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  1. S

    FoxReplace but for Opera?

    I desperately need a plugin that is like "FoxReplace" but for Opera. I've been hunting around for something like that for more than a year, but I can't find anything. It's an obvious enough idea that I wonder if someone's just ported FoxReplace itself to Opera somehow. Also, if I wanted to...
  2. exfileme

    Metro Version of IE 10 Will Be "Plugin Free"

    Internet Explorer 10 will have two versions: the full-blown desktop app with plug-in and extension support, and the plug-in free Metro app. Metro Version of IE 10 Will Be "Plugin Free" : Read more
  3. S

    Google sketchup

    I made a car in google sketchup 8 and wanted to know if their is a way to test the aerodynamics or if their is a plugin that lets you do this.
  4. H

    HoRnet Channel Strip for Mac / Audiounit

    The HoRNet ChannelStrip is a workhorse but high quality audio processing plugin, it's extremely useful in every day to day mixing task. Its equalizer can both shape the tone and be very surgical, its dynamic processors sports three different compressor models and an expander, making the HoRNet...
  5. G

    Looking for old Cool Edit Pro 2.1 cd-burning plugin

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I'm dusting off Cool Edit after a reinstall, and I don't have the CD-burning plugin any more. As I recall, there used to be a "flaming CD" button on the toolbar that went straight to an internal CD-burning utility. Any idea where I can download...
  6. G

    Whats a good *free* plugin or tutorial for converting colo..

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I'm currently working on my midterm project for my photography class at the local Uni. Im trying to convert some color photos into Black and White. Most of my efforts look okay to me, but upon critiques from other people (whos...
  7. G

    [Maxxum 7D] Dimage RAW Viewer v. Adobe Raw Plugin

    Archived from groups:, (More info?) According to Phil Askey (dpreview), the quality of images obtained via the Dimage Viewer RAW converter is not as good as that provided by the Adobe Raw plugin. Has anyone else made comparisons between the two...
  8. G

    VST plugin to convert to mono

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hello, I've seen a free VST plugin a while ago that would convert stereo signals below a certain frequency to mono. And I can't find the webpage. Anyone knows the plugin I'm talking about? Thanks, Johann -- Irgendwo muss ich ja posten. Und...