Chrome is behaving very weirdly


Aug 13, 2015
Okay so recently, I've tried downloading Adobe Photoshop CS6 and a software started the task. However, while it was downloading, Chrome behaved weirdly by closing on its own. Sometimes I could open it for 1 second, sometimes I could open it for minutes, but it would still crash. Ads and start-up engines started appearing too (I've managed to remove the start-up engine, though!). Prior to this, Chrome was normal and all was working very well.
I've deleted the files and all for Photoshop but Chrome still behaved weirdly. So I tried to remove any conflicting apps or whatever that affected Chrome. I thought it would go back to normal -- turns out it didn't. When I tried to check for anything affecting it though, nothing would come up. Apparently there aren't any apps or whatever that are causing Chrome to behave like this.
My question is: how do I uninstall malware/software/whatever it is that's making Chrome behave badly that it can't detect? Do I have to re-install Chrome?
Here's the thing though, I thought all of this was only affecting Chrome; however, when I opened Internet Explorer, the same start-up engine (mysearchengine or whatever it was called) appeared. I have a strong feeling that when I downloaded Photoshop, some bug/software/virus sneaked into my laptop's system.
Another question: Do I have to do anything to my laptop like reformat it? Or can this problem be solved without reformatting or anything that involves me going to a laptop specialist?


Try resetting chrome. Then look at the control panel and get rid of the mysearchengine. It is most likely going to be a toolbar. Also go to the settings for the homepage and tabs and change it from the mysearchengine to something you want.

Try those and let me know if that helps.
I would just do a system restore to a state before you got this malware, then download and run MalwareBytes - it's pretty good at catching and removing most malware.

If you were logged into your Google account on Chrome and had sync on, the malware may be backed up to your account on Google (which thinks it's just an extension). If that happens, getting rid of it is a bit trickier. You have to wipe Chrome clean (remove the malware, uninstall Chrome completely, then reinstall it). Then before you turn on sync, login to your Google account and wipe your Chrome sync data. You will lose your settings and bookmarks, so you may want to export those or write down a list of extensions you have installed before doing this.

And normally I'd castigate you for downloading Photoshop from some pirate site which gave you this malware. But Adobe has turned really flaky these past years and I wouldn't put it beneath them to have packaged their downloadable copy of CS6 with mysearchengine even if you're a paid user trying to install it legitimately.

Southern Belle1

Jan 13, 2009

it sounds like you have a redirect virus or hijacker they both can change ur settings put droppers in pc and access private and personal info, i got one from google play store ended up being from a translator i installed.

you don't want to uninstall your system protection you may need to change it. while you can't run more than 1 anti-virus software in your computer you CAN run more than one malware / adware /bloatware etc program ... i suggest the following:

    Malwarebytes - keep running at all times!

    Eset - try the ONLINE scanner to find the issues on ur computer [mine scanned for over 18 hours so be patient!]

    Spybot - another one **NOTE** there are more u just have to search and research!

    CCleaner - schedule yourself to use this at least on a weekly basis! cleans registry and many other useful tools for files - browsers - more

    HiJackThis - can show u what files are running from system, toolbars, searchers etc! BECAREFUL what u delete, DO NOT have all files checked to clean automatically checked in Preferences!

    RESET your browsers make sure ur are only one allowed access thru them ie: no guest or other users listed as in Google Chrome Settings, Reset all browsers make sure too that the Home Pages and Search settings are what u put in if its different then that's part of the BUG OR VIRUS.

    CHECK ur extensions and add-ons in all ur browsers, i had to uninstall Opera browsers because there suddenly came a loader and was using the browser to connect to internet with out my input!

    Be careful of add-ons u install, use only reputable ones like AdBlock Plus, make sure that if u add ie: google app that it comes from Google!

    If resetting browsers don't work reinstall them uninstall first BUT SAVE contact and bookmarks after u save them scan them with one of the above tools

    Root kits like kaspersky Tools you can d/l them free from their site run them! U can search for more MAKE SURE THEY ARE REPUTABLE!

    WebRoot - switched when Kaspersky's security software closed all my incoming and out going
    connections and their fix was to open them all good protection fix right? NOT!

    LastPass - password manager this will allow u to save ur passwords and lastpass will log u in keyboard input means NO KEYLOGGERS can get passwords u type in.

    COOKIES - privacy settings try setting it to DO NOT ALLOW 3rd PARTY, make sure u ADD EXCLUSIONS OR EXCEPTIONS in FIREWALL, & FIREWALLS!

    TEMP DIRECTORY - THIS IS IMPORTANT! - any application or many applications that are bugs and viruses tend to use the TEMP folder to run their apps, make sure that u check the paths of the app's to see if any are running from that directory!

    Clearing Temp Files - open start menu type in %temp% and enter ...a windows explorer window will open and show all ur temp files and there could be 100's or just a few ....SELECT ALL & DELETE!

    ** NOTE **
    SOME temp files will not delete due to fact that they are in use for instance ..Skype or adobe ... it won't let u delete them ...IF u see a file that is part of the BUG / VIRUS suspicious and can't delete it open it with notepad select all and delete, u can also try to rename file ....becareful not do something bad and delete or rename useful files.

    ]TASK MANAGER & RESEARCH[/b - [ i open my task manager every time i'm on the internet u can see if files are popping up and disappearing, monitor what processes are active and on most u can end processes. If there are processes u don't recognize RESEARCH the file names in google or what ever searcher u use.

    URL Validators - ur virus program probably has an option to protect webpage access monitoring to show u if there is a problem with the page such as malware/adware or suspicious activity, can use WOT to show u and will even give u heads up on ur search results. there are also online URL validators bookmark them to ur toolbar menu so u can pull them up when needed.

    ACTIVE CONNECTIONS - see what connections are currently active in processes or like my WebRoot has a feature that shows active connections, this will allow to see if there are unknown outgoing or incoming apps accessing and using ur internet to spread and seek out private information that u have on ur pc and transmit it to their sources.

There are forums that help u search and clean viruses like Tech Guy's or just search and join tech forums a like!

DON'T DO SYSTEM RESTORE!!! ....WHY? Because if you have a virus and it most likely will be in your system restore point soo all u r going to do is reinstall the bug! You should actually turn off system restore until you get it fixed as soon as u get issue fixed THEN CREATE A RESTORE POINT !!!! then you can leave it set to on.


Hope This Helps!!!

Southern Belle
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