects or...
  55. C

    Need help on how to make my computer faster for processing photos in Lightroom and Photoshop

    Not sure if this is in the right forum but just wanted to know ways of optimising my computer for photo editing in Lightroom as it's lagging a lot and slowing down my workflow, thanks. Preferably options whichc don't involve upgrading hardware completely. XPS 13 XPS13 MLK (9360), Windows 10...
  56. NewsFromHell

    Audio frequency check for 4000+ files

    Hello everyone, Recently I noticed that I have many old mp3's which are 30 kHz and I want to replace them with better ones, like convert from FLAC to mp3 48 kHz 320kbps. So is there any software that can analyse all my audio files and tell me which ones are lower than 41 kHz? like in a log file...
  57. D

    Adobe Flash Playrt wont install

    Adobe Flash Playrt wont install
  58. H

    Laptop for Graphic Design [More based on Adobe Photoshop,Indesign and Illustrator]

    Hello guys, i want to ask some laptop expert, which laptop most suitable for graphic design, like adobe photoshop, indesign and so on. my budget is around 1200$. Any suggestion? Can explain what specs are important for using photoshop, for design purpose.
  59. J

    Solved! Need new laptop as portable workstation

    Hi! I'm a VFX/Motion Graphics designer (mostly after effects, some 3D) who is in need of a lighter portable work laptop ~15inches that I can bring on location. I've been researching as much as I can but I can't figure out which one is the best buy for the price and most suited for my needs. I've...
  60. R

    DC incompatibilty with older versions of Adobe

    Others without DC cannot open my .pdf files I am using Office 16 and Adobe Acrobat XI Pro and other people (without DC) cannot open .pdf files that I generate or manipulate