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  1. Y

    What are the most important components for Adobe Flash?

    Hi everyone, i wanted some help to know what to buy next for my Pc, I want to know what best helps Adobe programs? most of the time using Flash CC i have an avg. rig 750ti/fx8320/8gb i have around 35~40$ only which is enough for either a 8gb stick, or a cheaper SSD like silicon power, or for...
  2. A

    plzzz help me

    can someone plz tell me the best softwareediting tools that youtubers use for editing games and also adobe photoshop i mean which one is better cc14 or cs6 and someone plz tell me how to make an opening theme for youtube and the channel arts plzzzzzz thnx vry much
  3. Coreo

    Should Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015 take this long to Encode?

    I am exporting four videos through AME that I edited in AE CC 2015. They are 16 minute gameplay videos of Terraria at 1080p60fps. It is saying that the videos are going to take around 2 and a half hours each to fully export. Is this right? My hardware is more than capable of exporting this much...
  4. R

    Which of these laptops are best?

    I am a high school student, and I plan to get a laptop for school work. I already own a robust system at home aswell. These are my...
  5. M

    Light weight, 11 to 13" laptop that can run all adobe cs6 software

    Please help I have know idea what number mean
  6. M

    Best choices for Graphics card in a laptop for video editing?

    I planing on buying a laptop mainly to do video edits with, sony vegas pro 12, photoshop, adobe after effects and adobe premier. Of course I'll use it daily for web browing too. Anyways my question is when looking for a laptop that will allow me to render vids easily, with good quality, also...
  7. A

    I need a laptop that can handle adobe cs6 for under 500.

    I'm needing a laptop to use adobe illustrator cs6 on for work. My work is purchasing it and would like to stay around or under $500. I work at a label shop and run a digital press ,so ill be designing and creating art. I don't know enough to purchase one on my own please help. Thanks
  8. C

    Budget Laptop for Adobe Programs (not main computer, used during travel only)

    Hello. I'm currently a student on a pretty tight budget (under $500) looking for a laptop that can run certain Adobe CC programs, namely Photoshop, Illustrator, and maybe InDesign and Flash. To make something clear from the start: it is NOT going to be the main system I do my work on. Most of...
  9. JeckeL

    Required to "sign" certain PDF files?

    We've got a few PDF files/forms from insurance co.'s, government agencies, etc, that have text boxes for filling in data and then sending the file back. Certain ones will let you fill in all the text boxes but then require you to "sign" the document before you can do anything with it. It seems...
  10. S

    Chrome is behaving very weirdly

    Okay so recently, I've tried downloading Adobe Photoshop CS6 and a software started the task. However, while it was downloading, Chrome behaved weirdly by closing on its own. Sometimes I could open it for 1 second, sometimes I could open it for minutes, but it would still crash. Ads and start-up...
  11. club27

    thousands of photos got corrupt. Win 8

    I have a whole lot of photos that got corrupt and they wont open in any program. I'm trying to figure out how they got corrupt. And open them. Most of the files are from a Sony DSLR, in the .ARW raw photo format. I tried Recuva but no luck recovering the ones I really want back. Any ideas...
  12. K

    Problems with adobe flash player

    Everything were fine, and today i went to youtube and see that "Adobe Flash Player is out of date". And there is green button "Update flash" i clicked it downloaded, installed and installation failed "Could not install Adobe Flash player" with no reasons why.
  13. W

    Adobe flash player version

    What version of Adobe flash player should I install for Maxthon browser version
  14. L

    I try to transfer images to my Picture file, only blank pages appear. What is the problem?

    Cannot print pictures that were supposedly transferred to my files. Only blanks appear. I have Adobe Acrobat.
  15. A

    Adobe After effects Tutorial??

    Hello, I don't know if this is a right place to ask this.I have adobe after effects cc 2015, and i want to learn it from video tutorials,not pdf like stuffs.Also I m new to this adobe thing...I don't know adobe photoshop either or i can add that I m going to start learning from Zero...
  16. N

    adobe flash player is not installing in my computer.

    I'm getting blank screen while installing adobe flash player set up. Mine is windows7 home premium 64 bit. How to resolve this?
  17. J

    Adobe CS6 REinstallation problem

    I have a legit version of CS6. I have tried to re-install since Acrobat Pro stopped after mistakenly installing READ XI. Now it tells me to install adobe application manager but both version * and 9 installations hat asking for Adobe advisor which tells me its been discontinued! I get...
  18. K

    How to recover offline files in adobe audition

    Today, I was working on my multitrack session in Adobe Audition and it said that I needed to close some of my files due to lack of storage on my laptop. That was all well and good all the other times I had done it today, but this time was different. I closed out my files like normal and it...
  19. P

    Suggest me laptop from these listings.

    I would go straight. I will run following apps: vmware with xp,8 as guest adobe after effects adobe photoshop android,php and more ides browsing Gaming:gta 4,witcher 3 Multitasking: vmware+browsing+music/video+after effects+photoshop Laptop in flipkart and ebay has same CPU i5 4210U difference...
  20. Q

    Mozilla outdated adobe plug-ins

    there are 2 plug-ins right now that Mozilla tells me is outdated Adobe Flash Player (v15.0.0.223) Adobe Reader ( even though i already updated them i still tells me there outdated. what course of action do need to take to solve this problem.
  21. L

    my computer won't download latest adobe flash player

    I can't play youtube videos anymore (as of today) on my macbook OS 10.6.8. I click on a link to download the latest version of adobe flashplayer and it takes me to a page that says "here is another product that may interest you" and there's nothing there. I'm taking an online class and can't...
  22. Dominic Mott

    Laptop Buying Tips?

    Hey everyone, I have been wanting to get a laptop for my work for a very long time now. I am in graphic design and I also do concept art and illustration. This being said, this is what my thought is; I need something that has at least Intel i5, a decent Nvidia card, SSD and HDD, and stock 8...
  23. H

    Adobe update, potential virus?

    Hello everyone. I'll get right to the Point. Recently, a week ago, I've been starting to get these weird popups from Adobe. Actually they're not really popups but rather just covering the whole screen without me being able to do anything but reload the page (Unless it occurs on League of...
  24. L

    Best laptop 2015 with +- 3000 €

    Hi, i am a young artist/architect always on the move (so i need a laptop). I use 3d modelling programs (3d max, sketchup, ...), use a LOT of the adobe collection (photoshop,illustrator, PREMIERE (BIG time on the video editing),after effect, ...), without forgetting all de CAD programs et...
  25. V

    Adobe After Effects rendering problem

    Whenever I render a video with any format I have no sound and the video is very choppy and laggy. Any ideas?
  26. E

    Videos won't download???

    My PC has stopped downloading videos. Also have the "Adobe Flash Player" malware messages.
  27. E

    How do you get rid of the fake "Update Adobe Flash Player" malware?

    Malware: Adobe Flash Player "Add-On"
  28. B

    Where to buy Nero 12, MS Office 2013, Adobe Photoshop CC?

    I want to buy all these softwares.Im from India. 1. Which is the website that I should Go to? 2. Which is better?Buying from the Software Company Website(like nero) or Buying from Online Shopping Website?(like newegg)? 3.What is the delivery method for Softwares? Plz answer each question thank you
  29. CherlynnLow

    Adobe Lightroom Photo Editing App Now Requires Monthly Fee

    Adobe's popular Lightroom app joins the company's Creative Cloud subscription model, and gets several new features and upgrades. Adobe Lightroom Photo Editing App Now Requires Monthly Fee : Read more
  30. T

    Adobe Flashplayer 17 won't play

    Running Win 7 64bit and I downloaded flashplayer 17x32 for Mozilla (install went fine) but it keeps giving me a shockwave error when I try to run my internet program. Previous versions have always worked. I made sure Mozilla was up to date, tried doing a clean install (i.e. used the flashplayer...
  31. J

    Adobe Photoshop CS5 Horribly Slow

    I myself am very much into technology and have built my own computer along with fixing numerous other peoples' systems. My mother, however, while she isn't completely brain dead in relation to tech, does not know quite as much about it. She is a photographer and uses Adobe PS CS5 to edit her...
  32. K

    free adobe flashplayer

    Is there an adobe flash player that is comparable with Motorola phone free
  33. H

    Photoshop working smoothly?

    Does adobe photoshop work smoothly without any problems in the EeeBook ? I want to know as I use my laptop only for reading, editing documents and movies with the exception of using photoshop my question is whether adobe photoshop will run smoothly in this lap ?
  34. A

    Best Render for Adobe Premiere Elements 13

    I usually do Youtube vids at 1080p 60fps with Windows Live Movie Maker, but needed to edit more than 2 music clips at once. But when I took a look at these render options, the max was 30FPS. Why is that? If WLMM can do it for FREE at a basic level, why can't Adobe, the leader in everything, do...
  35. C

    Best laptop for AutoCAD, 3Dmax, Adobe CC

    Hi, I really tried researching, but seem to just find lists of letters and numbers and no real answer! help! I need a laptop that can handle the newest 3Dmax, as well as AutoCAD (for the most part just 2D) as well as Adobe - Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. My tech knowledge is zilch, so...
  36. K

    Adobe Web Premium CS4/CS3

    Hi there, I would like to know if I could install Adobe Web Premium CS 4 without installing Adobe Web Premium CS 3. Would it be a prerequisite to be having CS3 installed before I can install CS 4? Thank you in.
  37. D

    Best Video Editing software that has CUDA acceleration?

    Hi, I am currently using Adobe CC 2014 with Premiere Pro being my go to program for video editing, however, recently I have upgraded my system and thought that maybe my editing program needs a refresh - hence, I ask you guys the question: What, in your opinion, is the best video editing...
  38. S

    adobe premier pro cc 2014

    how do i add a effect on adobe cc 2014 like this video see this video i want to make my video like this
  39. D

    Notebook with Intel HD Graphics vs Nvidia Geforce: Does it matter at all for Adobe CC software?

    Hey guys, new poster here, and I've been searching diligently but haven't come across quite the answer I'm looking for on this question, although I did see a similar one about this particular computer; the link to the full details on the computer are below...
  40. Jill Scharr

    How to Set Adobe Flash Player to Click-to-Run

    Here's how to boost your security on Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari by setting Adobe Flash Player to click-to-run. How to Set Adobe Flash Player to Click-to-Run : Read more
  41. Jill Scharr

    Infected Web Ads Use Flash Flaws to Spread Ransomware

    Triple-whammy: The Fessleaks malvertising campaign uses new Adobe Flash Player flaws to infect unsuspecting Web browsers with ransomware. Infected Web Ads Use Flash Flaws to Spread Ransomware : Read more
  42. T

    adobe flash player stops installing at 96% why

    adobe flash player stops installing at 96% it tells me to exit internet explorer but everything is closed out on it
  43. Jill Scharr

    Yet Another Flash 0-Day Found; How to Protect Yourself

    The third Flash zero-day browser exploit in two weeks is in a new malvertising campaign; here's how to disable Flash to protect yourself. Yet Another Flash 0-Day Found; How to Protect Yourself : Read more
  44. ThatAfricanDude

    Best FREE video editing software?

    Since i have to fight a currency, i cant really afford 19.99/mo for adobe after effects, not right now atleast, so whats the best free video editing software?
  45. J

    Seeking portable laptop to run Adobe Lightroom

    I have an old, clunker of a laptop that is starting to finally give up the ghost. I first purchased it as a primary computer about 6-7 years ago to do all of my video and photo edits using Adobe software, primarily Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects. About 2 years ago I built...
  46. B

    adobe flash player for toshiba pro theatre L5400vj android tv

    Hi..all need to know why can't and if can how to install adobe flash player android tv Toshiba L5400vj. thank you forum
  47. G

    Adobe Dreamweaver Website errors

    Hi people, In high school we have to design and make a website for a theme park to attract 13-14 year olds. I have done most of the website and just need to add some appropriate content. However, there are some things that need putting right before it is uploaded and graded. Firstly, I am not...
  48. S

    Mozzilla Firefox wont't install adobe flash player

    Do not understand...
  49. A

    good desktop for an architect

    We want to buy a decent desktop that we can use for 3d modeling, rendering with maxwell and using autocad as well as adobe CS. Budget is up to around $1000. Thanks
  50. T

    Budget Editing Laptop ~£600

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to find a laptop that can run programs such as Adobe After Effects, at a reasonable price This is for a school so pricing is tight, around £650 is the highest price possible. At the moment the most likely one is this...
  51. A

    can use photoshop in tablets

    Can use Adobe photoshop,corel,illustrator on a tablets
  52. M

    Delete pdf files on

    When I create a pdf file using my Adobe account it is stored on the site & I cannot find a way of deleting it from there once it's of no use to me.
  53. P

    Looking for a PC Laptop to run 3Ds Max, Adobe software, and modeling

    Hello! I'm a little untech-savvy and need help purchasing a laptop for school. I'll be working in 3D modeling and animation, primarily using 3Ds Max, Zbrush, After Effects, and Mudbox and will also have a lot of illustration assignments that will involve Adobe CC. I'm looking for...
  54. S

    A though question: GPU and graphic design!

    I've been reading here for a while, and you guys already helped me a lot without even knowing! SO THANKS! Okay, so I'm a graphic designer and a Video Editor, and I'm going to buy a new laptop this week. YES. I know that the best thing for me is a desktop. But my life is too mobile and it has to...
  55. S

    A though question: GPU and graphic design!

    Hi friends! I've been reading here for a while, and you guys already helped me a lot without even knowing! SO THANKS! Okay, so I'm a graphic designer and a Video Editor, and I'm going to buy a new laptop this week. YES. I know that the best thing for me is a desktop. But my life is too mobile...
  56. I

    Adobe Flash Player

    Hi my name is Amber! I recently got a new computer. And I like to play this game that is a retro called and it requires for your computer to have adobe flash player. But there is were my problem is I click on to install it but it says that my device can't have adobe flash player. I...
  57. C

    Adobe Flash wont install

    Every time I try to install adobe flash I get a box like this: It will stay that way for hours and can only be closed through the task manager.
  58. C

    Unable to download adobe flash player

    When I try to download adobe flash player it says I don't have enough priviledges I am the administrator and the only user of this Windows 7 laptop. Is there an easy way to solve this problem. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
  59. G

    Adobe CS6 installation problem

    Hi people, I have recently took the opportunity to get free copies of Adobe Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Premiere Pro CS6 on a USB stick from the technicians at school. When it comes to installing them I agree to let a program from an unidentified publisher make changes to my computer. Then I se a...
  60. R

    Adobe Flash for Chrome

    Welli was having issues with Chrome Flash i had installed i had pep flash disabled, so i uninstalled flash and then went to download the flash and Adobe does not show the "For Other Browsers" Option so that i can enable the non pep flash in chrome what the heck do i do now??? i need the non pep...