Question Dual Monitors displaying different computers at once?


Aug 19, 2014
Can a KVM (or the like) display on two different monitors from two different PC's?

I have two laptops, both older. One is an MSI GE 62 gaming laptop, and the other is a Dell e7470 (for work). I would like to hook them up to a KVM-type device for dual monitor support and a shared keyboard and mouse. But, to be annoying, there are times I would like to have one monitor displaying one computer and the other monitor displaying the other. So, I could have one up for Outlook and VPN access, and the other up for a game or other personal matters, and have a simple way to switch the keyboard and mouse back and forth.

But then sometimes, I want one computer or the other to have both displays.

Is this feasible?

(I don't have the monitor's yet, as I'm in the middle of a move. Hoping to make this work with some used/refurbished ones as I really don't need anything too impressive)