i got a outlook account which my business account runs from and whenever i open my outlook app it says cannot comnect to serve


May 22, 2016
I can't send business emails from my new business email address which is: [don't post your email to a public forum] all out going messages says sending then immediately it says queed
Can you please help i got quotations that is piling up.
Please help
How is your internet connection? Is it working with other things? Also is it via data or WiFi?

I would suggest first trying to access other things and see if it works. Try accessing the net via other apps or your browser. If it works, then the problem is within your email app. Perhaps something was changed in the settings of the app.

If it doesn't work, and you can't access the net at all from the tablet, then you need to see what is causing you to not have a connection.