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  1. H

    Outlook 2010 Restore

    Hello, I'm not a super technical person, but I am at the point where I need to reinstall MS office fresh and I wanted to ask, if my company is using a pop3 server for mail (Thats what I was told). My question is, does the outlook .pst file contain all my settings, IE Contacts, emails...
  2. I

    Outlook 2010 Issue on Windows 7

    Good Morning, I have a user running Outlook 2010 on Windows 7. When she receives a copy of a calendar meeting/ invite that the CEO receives and hits reply all, a user, Mary, who is no longer part of the company populates in the TO field. I checked if the Mary account has any permission on her...
  3. D

    Control N shortcut in MS Word, outlook and Excel 2010 doesn't work any more.

    Suddenly the Ctrl N shortcut in MS Office no longer works. Any idea how to fix?
  4. O

    outlook 2010 how to fix the linked image cannot be displayed

    outlook 2010 how to fix the linked image cannot be displayed
  5. S

    Email just stopped receiving

    Hi, I have just set my friend up in Outlook 2010 (the MS Office one) for her Yahoo email. All is fine to start with, over 12,000 emails have downloaded into her Inbox. An hour later I start to get receive errors and no emails are arriving. I left it overnight and when I start up today one or two...
  6. M

    Where Is The List?

    how do you restore a deleted distribution list in contacts of Outlook 2010? I wanted to delete "1" contact in my distribution list and when I clicked on Delete, it asked, Do you want to delete this "ITEM" and of course I said yes...well, hell, it deleted my entire Distribution List within my...
  7. W

    outlook 2010 calendar/contacts missing when pst file recovered

    Could someone please advise how/where to find calendar/outlook files in reinstalled outlook /on a re-imaged drive? the mail folders appear restored correctly off a recovered pst that however doesn't seem to contain the calendar /contacts. It does not look like scanpst found corruptions.the...
  8. H

    Backing UP pst files

    Hi All, We have POP3 accounts which deletes mails from server every 14 days. I would like to backup the PST files of every user on a 10 day basis. I would like to know how to backup ( I usually copy the pst data file from the user pc to backup location). There are certain users PST files...
  9. M

    How to move Outlook 2010 to another computer

    I have Outlook 2010 setup on another computer on my network. I have just finished building a new computer to replace my failed main computer. Can I, via the the in house network, copy Outlook 2010 over to the new computer?
  10. S

    Mail comes to Outlook Live but not to Outlook 2010 since last month

    I only use Outlook as a storage device in my computer. Now mail is not coming in, but it only comes to the online version.
  11. WyomingKnott

    Multipart MIME in Outlook 2010

    I get multipart MIME messages. In outlook 2010, they look like this: Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="_000_SN1PR15MB02079A5D51FB185F70DD0AFAC8960SN1PR15MB0207namp_" Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAAKUAAAA5CAYAAABXj+viAAAAAXNSR0ICQMB9xQAAAAlwSFlzAAAO...
  12. M

    How do I get specific contact categories todisplay when I hit the TO button.

    Office 2010. I have categorized my contacts and would like to have those I categorized as Good Buddies pop up when I hit the TO, CC or BCC buttons on a new email. That would narrow down the potential recipients so I don't have to sort through my entire Address Book to select those I wish to...
  13. D

    Outlook 2010 missing emails

    Hi guys!!! Please help me to understand what happened with my emails. So, I was helping somebody with a "simple" email problem. I have been asked to remove one email account but keep all the emails. So I went to account settings and removed the unwanted address. When I've opened outlook again I...
  14. O

    Outlook 2010 emails to Charter users sent but not received

    Several weeks ago, delivery of outbound emails sent from me via Outlook 2010 to people @charter.com stopped working. They leave my outbox and appear in sent items but are never received. If I send directly from gmail.com, the emails are received. If they initiate an email to me, I can reply from...
  15. P

    Outlook Default regarding Deleted Folder

    My current default for Outlook 2010 is to empty the "deleted items" folder upon exit. I'd like to change the default so that it does not do that. How?
  16. R

    HI i am not able to send mail from my outlook 2010 account but i received all mail plz help me out

    HI i am not able to send mail from my outlook 2010 account but i received all mail plz help me out. and shoe an error msg (ERROR 550)
  17. A

    outlook 2010 folder not shown in export

    i have my Comcast account set up in Outlook 2010. send and receive works. when i go to 'Import' only the 'Outlook Data File' shows in the available folders and i want to export the Comcast InBox i tried Send/Receive and Updating without success. the xxxx@comcast.net folder should show up in the...
  18. H

    contact management software?

    I work at a non-profit that uses Office 365 in conjunction with Outlook 2010. The founder of my non-profit encountered Outlook 2010's limit on the number of contacts that can be in a distribution list. Initially, contacts added to larger lists were not saved to the list. Following Microsoft...
  19. R

    HELP with Outlook 2010 - New Mobo and Processor, trying to get pst files to work

    My wife's computer was due for a mobo and processor upgrade. I replaced them and now I am working to get everything up and going again. I am having issues getting Outlook 2010 to work correctly and I am pretty sure that I did not do things correctly. What I did was I took her SSD that had all...
  20. Z

    Outlook 2010: Stretch of time where no emails are received.

    Hello all, I went on vacation last Thursday and I got back today. I opened my Outlook 2010 to download the emails I missed (I am set up as POP) and a huge stream of emails came into my inbox. My issue is that a noticed a random period on Friday where I have no emails (it was 12-4pm last...
  21. P

    import onenote into Outlook notes 2010

    Hi Guys, Is any way I can import onenote pages into Outlook notes? All are text and over 300!!!
  22. Z

    Outlook and OWA folders synched (Exchange)

    Hello all I have a quick question. Let's say my companies email is hosted via exchange. If I use Outlook (2010 or 2013 are the ones we use) and create folders for each client, will those folders appear when I access my email via the OWA? Aka are the Outlook files and folders 100% synched with...
  23. Z

    Backing Up .pst, POP Outlook 2010 +2013

    Hello all, I have several coworkers (our account managers) who need their .pst files backed up. They were not setup as IMAP, nor were they configured to leave message copies on the server, so very little of their emails are backed up. None of them are aware of that. They think their email...
  24. R

    How do ia transfer all my content from outlook 2010 and to WLM

    I have several mails on outlook 2010 but i wanna use WLM and i have no idea how to transfer all my mails etc... I have tried with Mailstore 8 but that did not work!!
  25. E

    recover or reset pst password is it possible?

    Hello everybody, One of my friends doesn't remember the outlook password on his pst file on outlook 2010. Because I have installed a new version of office (2013) on his computer, outlook 2013 is asking for the password again. Is there any way to reset or recover the password? Thanks!
  26. C

    After accidently deleting contact in Outlook 2010

    After accidently deleting contact in Outlook 2010 Windows 7, No matter how many times re typing the contact in an email it won't show back in Auto Complete list
  27. B

    can't empty Trash folder in outlook2010 imap account

    error message: Serious error while procession DELETE (MsFolderNotRemovable (74/82)'.
  28. C

    Office 365 noplay/using the same email on two differnt computers

    My company use office 365 exchange online. I have two computers, in two different spots. One uses Outlook 2010, and other uses Outlook 2007. The outlook 2010 one receives and sends out emails. Which that's how i want that one to work. But the Outlook 2007 one, I only want to send emails. I don't...
  29. quad777

    Synchronise Calender on Outlook 2010

    Hi Guys My boss requested that her Outlook Calender be synchronized to that of her P.A's outlook calender, so that when my boss inputs an appointment onto her outlook calender it should automatically appear on the P.A's Outlook Calender. They are both using Microsoft Office 2010 Professional...
  30. S

    outlook mail merge, all is fine except no one receives their mail??

    outlook mail merge, all is fine except no one receives their email?? The messages flash across the word document,flash through my outbox saying sending/sent and then they land in my sent items box so no problem right?? No , Not one email is received, can someone please help ??
  31. M

    I want to BUY a legitimate MS Outlook 2010 CD with genuine Product Key Code for WIN 7.

    Am looking for new in box, leftover, overstock, Outlook 2010 for WIN 7 disc-CD. I do not want to purchase a 'download'. Please help me find......
  32. quad777

    Moving contact list from Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2010

    Hi guys just want to know how do i move the contact list(the one when i type in the first few letters of the email address and it picks up the complete address) from outlook 2007 to 2010.
  33. jeff-j

    Outlook 2010 Sent Folder Problem

    I have outlook 2010, and in the sent items folder all the emails are coming up as tom@companyname.com and not to the person I sent them to. I am using IMAP and get my email from a Zimbra server. I also have the email setup on my cell and in there all the sent item emails look fine, and also when...
  34. I

    Tieing Access 2010 database with Outlook 2010 Calendar

    At work, I use Microsoft Office 2010. I have set up customer database in Access, got a nice little form tied to it and everything, I'm quite proud of what I have figured out. (This will tell you how un-advanced I am with this, pretty please help me accordingly) Now, what I'm trying to do: One...
  35. S

    Outlook 2010 unable to send or receive emails

    Hello, all of a sudden I'm unable to send or receive emails. It times out waiting for a response from server or the server Pop3 says there is an internal error. I have one laptop for home use and one wireless network I use, nothing fancy going on over here...any suggestions would be much...
  36. D

    Outlook 2010 Hyperlinks not working (Orange Bar)

    Windows 7 machine with Office 2010. I use webroot secure anywhere and Microsoft security essentials. I just had to rework my computer because my HHD had a melt down. After buying a new HHD and reinstalling all of my software i am having issues with my Outlook Emails. When i open an email with a...
  37. R

    Outlook 2010 issue

    I find my recent installation of Outlook 2010 is leaving incoming e-mail messages on the server. This never happened with previous version or with Outlook Express. Does anyone know where the toggle is to turn this off?
  38. G

    Outlook 2010 Storage Issues

    Community, I have a Windows 7 PC which boots from a 120GB SSD and has over 3.5 TB of additional storage from my other hard drives. I added a massive gmail account to my Outlook 2010 and it has completely drained my SSD of free space. Where is all of this outlook data being stored and can I...
  39. ilovebarny

    Automatic PST Backup

    Hopefully this is the right place to ask this question. I need to automatically backup (once a week) .pst files from approximately 10 different computers to 1 large backup computer. I need to either rename the files to include the date or backup these .pst files into individual files with the...
  40. A

    Outlook 2010 crashes when reminder pops up

    Hi all, I am currently having a major problem with Outlook 2010. Each time I start Outlook, as soon as a reminder pops up, Outlook crashes and there is a dialogue box with the message: "MS Outlook has stopped working". Furthermore, in the details part, there is the following information...
  41. S

    Backup Outlook 2010

    Do I need to backup outlook 2010 when it is only connected to my hotmail account? I am planning on formatting my computer but I am of the thought that all my contacts are saved on a MS server somewhere. Is that correct or must I back up the .ost/.pst files?
  42. P

    Outlook 2010: unable to send emails

    Hi. I was suddenly unable to send emails from my Outlook 2010 account. I'm certain it has something to do with this computer, because I have the account set up on my laptop and another computer, and there are no issues. I hadn't had any problems since starting the account (approximately 6...
  43. stevenvw

    Global Address book for outlook 2010 using exchange server 2010

    Hello, at work we have exchange server 2010 running on our server, and the employees all have Outlook 2010. I am wondering if/how it is possible to have a global address book, or one that is available to all domain members. Currently everyone has their own address book in Outlook with their...
  44. P

    Import outlook express address book into windows 7

    How do I export my outlook express address book from my old PC (Windows XP) to Outlook 2010 on my new PC (Windows 7)?
  45. T

    I have problems with outlook 2010 i need help

    I have a problem with my OUTLOOK 2010 running on XP All my emails come through as READ when I haven’t even opened them yet I have to go and UNREAD THEM myself And due to this I have missed some very important emails ALSO I often get a connection error at the bottom when there is NO...
  46. K

    I have problems with outlook 2010 i need help

    Hello, When I open an email in outlook 2010 and click on an enclosed link I get the error message "This operation has been cancled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator" Do you know how to fix this error?
  47. E

    Outlook 2010 - Protect Sent Items Folder

    Hi, Does anyone out there know if there's a way to protect the Sent Items folder? I'm using Outlook on my machines at work and would like to ensure that my employees cannot delete items from their sent folders. I'm having problems with people saying they've sent emails but not being able to...
  48. Goldengoose

    Outlook 2010 - spell check when sending e-mail

    Hey Guys, My work have greyed out the box for 'check spelling when sending an e-mail' so i am unable to turn this off. This is very annoying, is it possible to turn this off through the command prompt at all or another way? I read forum rules and felt this didn't violate any as it's just a...
  49. baijubaiju


    Hello, I CANNOT ADD PST FILE ON 2010 OUTLOOK ,ADD BUTTON CLICK THE ERROR ON DISPLAY "The specified device, file, or path cannot be accessed. It may have been deleted, it may be in use, you may be experiencing network problems, or you may not have sufficient permissions to access it"
  50. B

    Wireless outlook 2010 "working offline" -- need "online"

    How do I get the working offline to revert back to working on line. This has been on the Office Home and business 2010. No one else seems to know the answer. Hopefully someone out there can give me answers.
  51. j2j663

    More Outlook Connector Troubles ... any help appreciated

    So I have been doing battle with my Outlook 2010 for quite some time now and I really don't have an answer for this one. No matter how careful I am in installing the Hotmail Connector for Outlook 2010, it continues to ask me to install it before I can add a Hotmail account. If anyone has a...
  52. N

    Windows XP

    Hello, I asked a question about my Outlook 2010, I received an email yesterday stating: I cannot open it, I get a message like it is a spam. I am not sure if it is a bug, but for sure it is not normal, and I can't access the answer from "area51reopened". I tried several times, I hope it is...
  53. W

    Outlook 2010: How to move Hotmail OST???

    Hi guys, just starting up with outlook for the first time. I have got my hotmail account configured in outlook 2010 using outlook connector and its working perfectly. I am using ssd and I have few email accounts, so I want to move OST file created for my hotmail account to my HDD. I have...
  54. S

    Export outlook express data to outlook 2010

    Hello, Any way to export outlook express 6 data to outlook 2010? TNX
  55. W

    Encrypt outlook folders

    Is it possible to encrypt a specific folder in Outlook 2010? an add-on that will allow to do that perhaps? I know about the possibility to set a password for a profile.
  56. H

    Anyway To Sync Outlook 2010 Calender With My Desktop In XP

    I've got office 2010 and for my calender I'm using outlook 2010's but if I don't start outlook I miss a reminder that I have setup. Is there anyway to have a calender always running in my task bar to set appointments & keep an eye on my schedule during the day instead of always having to start...