outlook 2010 calendar/contacts missing when pst file recovered


Oct 23, 2016
Could someone please advise how/where to find calendar/outlook files in reinstalled outlook /on a re-imaged drive? the mail folders appear restored correctly off a recovered pst that however doesn't seem to contain the calendar /contacts. It does not look like scanpst found corruptions.the re
The pc is with a repair company whose staff appear unable to find the calendar/contacts.. they seem to have got the main IMAP folder (inbox) and all subfolders off that one .pst but not calendar or contacts.

As part of their solution to a problem where my account-(only one with admin privileges) profile stopped being recognized after an update caused a restart, my computer was re-imaged(Windows 7 and apps reinstalled) , a new disk put in, and data imported off the old drive.

Previously an interrupted startup check had caused bluescreening; the same repair shop said they'd used tools to circumvent the user profile non-recognition and patched things up and returned it. I added passwords when i got it back but the next autoupdate induced a restart, after which the profile stopped being recognised.So at hat point i was told the only thing they could do is use the data copies they'd pulled off; (they said a complete backup was done) , put in a new drive and reinstall everything.

I had had MS Office 2010 including Outlook 2010. This got reinstalled using the product keys I had originally got.
I had been using IMAP to feed a gmail account to the Outlook account. The IMAP file (Inbox and numerous subfolders) apparenlty were all in that single pst file.

As part of restoring Outlook the repair tech started it, and configured the basics upto where I put in the credentials for IMAP to get the email from gmail; and after a couple hours that process of downloading off gmail seemed to complete.The repair staff then tried to import the saved .pst file in, to do a full restore of the previous folder/mail cache, using the 'ignore duplicate' setting.They felt that was the best way to restore everything as it had been ie use IMAP first, then import the stored pst next.

The emails seem to have come in fine, but calendar and contacts had vanished.

I am not sure if these were originally in separate psts; the techs thought everything was in the same pst file (though this is Outlook 2010 running on Windows 7) and that they did not find more psts when they looked on the original possibly damaged drive.

can any one help with finding/retrieving the Outlook calendar/contact files ? I never used either off gmail directly, but did use them when using Outlook to send email from that gmail address.
This recovered pst was the original file that Imap mail fed into, and it contained the inbox as well as all the many folders created after to organize the mail.




Oct 23, 2016

thank you very much. PRevious attempt to reply didnt work. No, the techs didnt look at anything.
There is no OST as IMAP was used with gmail.
I am trying to do the best i can to recover patchy disorganized folders and gave up on the calendar/contacts (they found pieces that they restored in fragments!)

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