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    Solved! Need help with linux distro

    Hello i am a newcomer to linux world. I recently tried deepin os but it is too alow for my old laptop . Can you guys suggest a good linux distro for my specs Cpu i3 5005u Ram 4gb ddr3 Intel hd graphics 1tb hard disk Thanks in advance
  2. E

    converting 3.5mm to split channel banana

    I swear I can't find the answer to this question and maybe it is because I don't understand what to ask for. I have a stereo system that uses a Phillips Receiver box which produces a two-wire combination for each speaker. The speaker distribution box has 12 banana plugs for six speakers. The...
  3. L

    Distribution question of software.

    I'm already using the free version but would like to buy something that would block viruses, including Trojans, from even getting into my PCs. The 360 package I am considering can be used for 3 different PCs, but one of these is at a different location. How would the software be distributed...
  4. K

    Which rpm based distro does dell support

    Hi My laptop is dell 5458 i5. I want to install RPM based linux distro on my laptop. But I found that most rpm based distro are not supported for dell laptop. Please guide me which rpm based distro is suited for my laptop.
  5. M

    Where Is The List?

    how do you restore a deleted distribution list in contacts of Outlook 2010? I wanted to delete "1" contact in my distribution list and when I clicked on Delete, it asked, Do you want to delete this "ITEM" and of course I said yes...well, hell, it deleted my entire Distribution List within my...
  6. J

    Laptop without OS

    Good morning, Does anyone know any good places to buy a laptop without an OS on it? I plan to put on some distro of Linux not sure which yet, probably Mint. I just feel that if I get one with a Windows OS I am going to be paying extra for something I don't intend to use. So as above, please...
  7. S

    How to do distribution curve in excel 2013.

    Hi guys, As the title says I am trying to figure out how to do a distribution curve for some data from my calculations. This here the finalised data: http://imgur.com/j3nQMtv And what I am wanting to do is a curve of dt (in micrometers and rounded) vs fm (wt%) distribution curve similar to...
  8. D

    best linux distro for 6 year old laptop

    i've been looking for a linux distro for my 6 year old laptop (hp pavillion dv6 1375dx) SPECS: Intel core 2 duo 6gb of ram 500gb seagate barracuda unknown version of intel graphics My Problem: i google stuff like "best linux distro for laptop" and it pulls stuff up like "10 best linux...
  9. S

    Linux distro for Thinkpad?

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has a suggestion on what distro might be good to put on my Lenovo(quad core, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, integrated graphics if I remember right. Has Windows 7, will dual boot) On my main PC(Quad core, 32GB RAM, Geforce GTX 680, 2HDD's - 1SSD) I tried Debian(slow boot, Gnome...
  10. G

    How to Make a Playlist on SoundCloud

    SoundCloud is an online distribution platform which allows musical artists to upload and promote their original works for free. It also has a mobile app that allows users to upload and download music anywhere straight from their mobile devices. If you have a SoundCloud account and you are...
  11. T

    Best Linux Distro for Laptop?

    I'm looking for the best Linux distro for my laptop. I'm looking around online, and getting mixed results. What I'm going to use this laptop for primarily is web browsing, typing up documents, and maybe playing some older, non intensive games if possible. At the same time, I'm looking for the...
  12. J

    Simultaneous cable and over the air signal

    Can both cable signal and signal from antenna be carried by the coax cable distribution system in my house at the same time? Thanks, John
  13. gamerxavier

    Android distro~ Pokedex theme

    There's got to be one out or something relative to convert certain aspects of a phone into that of a pokedex theme. I can't imagine it not being in development by now at least.
  14. A

    Denon avr-689

    Hello, My receiver is connected to a Redback speaker distribution system model A 2386 as zone 2, with 5 pairs of speakers. None of the zone two speakers work anymore. I did reset the micro processor to no avail. now what is more when pressing the zone 2 button zone 2 does not come up on the...
  15. Z

    Google Said to Have Started Distribution For iOS Maps App

    Google is said to have started distributing a test version of its rumored iOS Maps app to certain users. Google Said to Have Started Distribution For iOS Maps App : Read more
  16. G

    Android 4.1 Jelly Bean-based CyanogenMod Announced

    Steve Kondik, in charge of the alternative Android distribution CyanogenMod, has given some insight in the future of the software. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean-based CyanogenMod Announced : Read more
  17. J

    Best operating system for netbook?

    hey everyone.. i have a netbook, i guess i could say the make and model is a lenovo S10, but doesnt really matter, theyre all pretty much the same... anyway, i have windows 7 and it now and i do not like it.. windows 7 is fine on my desktop, but even its best efforts on a netbook are nowhere...
  18. G

    EA Hops Aboard Crowd-Funding, Offers 3 Months Distribution

    Rather than damning or ignoring crowdfunding, EA's decided to support its existence. EA Hops Aboard Crowd-Funding, Offers 3 Months Distribution : Read more
  19. J

    Help me please.

    sorry for the inconvenience, I work in a distribution of internet company and I want to create a program that, for example if a customer does not pay this month to block its Internet, but to lock himself Program and please help me if I can create with batch file thank you
  20. H

    Cannot send e-mail to a distribution list

    First of all I am not sure this is the correct sub-forum. If not can a moderator please move it to the correct area. Also do we have a forum that can be used for server-exchange inquiries, etc? This e-mail is being directed from a co-worker - User cannot send e-mail to a distribution list...
  21. R

    License randy travis songs

    I would like to get a license to record the song "I'm gonna have a little talk with Jesus" written by Randy Travis & Don Schlitz. I will probably make 500 - 1000 copies, not for sale, but distribution through myself. How do I do that. I can't find who owns the rights to publishing. Thanks, Randy
  22. G

    Google Announces WebM Community Cross Licensing

    Google announced a cross-license initiative that is designed to support the distribution of its WebM video format. Google Announces WebM Community Cross Licensing : Read more
  23. A

    Outlook will not transfer over distribution lists?

    Hello, I am having trouble getting this question answered. I have searched quite a few forums with no luck. Is there a way to import distribution lists along with the contacts in outlook? I am trying to export a clients entire outlook account, that is on outlook 2003 over to a a new Windows 7...
  24. zer0net

    Video distribution system

    Hi, I couldnt think of anywhere else to post. Has anyone ever built a system like the ones that are normally present in waiting rooms. Like when i goto the doctor and sitting in the waiting area, there is a TV which is showing a TV channel, and at the same time running some ads and weather, all...
  25. B


    Morning, Would like to have an idea of the maximum output of a 1000watts(8 ohm) speaker if it is used in a distribution system and tapped at 150, 110 or 75 watts Regards,,
  26. exfileme

    Iwata Offers Glimpse into 3DS Distribution Service

    Nintendo's CEO offers a glimpse into 3DS digital distribution and piracy. Iwata Offers Glimpse into 3DS Distribution Service : Read more
  27. exfileme

    HDD, Full Digital Distribution May Come to Wii

    Full Wii games may be heading to the Wii Shop Channel. HDD, Full Digital Distribution May Come to Wii : Read more
  28. B

    Solved! Broadcasting extra digitals channels at home

    Hey, I have an incoming digital tv cable distribution available throughout the house (via coax). Now I would like to add an "extra" digital channel on the existing cable distribution on which I can distribute my own music/videos/... from a server at the house. Is this possible? Regards, J.
  29. randomizer

    Ubuntu Gaining Popularity For Businesses

    Ubuntu is currently the most popular desktop Linux distribution. However, it is also rapidly gaining popularity among businesses around the world, according to the latest survey by Canonical and analyst firm RedMonk. Ubuntu Gaining Popularity For Businesses : Read more
  30. G

    Analysts: Blu-ray to Overtake Digital Distribution

    Analysts predict that sales of Blu-ray media will surpass that of digital distribution in 2009. Analysts: Blu-ray to Overtake Digital Distribution : Read more
  31. JMcEntegart

    Playboy Ditches DVD in Favor of Online Distribution

    Playboy has decided to stop physical sales of DVDs and instead focus on digital distribution. Playboy Ditches DVD in Favor of Online Distribution : Read more
  32. G

    Atari/Infogrames Transitioning to Digital Distribution of Games

    Infogrames/Atari CEO David Gardner said that the company plans to go 90 percent digital within a few years. Atari/Infogrames Transitioning to Digital Distribution of Games : Read more
  33. G

    Google Ends An Era Of Ad-free RSS

    Mountain View (CA) - A new service offered by Google enables publishers to inject contextual text or image ads into individual feeds distributed by FeedBurner, the world's largest RSS distribution service that was acquired by Google more than two years ago. Google Ends An Era Of Ad-free RSS ...
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    Microsoft: Digital Software Distribution To Surpass Retail Sales

    London (UK) - David Gosen, vice president of strategic marketing for the Xbox and Xbox Live in Europe, threw a big one over the crowd that was listening to his speech at Microsoft UK Gamefest developer event: "
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    Judge Rejects RIAA Piracy Claims

    The RIAA was hit with another setback when the district court in Atlantic v. Howell denied the RIAA’s argument of making files available constitutes as illegal distribution. It’s an argument by the RIAA that has worked in the past. The RIAA argued that a Judge Rejects RIAA Piracy Claims : Read more
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    Automatic Distribution Of Vista SP1 Begins

    Redmond (WA) - Automatic updates of Microsoft's Vista Service Pack 1 has begun. Automatic Distribution Of Vista SP1 Begins : Read more
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    Valve's Digital Distribution Platform Steams Ahead To 15 Million Users

    Valve's PC game download service Steam has surpassed the 15 million account milestone, after having far and away its most successful holiday season to date. Valve's Digital Distribution Platform Steams Ahead To 15 Million Users : Read more
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    Wordclock distribution

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) Hey. Another question! I'm looking to get a cheap wordclock distribution amp for use at home. I'm happy using the clock from my MOTU 2408mk3, so I only need to distribute the signal through multiple BNC connectors and accept a master clock...