Jul 6, 2009
how do you restore a deleted distribution list in contacts of Outlook 2010? I wanted to delete "1" contact in my distribution list and when I clicked on Delete, it asked, Do you want to delete this "ITEM" and of course I said yes...well, hell, it deleted my entire Distribution List within my Contacts list. I immediately went to the deleted folder in Mail and it wasn't there and I cannot find any other deleted folder where I can look...any help would be greatly appreciated and I have not turn my desktop off since this happened so I feel that the contact is there, I just can't or don't know where to look. Thanks
It seems your only option is to get a backup copy of your .PST file, open it alongside main .PST file, and copy the list from there.
And if you say "I don't have a backup" - make one after you recreate your list from old sent messages.