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  1. Jacob McIntosh

    Chrome New Tab page directs me to another page

    So my new tab page in Chrome (latest version) isn't the real new tab page. I know what it is, but how do I get rid of it? I've already checked Program Files (x86), and deleted the program, but it's still there. I also reinstalled Chrome. I'm thinking it's somewhere within Registry Editor?
  2. U

    Damaged registry for CD/DVD reader Code 19

    TSSTcorp cddvdw SU 208bb SCSI cdrom device In device manager: Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19) Windows 7 Toshiba Satellite L-40 laptop How can I fix this? Is it because of a virus? I have...
  3. clutchc

    Win Zip Registry Optimizer

    Has anyone used this program? I'm thinking of trying it out. I ran CCleaner and then ran WZRO. It found 547 more items that needed attention. But is it maybe too thorough?
  4. Roadsguy

    Surface Jailbreak not working - Missing registry key?

    I downloaded the Jailbreak tool and Win86emu onto my Surface RT. I extracted runExploit.bat and the other files to my desktop and ran it, pressing R when prompted. Instead of working, the window says: ERROR: The system was unable to find the specified registry key or value. Waiting for uptime...
  5. viveknayyar007

    Clean Windows Registry Using BitDefender Total Security

    As the name of the application suggests, BitDefender Total Security is a complete security tool for your computer. When talking about the security of a computer, it does not only mean protection against viruses or intrusions, but it also means that all your system files remain protected from...
  6. G

    How do I clean my registry?

    There are plenty free programs in the web for cleaning up your registry. Programs like : ccleaner,Wise Registry Cleaner. I prefer these two because they are user friendly and light. For the tutorial I will be using ccleaner then wise reg cleaner. 1.) Download ccleaner from the official site...
  7. V

    Diagnosis and repair found 1 root cause registry is corrupt how can I fix it

    Start up repair found 1 root cause the registry is corrupt on my toshiba satellite laptop how can I fix it won't let me try any of f8 option just takes me back to start up repair screen help please
  8. viveknayyar007

    Cannot Uninstall Application - No 'Uninstall' Button is Displayed

    When we have to remove any software or game from our system, we do not simply delete the files or folders, such a deletion will not remove it completely from the system because of its registry entries created in the system. Deleting the files and folders from the location where it is copied...
  9. MikeyJones

    Remove Adobe Flash Player Update Service from Registry

    I have tried to remove the Key AdobeFlashPlayerUpdateService because it refers to a Legacy product which shipped with the system (11.6.r602 and it will not update (problem caused the application to stop working correctly.) and the Microsoft Windows popup continues to annoy me. Two Keys relate to...
  10. R

    I can't burn cd's in itunes

    what does The registry settings used by the iTunes drivers for importing and burning CDs and DVDs are missing mean.
  11. B

    Utility to find out what and where to install programs

    There are options in XP/Win7 to determine the status of the system before and after sw installation - snapshot registry or uninstall programs to track changes. Many times setup does not install only the folder c:\program files\program\... but also to other: windows, users, program data, and I do...
  12. D

    Windows 7 won't boot in normal mode (Black screen with movable curser after windows logo)

    So I built a new PC a couple of days ago, and everything has been running fine until recently. It started with my PC hanging on a blackscreen upon booting up. I believe it had something to do with a registry clean that I performed with CCleaner early.. After restoring my registry from a backup...
  13. R

    Can I use windows reg edit to get rid of nvidia optimus?

    I got a new laptop with a 780 and i hear optimus is built into the registry.
  14. D

    What is the Best Registry Optimizer?

    I am wondering what the best Registry Optimizer is. Some people say that it is better to leave the registry alone and others say that having a registry optimizer is vitally important. What are your opinions?
  15. B

    Plz help Acer Aspire One ,wont go any further than Setup is starting services

    My acer laptop is stuck on set up is starting and I tried this 1) On the same error screen press SHIFT+F10 and it will open up a black Window. (a command prompt window) 2) In the black windows type the word "regedit"(without the inverted commas and hit enter. That will open the registry...
  16. M

    MS-Office License Key Location in Registry

    I've got a friend who's laptop's HDD is failing, to the point where it cannot load Windows, even in Safe Mode (it repeatedly blue screens after the Windows Home Premium logo comes up). I was able to copy most of her data to my PC by putting her HDD in a disk cradle/caddy (took 8 hours for 150...
  17. A

    Asus K53SV notebook Registry and Stability Issues

    Hi, My Asus K53SV notebook is acting slow after a reformat, I downloaded what drivers I needed from the Asus driver page, but I seem to have Registry Issues, Start-up issues, and PC stabily issues. I used "Advanced Diagnosis" from Advanced System Care and it detected all of these issues, but I...
  18. M

    Acer Aspire 5733z- 4851 Err Msg: Setup is starting services

    Hello, i tried the solution shown below by ghosttgirl1994 without success. Any further options? 1) On the same error screen press SHIFT+F10 and it will open up a black Window. (a command prompt window) 2) In the black windows type the word "regedit"(without the inverted commas and hit enter...
  19. M

    Fixing Registry Errors on my HP Laptop

    Hello, How can I fix the registry errors that slows down my HP Pavilion dv7-3183cl Laptop
  20. M

    Fixing Registry Errors on my HP Laptop

    Hello, How can I fix the registry errors that slows down my HP Pavilion dv7-3183cl Laptop
  21. G

    Registry Files still there after Windows 7 reinstalled

    I installed an application that did not have an uninstaller with it. This meant that I could only delete the folder leaving the Registry files behind. I decided instead to re-install Windows, but the Registry files still seem to be there. Is there any way of getting rid of them?
  22. K

    WinZip Registry Optimizer? Questions

    I downloaded bitTorrent and WinZip Registry Optimizer 2.0 came with it. I've used winzip before so i trust the name but i was just wondering is it a good idea to clean/optimize my registry files or whatever its called? I clicked "Scan registry" and it says there is 226 registry error and my...
  23. H

    How is this Registry Program?

    Is this one worth the 30 dollars?
  24. S

    I have purchased pcperformer, given the fact that it has detected registry error

    I have purchased pcperformer vide your order # 66311686, and yet detected registry errors haven't been fixed, why? if this isn't fixed asap, I will have to recall my payment and delete this app off my system
  25. voodooking

    Your opinion on the best registry cleaner.

    Should people even be using registry cleaners? That's a great question. For a very experienced user I am thinking the word is no. I am not there yet. I value many opinions that I get here on Tom's and would like to know which registry cleaner you guys use or think is best. Also I am a loud...
  26. Z

    How to transfer individual programs from one hard drive to another?

    How can I transfer a program if I do not have the original install disks? I cannot just copy the program because the files are all over the registry and such and simply copying it will not work.
  27. L

    Feedback on CCleaner please

    I have been looking into something that can help me keep my registry cleaned up and someone recommended this program. I thought I would ask first before I leaped into something new since I've gotten some very good feedback from this forum. CCleaner Thanks in advance...Marci
  28. S

    Problem Laptop

    Halo, bagaimana Cara mengatasi masalah Registry kesalahan Dan Privasi keamanan ADA Masalah ....?
  29. JMcEntegart

    CA Donor Registry Sees 5000% Boost Thanks to Facebook

    Facebook's new feature already having an impact on donor registries. CA Donor Registry Sees 5000% Boost Thanks to Facebook : Read more
  30. H


    Hey, Just want to know what the best free utility is out there? I have been using iobits advanced system care..... it just feels like it does not do the job. So is there any software that does the same thing only better?
  31. A

    Microsoft Office Error 1713

    Error 1713 appeared while installing Microsoft office: Error: "MSI_package_name cannot install one of its required products I Repaired registry errors, changed change the product installation disc but still error 1713 appears.. Help please,
  32. C

    Realtek high definition audio windows vista registry?

    realtek high definition audio windows vista registry? where is this located so I can fix my voice to come out of the speakers when I sing? I want to hear me sing out of the speakers? the sound works fine but the microphone does not work for hearing my voice
  33. T


    Hello, I am looking for a RELIABLE application to scan for orphaned files and registry after uninstall.
  34. Misterkatze

    Could you recommend a good registry fixer/cleaner?

    Could you recommend a good registry fixer/cleaner? I'm using Iobit at the moment. Thank you
  35. seogoat

    Essential Tip for Extra Security

    * Keep a registry backup from when your system was completely clean. Then you can remove most infiltrations just by restoring that version of the registry, simples. I have removed several infiltrations this way, and my system security would not detect them!
  36. P

    Java launcher error

    Hello, i have installed JDK 1.7 to the win 7 64 bit, after i installed the Java launcher to convert the java o/p to .exe format, but when i run the java launcher, it say " it cannot found the info of system registry of JDK "
  37. F

    Mouse driver error code 19

    windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information in the registry is incomplete or damaged code 19 plz help me iam unable to solve this problem fawad khan
  38. B

    Corrupted registry file

    I have a laptop with this error: registry file failure systemroot/system32/config/software. The laptop also doesn't have a functional DVD/CD drive. Is there anyway to repair the corrupted file without a functional dvd/cd drive? I would really appreciate any advice. Thanks. Brandon
  39. exfileme

    McAfee Will Make .XXX Sites Bug Free

    Put away those virtual condoms, as ICM Registry has scored a deal with McAfee to incorporate free malware scanning on all websites listed in the .XXX domain. McAfee Will Make .XXX Sites Bug Free : Read more
  40. G

    Write protect your computer

    Hello,how do i protect the contents of my computer from being deleted using the registry?
  41. Ajeeshreloaded

    Administrator Privilege/ Access Denied

    I am Using Folder Security Personal 4.1 and it's blocking the registry values without allowing us to install, uninstall and update any software's and the error will occur. So if u disable the protection then u can do all these things effectively but when u restart your computer it goes to the...
  42. G

    Blackberry7290 error

    Hello, I keep getting this error message on my blackberry 7290; can anyone help me with it. the message is: Uncaught exception: Application Registry.getOrWaitFor(0*741435135c403df7)owner died Thread[Thread-89604096,5]
  43. marianne72

    Dell inspiron 6000 issues...

    Hi all :hello: , My Dell laptop is having all sorts of issues. The most dire appears to to be the "Stop c0000218 {Registry File Failure} The Registry Cannot Load Hive (File): \SystemRoot\System32\Config\DEFAULT" message I get whenever I try to boot up. I've gone through fixes I found online...
  44. D

    Registry Cleaners

    I would like to know which is the best registry cleaner and if they are safe to use. I have read several articles about registry cleaners and there seems to be alot of disagreement about their safety. Even in the forums on this site their seems to be alot of disagreement about their safety...
  45. exfileme

    Windows Phone 7 Mass Storage Mode Revealed

    A simple registry edit turns your WP7 device into a USB drive. Windows Phone 7 Mass Storage Mode Revealed : Read more
  46. E

    Program to keep track of everything modified during an installation?

    Hi all! I am reinstalling windows and I would like to keep track of EVERYTHING (folders, registry, files, etc) modified during the installation of a given program, so I can remove the program entirely when I don't want it anymore, like if I had never installed it. Even better if the programs...
  47. D

    Voyetra\Setup registry key for Record Producer Deluxe

    Due to a system crash I've had to reinstall XP and reinstall my apps. My data is safe. Due to the fact that Voyetra/Turtle Beach no longer supports Record Producer Deluxe I am not able to complete the install. The last step is online registration with the company. NG. I discovered the...
  48. T

    What is the best Windows Vista/Win7 Optimization program?

    I am looking for the best windows vista/win7 home premium optimization program that will fix/clean registry, possibly be an improved defragmenter, general system cleanup and any other optimizations available. thanks in advance.
  49. N

    How do you open .key ext files???

    hi guys, I have this one business catalog file, but it's in .key extension. I couldn't open it so searched online, but people are ONLY talking about registry, and telling you to open it with notepad. (tried anyways, and no result that I was supposed to see) mine is not registry file for sure...
  50. brandy30

    Completely free registry cleaners

    Hello, Is there a completely free registry cleaner that I can download, scan and fix my errors?
  51. K

    Best way to uninstall?

    What is the best uninstall program out there right now? I want one that completely removes everything, including all of the registry files.
  52. S

    Hi Newer laptop and registry leak errors 1530 rundll32exe. and more!

    I have a dv7 3065dx couple months old and I,ve had problems using hp support assitant it tries to update but fails but only with certain programs most are hp factory installed programs like lightscribe/hp media smart/etc. When I look in event v. error hp id0 cannot find files c/ program/ hp...
  53. D

    Virus made me mess up my registry please help.

    So I got the Xp total security virus the other day. I found out what process it was and ended and then removed the files associated with it. I also went into my registry to delete traces of it but I think I deleted something I wasn't supposed to. Here are the registry files I tampered with...
  54. G

    Just in time debugging pop up

    Has anyone figured out what causes and/or how to get rid of this annoying popup window? I cannot really tell what triggers it; however, script debugging is disabled and the registry entry is set to 0. Any help is appreciated!
  55. D

    Reference in the registry

    how to remove reference in the registry
  56. mickeddie

    Do registry cleaners really do anything

    I have Ccleaner and use it regularly. But I'm wondering if there is a noticeable difference to system performance when using registry cleaners, and if not are they something that should be used regularly anyway? Thanks!
  57. S

    Portable diag/troubleshooting apps

    When I go onsite to a customers house I bring a few little progs, (ie. AVG, Malwarebytes, Registry Mechanic) for diags and such. I was wondering what are some other essential progs that people find useful?
  58. P

    Registry Cleaners

    Does anyone out there know of a good registry cleaner that can be run via command line or script? Thanks
  59. D

    Registry Easy 5.1

    Hello, I've been a happy user of Registry Easy for years. The latest version, 5.1, which I just purchased, is causing me problems. When I run it, some applications do not work properly - for example Notepad++ will not launch in Firefox and the Run command line is inoperative (IE works fine)...

    Registry Editor for Windows Mobile 6.0

    I just bought a BlackJack II with Windows Mobile 6.0 on it. I want to increase the file size limit (currently 300kb) for ringtones on it. I have read a little about it and I need a registry editor. I was wondering if there was a registry editor for Windows Mobile 6.0 that i could install...