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  1. Arshdeep Singh

    Help me choose laptop for Graphic/Web Designing.

    Hi ! I am a Graphics/Web Designer and Illustrator artist. I find two laptops online (give below). So I want your suggestions for choosing from two laptops given below according to their price and configuration. 1. Toshiba Satellite S50D 15.6" Laptop - Silver (AMD A10-5745M / 1TB HDD / 8GB RAM /...
  2. W

    Architect Student Laptop

    Hi there, I am looking for a laptop for a friend who is an architect. My friend will be using these programs daily: the adobe package, auto cad, rhino and v_ray. I know that 3D rendering is pretty cpu intensive, and I assume that a it is something that an integrating graphics card couldn't...
  3. J

    Problems with Photoshop 10

    Hey~ I bought my computer in 2011 and it came pre-installed with Adobe Photoshop 10. This was a nice add-on, but suddenly it stopped working when I tried to open it. It says to uninstall and reinstall the product, but I'm afraid it'll ask for an activation code or something, which I don't know...
  4. J

    Error keeps popping up when I use uTorrent?

    Whenever I open up uTorrent to start downloading something, I keep getting this Adobe Flash Player ActionScript error and I have no clue why. I've reinstalled both uTorrent and Adobe Flash Player and I keep getting the same error. This error just started like a week ago. Here's a screenshot...
  5. P

    Adobe Encore CS

    Can i buy it for WIN
  6. O

    adobe flash player

    I am bewildered and I hope someone can help me.I have an Acer 7535, running windows 8, I lost the key for my disc and cannot buy another one.I tried to download Adobe flash player, I go through the whole set up, however it is not in my add and remove programs. When I am watching clips on the...
  7. G

    Need help in finding new laptop!!

    Hi, I am looking for suggestions in order to get a good deal for a laptop. My budget is around 500 £. Im going to use it mostly with photoshop and some other adobe software. I would prefer min 8gb ram and ssd. I am not picky about brands, just a good quality/price deal Thank you!
  8. P

    How much $ is adobe AF and Pr

    here is the ? is it even buy ablo
  9. V

    Need Adobe CC Collection latest update?

    Hi.. Please suggest me the torrent file and where can I get the torrent for Adobe CC Master Collection latest update? Urgent!
  10. S

    Adobe Flash Player Won't Install :(

    Hi all, I have been having trouble trying to install Adobe Flash Player on my new computer lately. The download works fine, the installer runs but after allowing the installer to modify my computer the installer just displays a grey window with no text or anything. when I click X at the top...
  11. FrankJaeger

    Why won't images display on my website?

    Here's my website: I made it in adobe's DW. Domain brought & hosted via godaddy. I can't seem to get the images to display. Can someone please tell me where I've gone wrong? Homepage: <!doctype html> <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <title>Jed Trently Productions</title>...