Outlook 2010: Stretch of time where no emails are received.


Jan 14, 2014
Hello all,
I went on vacation last Thursday and I got back today. I opened my Outlook 2010 to download the emails I missed (I am set up as POP) and a huge stream of emails came into my inbox. My issue is that a noticed a random period on Friday where I have no emails (it was 12-4pm last Friday). I know that several emails were received on Friday (during that time) since I got them on my Iphone.

Why are the emails from 12-4pm last Friday missing? Any ideas? Is there a troubleshooting method to determine what happened during 12-4pm with my computer, internet and/or Outlook?

I'm on Windows 7,on Outlook 2010 as POP (with messages left on server for 14 days).

Thanks in advance!!
Make sure your iPhone is not set to delete emails from server once read (or deleted).
The only logs of what was going on with your emails are kept at the POP server you're using.