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    Question Have you ever seen anything like this "RolledbackPlatformHealthData" turn up in the registry or events for Windows Defender?

    Any ideas what these entries could be refering to? There are intriguing key entires on a Windows 10 PC in the registry under: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft Defender\Diagnostics. For example: RollbackToPlatformVersion REG_BINARY 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00...
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    Solved! (Still no answer) CCleaner Registry Cleaner fails

    Let's say we have a CCleaner Registry Backup: What would happen when CCleaner accidentally removes windows files or changes them, - how can you revert back -do you need to restart? anything? Please tell me steps if such a thing would happen, because my registry seems like a hell hole... Also...
  3. L

    Solved! Outlook 2016 EMail

    Hi all, Hope this is okay to post this here but there is an annoying issue in Outlook which I am sure can be rectified by altering a registry setting, I just don't know which one! Pressing Control and Shift at the same times and then pressing f, brings up the advanced search window. You then...
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    Why does Microsoft keep the registry?

    Linux does not use a registry. Settings are kept in a file with the applications.The registry is always a mess and more money is spent on non Microsoft applications to fix the registry than on Windows applications. Why not keep settings in a file with the application?
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    Stuck on settings are being restored system restore is restoring the registry

    Stuck on settings are being restored system restore is restoring the registry. Asus laptop. Help!
  6. U

    Flickering / Random Sleep Acer Laptop

    Hello, I have a laptop that has a flickering screen and goes to sleep randomly all the time. I have already set sleep to never and edited the registry to show advanced sleep options and fixed those. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! The laptop is an Acer Aspire E5...
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    Solved! how to uninstall Software Informer?

    Program running in background blocking downloads alleging they are malware etc. Program NOT listed in add/remove programs, registry (HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE), Task Manager, Services, "C" Drive (Windows/software or Windows (x86)/ software. The developer's website lists a free uninstall tool that is...
  8. M

    Ccleaner cleaning registry is safely?

    I've already read about cleaning registry and many peoples says that it's risky to the system,but can Ccleaner clean all registry problem safely without affecting to the system?In my system only Ccleaner are installed
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    Solved! Help! Registry Errors .Net Fx not working :(

    I installed some registry cleaner software, it messed up with the registry it hasn't done any backup of the original registry / I have no backup or system restore point / :/ Also most windows apps cant load I've attached some sreenshots I appriciate if anyone can guide me to troubleshoot the...
  10. F

    Removing Tom's Guide Popups

    The suggestion to rid your browser of these annoying ads from is meant for those who are familiar with working with a computer registry. 95 % of computer users have no idea what a registry is, much less how to go in and do anything with it. So, to just say, "CLEAR THE REGISTRY...
  11. J

    I need help with Windows Registry Checker Tool (Scanreg.exe)

    so i've been using ccleaner and just stopped and uninstalled it because i realized it's bad for the computer overall, how do i repair my registry with windows?
  12. R

    I cant able to find the current version under regedit registry. What should i do now?

    I want to increase the size of the icons in photoshop cc. I am using windows 10 os. I am not able to setup the external manifest file for increasing the photoshop icons. Kindly help me soon.
  13. G

    Toshiba Registry Patch System Restore

    I was checking for some drivers on the Toshiba Support page and found what seems to be a fix for a Registry problem. This fix seems to be from about 4 years ago and not sure if it was part of an Update or not. I think the fix is still available to install but I think I better look again to make...
  14. M

    avast clean up spybot

    Hello. On a recently purchased HP Omen (open box) i went for a free trial with avast with clean up, having fixed about 200 registry errors which in itself baffled me on a new system, avast is suggesting i sleep spybot as it is supposedly slowing my system severely. as spybot was added by me for...
  15. 1

    Removing write protection

    I'm trying to remove write protectionon sd card for camera. Have followed the advice on changing info in the registry editor, but like another viewer I can not locate the StorageDevicePolicies icon in the Control section of the relevant registry. Am using Windows 7 and have always had a...
  16. B

    Solved! How to completely remove Xmarks from Firefox?

    I already did the "remove" in FF Extensions. But I'm still getting the xmarks popup telling me there was an error syncing. What I've tried: 1) Shut down/restart FF 2) Reboot the PC 3) Run CCleaner (Clean and Registry options) 4) Swore at the screen Is there somewhere xmarks is hiding in the...
  17. J

    windows 10 thinks it is running from USB drive

    windows 10 with aniversary upgrade running well try to install developers edition , says this pc cannot run win 10 intel core i5 -2400, x64, 4 GB ram ; 64bit oS win10 version 1607 I saw a hint somewhere mentioning a registry key setting but couldnt fint the same key in my registry
  18. J virus removal

    Hello I have a virus that redirects my browser to different ads I cant remove it with malwarebytes hitman pro or anything I have tried cleaning registry deleting browsers etc. I typically clean out other peoples computers and help with tech support but I have never seen anything so difficult to...
  19. N

    Deleted some registry file now my PC isn't working.

    I have a lenovo 405s ideapad.recently I deleted some registry files.suddenly some programs didn't had Icon so I restarded thinking that it would fix but when I entered all my programs were whitish nothing is working everything giving error.not even command prompt I took a pendrive and...
  20. C

    should i delete??or?

    every time i restart my windows, there is a pop up from regsvr32 tell me there is a issue with a certain .dll from a appdata local uprmedia.ThemeMainEnum.dll. I have no idea what this uprmedia thing is, but when i search it on the registry keys it shows up next to other app dll's like normal...
  21. friendlyone20

    Does unused entries in the registry really mess up the computer?

    Is this just an old wives' tale to make people think something is wrong with their computers if they have old entries just chilling in their registry? I'm not asking because I'm planning on doing anything to my computer's registry, I'm smart enough to know not to go messing with that. Just asked...
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    Solved! Trojan Virus Question

    I ran a virus scan on my computer with Malwarebytes and it came back with 4 threats detected. Two of them were Rootkit.Fileless.MTGen. One was a registry value and the other was a registry key. The other two were Trojan.Fileless.MTGen. One was a registry value and the other was a file. I...
  23. ClubSpade12

    Undo registry edit

    So I was trying to recover a rar. password, I was told to check out crark, in the instructions, it says to run "driver-timeout.reg" so I did, and it didn't do anything that I could notice. So once I gave up on getting the rar. password, I went to play some games, and now they freeze and I must...
  24. T

    Explorer not working

    "Win 7 explorer stopped working" error . Have gone thru normal registry combs .. antivirus chks malware etc. Actually only need to take a coupla files off this pc and xfer to new machine. After above work i can move files around on c drive, copy paste etc but no move to thumb drive. Any...
  25. A

    A Better Registry Cleaner Than CCleaner?

    For longer than I can remember, I've been using CCleaner as part of my system maintenance routine when it's time to keep things cleared out and running smooth. However, one thing I notice when uninstalling an old program is that I ALWAYS have to go into the registry and clear out stray remains...
  26. M

    safe search option: delete Registry.pol

    Hey there. I tried the solution to remove the safe search virus as described in this thread: As such I deleted the registry.pol file as suggested by jonp11. It worked too, for about a day. Now I am unable to...
  27. C

    Malwarebytes cleaned registry and caused issues with devices

    I ran malwarebytes and found a lot of issues, so I restarted my pc to remove them. When I did I got an error saying there was a problem starting logilda.dll in system 32.Now it says in the statuses of my devices that windows cannot verify the digital signature of the driver (Code 52). Also...
  28. A

    what kind of file is this?

    hello everyone, today i tried to delete a program (equityfeed) that is a .jnlp program. than i tried to delete all the files that were linked with it as registry keys or other type of file. the problem is that i found a file that i cannot delete or modify, can you help me? i need to delete this...
  29. S

    Winutilities? Alternatives? Looking for PC maintenance apps

    Hi all! I use CCleaner to remove junk files, uninstall apps, fix registry. I have defraggler for (duh) defragging the hard drive. Avast free is my antivirus and checks for out of date programs. I use on demand antispyware with Malwarebytes and Superantispyware. I'm using Win 7 (still...
  30. J

    Want to backup program files including all registry keys to an external hard drive so that they execute when moved back to my

    How to backup a program file in Windows 7 WITH all the registry keys so that it will execute when reloaded back to my desktop from the external hard drive.
  31. C

    Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware and registry

    I found an entry in registry called Locky. Could it be Bitdefender that installed it? (HKCUSoftware\Locky). I have no problem with Ransom-mails.
  32. Chugalug_

    Help removing viruses. High usage.

    Hi, Recently i've been getting very high CPU usage and memory usage on my Dell Inspiron 13 in the 80% range slowing down my PC horribly. This causes video streams to lag and stutter, and applications to run slowly. The applications that take up this load consist of core system, anti-virus...
  33. A

    windows server 2012 r2 Remote Registry switching logon account after any restart

    I have a windows server 2012 r2 standard edition, running Hyper-V running windows server 2012 r2 too.. The problem is that any time i do a restart to the server, the Remote Registry service change the logon account from "Local Service" to "Local System" while i want it to stay running with...
  34. T

    Attempted Registry Edit - Is something fishy going on?

    This just popped up with 360 Total Security. A registry change was about to be made but was blocked by the program, and then these processes wanted to start up. Is anything fishy going on? The log provided by 360 Total Security is provided below. 2016-03-13 10:30:42 Process Creation...
  35. G

    New PC won't install specific software

    Hello! I have just gotten my new computer to work (build it myself), and am experiencing a couple of problems, that i was hoping someone in here would have a solution to. One that bothers me a lot, is that sometimes when installing software, it will just keep loading until i force restart...
  36. G

    Web pages have invisible layer over them (Virus?)

    Hi there. Recently I've had a run in with a possible virus that causes an ad to appear whenever i open a page or new tab on chrome, despite the adblockers I use. I think it was called super new tab or something. I searched it up and did some actions to clear it, which involved uninstalling some...
  37. R

    AVG (free) did a "PC Analyzer" report on my system: how reliable is this kind of report?

    Here's the report: although I could not copy and paste it: ---------- Registry errors: 291 errors found (high severity). I cannot copy and paste these, but are application paths, auto starts, file types, firewall, help files, history, shared files, installed software,uninstall. Junk files: 2264...
  38. djreedj

    Whats the easiest and safest way to

    Whats the easiest and safest way to delete all the clutter and crap from my pc, and to check for registry errors. Im looking for the safest and best programs available please, I am really sketchy when it comes to a lot of programs causing more problems then they resolve. Thanks!
  39. J

    reinstall problems with BitDefender 2016

    I recently had to reinstall my antivirus. When I run the installation process it tells me that Bitdefender 2011 even though I have never installed that version. I have tried cleaning my registry with CCleaner, I have tried using the bitdefender removal tools from 2016 and 2011 versions. When...
  40. QuestionableUsername

    I think CCleaner screwed up my computer...

    I cleaned registry and programs and all with CCleaner about 5 times total. Now I think that came back to stab me in the back because I believe that my Steam (more specifically VAC), my League, and my Google Chrome is not running as well. Is there any way to fix this or do I have to do a clean...
  41. M

    Toshiba L755 laptop Wndows 7 'lost system registry' wont boot; cant access bios to change boot order

    Toshiba Laptop L755-S5107 Lost Windows 7 system registry...wont boot. Have os system disk but will not boot from dvd os disk. Cant access bios to change boot order. Priority: 1. Repair os and boot windows; access data 2. Recover data on drive
  42. Q

    PC tune up software

    i'm looking for a software that might be better than the one i have now. i now use system mechanic, but i was wondering if there are any better ones out there that have the full packages like - restoring unused ram - fixing registry problems. - scanning of files - blocking startup programs -...
  43. S

    EVENT ID 6 System freeze

    HI Guys This is the error im having for a few days, causing my system to freeze and i had to force shut and restart everytime. well it doesnt happens often but when it does my laptop freezes completely i have done system files check by sfc /scannow and it says some errors were recoverd but some...
  44. D

    Folder Lock Ver. 7.5.1

    I am using Folder Lock Ver. 7.5.1 and starting last week application shows that my folders are locked, but on the windows explorer all folder are visible. I tried to Remove the app, Clean registry, and re-installed again and worked for one day only. Why? Appreciated any help
  45. C

    Toshiba laptop shuts down automatically and won't let me clean my registry (Windows 8)

    Basically my problem is everything was fine until I downloaded an application called Bluestacks which occupied 20 GB of HDD space. I had 60 GB of space free before I downloaded it, but after I realized how much space it consumed, I uninstalled it. But unfortunately it left out 10 GB and deleted...

    AVG TuneUp 2015

    Hi guys, i have downloaded AVG TuneUp trial and i am experiencing Windows 7 Aero problems, i cannot go into invisibility with areo nor change the colors like i want to match my wallpaper, i don't even remember which settings i used for this to happen i know this is some sort of speedup tweak...
  47. D

    Help! MP4s not working!

    Hello! I recently ran a Malware/Spyware remover app and it may have messed around with the registry files while doing its cleaning. My .wmvs still play AND newer .mp4s are able to play after the incident, but my old .mp4s that I had before I ran the app can't be read at all. The WMP error code I...
  48. A

    Sager NP8130 / Clevo P151HM1 Windows 7 Registry Corrupt. Failed Registry Roll back.

    My laptop fails to go beyond the windows logo on startup. The animation is moving, but it never loads. I'm pretty sure it happened after a windows update. Startup Repair says: Problem signature: Event Name: StartupRepairOffline Signature1: 2: 3: unknown 4: 0 5: unknown 6: 1 7...
  49. G

    Ranudom Price Virus?!

    I really need help guys, from places I don't know I have picked up "Ranudom Price" adware and I can't think how to get rid of it. I've uninstalled any weird programs, deleted all the files i could find, The only thing left is the registry. I have no idea what files are related to the adware...
  50. C

    Nothing Works after Win 7 Starter Update

    An update basically rendrered exe files, audio, registry nnoperable. Asus netbook with no key and no dvd slot/drive. Do I have any options?
  51. L

    Windows 8.1 Battery Level refresh, is there a registry edit?

    Hello Members My Windows 8.1 tablet's battery level in the system tray never seems to show the realtime battery level remaining percentage, it seems to always need manual refresh or after a reboot. Is there a registry edit that can increase this, or rectify the issue. Your help would great...
  52. B

    Language Changed, can't change back

    Hi i do not know how but i accidentally changed the language of my pc to dutch and whenever i go into registry editor to try and change it back it just says error writing the value's new contents, i would appreciate it if someone would guide me on how i would change it back to english as it...
  53. D

    Suspecting a keylogger, please advise...

    Hello all, So I was searching through my registry to fix a game's settings that I have been messing with and I saw the following key: "HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-1428292790-3725576381-3897953999-1000\Software\358a16345d3d971d0a3993e532e3803c\[kl]" And in there it shows me stuff like this: 15/01/01...
  54. M

    A weird thing happened (Win32/Neshta.A)

    So, I downloaded a file from the internet and i ran it. It was a Setup.exe, with some packed data. After a few seconds, it said that it's an invalid 32bit app. I have a 64bit system BTW. After that, in the same folder, there was a file called setup.exe.vir (or similar), and it didn't have an...
  55. J

    restore registry for webcam

    After reading about security concerns over webcams I uninstalled the Crystal eye webcam on my Acer Aspire 5745G laptop. And very carefully following the instructions I also edited the registry. How do I restore the registry to restore the web cam on my laptop. Would appreciate any help.
  56. Royvds

    Registry key remover program tutorial?

    Does anyone knows how to make a program that can remove registery keys? Or have a tutorial on it somewhere on the web? i can't find one :(
  57. V

    BSoD registry error when computer is idle

    About 2 months ago I got a new laptop for gaming (Lenovo Y50-70 Touch) and hadn't had any problems with it until about a week ago when I got Borderlands: The Pre Sequel on Steam. The game installed incorrectly twice so I wanted to make sure there wasn't something wrong on my end and launched...
  58. P

    In desperate need of help after using CC cleaner

    Hi, So tonight I used CC cleaner to clean up my registry. However, after using it, i have no sound from my motherboard soundcard (my external works just fine). I tried reinstalling drivers,... Nothing works! Can someone please help me?
  59. kevin0

    Completely uninstall Ashampoo WinOptimizer 11

    I have installed that program and activated it with a registry key to try it. Now i want to completely uninstall it and its related registry or anything else related to this program Is the normal uninstall process will be enough ? Using Win 8.1
  60. G

    Chrome says my program is malware!!??

    For some strange reason chrome and my antivirus think that my application is malware I dont even know what malware is! Please help me! I think it might have somthing to do with the fact that the installer creates a registry key for the rightclick option my program uses? (Root: HKCR; Subkey...