Which one of these is best?


Dec 5, 2015
I want to get a laptop for some editing programs like Adobe Photoshop, Ilustrator etc. and some gaming (not last gen games.. some Overwatch and stuff like that). I know a desktop is better but I need a laptop cuz I'm going to another country and I can't carry it with me.
The budget is pretty limited, in USD I believe it's @500-600 (VAT), and I already found some, but I'm looking for 8GB RAM, decent CPU and GPU, but not sure which one to get cuz there are so many and I don't know many about the brands. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: These are the ones I was looking at, it's not in english: https://www.emag.ro/laptopuri/filter/capacitate-memorie-ram-f127,8-gb-v1510/tip-placa-video-f135,dedicata-v344/pret,intre-2000-si-3000/sort-priceasc/c


Dec 1, 2014
You would want a minimum of an i5 Processor, but really your budget is restricting you from getting anything that will perform well in games. You would have to get a laptop with a good GPU other than an Intel HD iGPU. So really this budget would be moving into the $750-900 range. (3000-3500lei)

You may want to consider waiting until you have moved, then invest in a small form factor desktop, or Micro ITX desktop.

Or you could keep a look out for a refurbished Gaming laptop. Refurbished hardware in Romainia

Really anything with at least an i5 and min 8GB ram would be ok for PS, Illustrator, but if you want to play games, you'll need a decent GPU in it.