Solved! Does anyone know of a model of Lenovo Y700 15ISK that comes strictly with ssd and NO hard drive? Help !!!

Mar 4, 2020
My son took his laptop (Lenovo Y700 15ISK) in to have it looked at because he was having boot up problems. (Blue screen of death reboot loop software issue.)

The tech told him that it was "an unknown hardware issue and that to repair it would not be worth it but he could retrieve all the data from the unit.

( Is this possible to retrieve pictures and files from a ssd drive that wont boot and reports heap stacks and irq not equal too and system errors ect?)

My son agreed and went and purchased an external hard drive and a usb stick to transfer it over which the tech did.

Well we got the laptop back and I started messing with it trying to get it to work with several different windows diagnostic boot up media Usb/dvd.

After numerous failed attempts I decided to try and replace the hard drive and maybe the memory chips since some of the error messages refered to memory issues.

I opened it up and the spot where the hard disk drive sits was empty AND it didnt have a thick layer of dust and crud like the rest of the area surrounding it . (the tech didn't even clean the clumps of dust and debris out of the case so I could plainly see that something had been there to block the build up of crud.

On a friday I took it back in to resolve the issue and the manager asked me to leave it there and he would take care of it.

The Manager called a couple hours later and asked us to call him and that the drive wasnt in it when they recieved it.

I spent alll weekend long researching this unit and could not find one instance where the laptop was sold with ONLY an ssd memory chip "hard drive" So I went one step farther and contacted the laptop manufacturer technical customer support 3 seperate times and all 3 times they said they definitively do NOT sell that unit without a hard drive but as we know customer tech people are sometimes wrong.

My father purchased it for my son from amazon brand new and NOBODY has ever touched that lap top as far as opening the case.

I asked the manager punk to show me where he got the info that it came with out one and he just said "why? The point was moot" ...

Needless too say his attitude is piss poor... and he will be dealt with accordingly if I find him to be shady... once my dads co workers hear about this I am almost sure that his "yearly fire inspection" will yield a cornacopia of must fix orders... see how moot that <Mod Edit> is …

( My father was The Retired Fire Chief of the Sacramento California metropolitan Fire department and has passed away so I cant consult him... and I mention that to show the level of integrity of my claim.)

So My question is Does anyone know of a model of Lenovo Y700 15ISK ideapad that does not come with a physical hard drive? If there is I cant find it... and yes I know there are laptops with only ssd "hard drives" But I am speaking only about this model.

Thanks to Tom and all you groovy people for all your awesomeness !!!

Love, peace , thermal grease !!
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Chances are they removed the drive to copy the files and misplaced it. If the laptop was not booting they may have stuck it in a dock or USB case and connected it to another computer.
If the manufacture says it has the drive, and it obviously shows that something was there (take photos of it so you have that before it is not as obvious) then it was there. They are lying to you.

I would contact the 'owner' of the shop where you got it worked on. Sounds a lot like they are well to put it politely, not being honest with you and didn't expect to be caught (hence the attitude).

Even if the drive was problematic, if they could get data off of it for you, then they could have the data as well.

If you get nowhere with them, warn them you will go to the police if this is not resolved immediately. If they get rude or still won't fess up and fix this, report it to the police and to any place you can about the shop, to get them looked into and to make sure no one else gets into this position. You may find out others have already had problems with them.