received mail deleted... on outlook 365


Mar 18, 2017
hello everyone, so, i've been sending message after message on the same topic to someone, but haven't deleted that persons message, but i can no longer find that persons reply on that topic. Is there a way to fix it? all the messages that im able to see are the ones that i sent to that person.

im using the browser to go to the message.

Also, i accidently, sent a message to myself, but when i try to delete that message, i delete the entire messages that i sent to that person... and i dont want that... isn't there a way to delete a specific message in the same topic on outlook 365?
Contact that person and request that they resend their replies to you.

And I do not understand why you are using a browser to "go to the message"?

Have you set up any Rules in Outlook 365? Go to the Rules icon to check/manage the Rules and Alerts.

You may have set up some conflict.