Outlook doesn't start up properly


Mar 24, 2014
Just recently in the last two days my outlook has been having an issue when starting. Now when I start it, when the window comes up all I see is the currently selected email and a messed up blank bar blocking the rest of the program except for the bar at the top. To fix it I have to start outlook in safe mode, and then when I start it again it opens correctly, but closing and opening again will bring it back. The only thing I have added top my PC is a new keyboard and I made one of the keys open outlook like I had my old keyboard do.

I put a link to the pic of the problem below (ignore the big blue block I made to hide the email). I couldn't find a repair button, so any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks.


Update: So I realized this happened after a windows 10 update just a day earlier (what else is new), and so I thought a rollback would fix it. But before I did I remembered another issue I keep having every now and then where the taskbar would just stop working for no reason and the only way to get it working again is to restart, not shutdown and startup as that doesn't seem to work anymore in windows 10 because of the fast startup they added. So after doing a normal restart, outlook has started up normally again. It figures a windows update always messes up something.

Update 2: Just came back so I have no clue anymore.

[OS = Windows 10]


Jun 28, 2016
Go through the path mentioned below:
Start Button -> Settings -> Update & security -> Windows Update -> Check for updates button
Now, your Windows 10 PC can easily synchronize with recent updates. This step is helpful to fix existing issues effectively.