Budget Laptop for Adobe Programs (not main computer, used during travel only)


Sep 3, 2015
Hello. I'm currently a student on a pretty tight budget (under $500) looking for a laptop that can run certain Adobe CC programs, namely Photoshop, Illustrator, and maybe InDesign and Flash.

To make something clear from the start: it is NOT going to be the main system I do my work on. Most of my schoolwork is being done on my desktop at home, or on my school's computers. The laptop is basically only going to be used to get some extra little work done during my transit to and from school. Thus, I don't necessarily need the absolute "best" laptop out there and I'm willing to lower my standards a bit. I can even accept it if it's a little rough to use at times, if it means I can lower my budget as much as possible without being completely slow and chuggy to work with (I've used Photoshop on an old netbook before, so honestly anything will seem like an improvement.)

I'd appreciate specific brands and places to buy them as opposed to specs to look for, but I'll accept any info. I understand if something like this seems ridiculous and isn't really possible, but I'd like to give it a shot and try anyway. Thanks in advance!