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    Question Can the webcam be enabled by hackers even though it's disabled in the UEFI BIOS?

    I have disabled the webcam in the UEFI Firmware Settings which meant no apps could turn on the webcam. Can hackers still turn on the webcam even though it's disabled in the UEFI Firmware Settings.
  2. M

    hacker using Google Translate IP address , canary token triggered

    I use Canary Tokens on my work computer which sends me alerts by email if anyone hacks my system and attempts to open or upload files. My work is engineering design so i have alot of Intellectual Property on the comp. 6 hours ago i got an email stating there was a hacker inside my system who...
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    Solved! be hacker free on android

    Get rid of hacker on my android ph
  4. C

    Need t get hacker off my phone

    3rd party on my phone need to get them off and keep them off
  5. L

    Modem hacker help

    Ihave a hacker who has been able to come into our home network through our modem. They are able to change the passwork and firewall settings. THIS PERSON is only 20 hops away according to one of the spy programs. CAN ANYONE HELP. HE locked up one computer before i could put passwords on the...
  6. P

    Hack Problem (Android)

    How i can permanently kick out the hackers from my phone, i did factory reset twice, but still the hacker still can see and sometimes can even move some of the apps within my phone. anyone please help me on this.
  7. G

    21 Million Exposed in Timehop Data Breach: What to Do Now

    A data breach has put 21 million users of the Timehop mobile app at risk -- but don't panic. 21 Million Exposed in Timehop Data Breach: What to Do Now : Read more
  8. Y

    DNS changes to hacker's specified DNS (android)

    I have little knowledge about tech related stuff but what I knew from my experience is that hacker's DNS's which are pri: , sec: made possible for anyone can remotely view my phone just like using "Remote Desktop Viewer" software. I had used following methods to...
  9. P

    Worried I’m being spied on

    Is it possible for a hacker to access webcam footage from the past, and not the present. If so how difficult would that be? What information would be required
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    Mobile legend diamond

    How to get diamond mobile legends? At codashop
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    how to found out my mobile hacker details.

    how to find out my mobile hacker details.
  12. F

    Is my mom safe from hackers?

    Hello, computer geniuses. My mom made a forum post a day ago and it displayed a IP address under her post. As seen in the picture below. Removed Is that our IP address and how dangerous is it to give away your IP address to strangers?
  13. A

    Solved! What about my mobile numbers of me and my family, friends which the hacker knows

    What about my mobile numbers of me and my family, friends which the hacker knows. Won't he still not get back after reinstalling windows and changing IP address
  14. M

    get my page back from hacker

    my ssid is unavailable in settings and my phone is saying no service..also its locked and jailbroken
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    Solved! Can a hacker spy on deleted files in my smartphone?

    hello. i deleted some videos on my phone (android 5) .Now my question is can a hacker recover my videos and are he interested in personal deleted files?
  16. D

    Have you heard of this "DJHARTLEY" hacker group virus?

    Our network has been compromised multiple times. Some of the information gleaned from a computer forensic person was that this name keeps coming up in some of the data. (I am not a big tech person, apologies) We get a new pc, it works fine, then it goes downhill. We have not installed anything...
  17. Z

    Can anyone explain this?!

    Hi guys! I've been suffering from this strange problem and its bugging me a lot. when i log into face book through my browser, specifically chrome. This SAME number always appears? I'm having a hunch this person who uses this number is hacking my phone or tracking me? I do not know what to do...
  18. B

    Can the hacker recover my deleted files by spy virus

    i have take some pictures from my android phone and deleted the same day Now im scared that the hacker can recover it by using some hacking software
  19. V

    How to take battery out of my Google pixal

    Hacker hacked my phone. My phone won't charge
  20. A

    how to lock my account hacker phone

    My acc login to another user.his ph is Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro is not my use phone.My phone is SS J7+ i location is Burma(myanmar)Kyondoe Kayin State.his location is Burma Yangon myanmar.I'll be lock for his phone.plz help me. This is my gmail. [don't post your email address on the forum] Help me
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    Serial number and mac adress Security

    want to learn that can any hacker find my ip or remote my mac if he or she knows my laptop’s serial number and mac (media access control) adress. Are these 2 informations suitable for determining the ip adress and search the device And if an hacker knows my ip adress how can i understand the...
  22. C

    I just need some answers on how to remove a hacker from my home with my kids

    Alright now i know i sound crazy but i am so hacked i just purchased my dream machine for gaming and it was alot of pennies to pinch but i went to set it up was just going to use my hard drive from my older comp and use the windows also well long to short on that windows said no i bough cheap...
  23. G

    How to remove a hacker from my system

    How do I remove a hacker from my system that I allowed remote access thinking he was Microsoft partner and now money is missing from my bank account and Loans have been attempted to be applied for an hour name in a place that we do not live and they have been denied so far but money has...
  24. F

    Heart Soul Life

    I'm trying to remove a hacker from MY ANDIROID PHONE.
  25. E

    As a political activist, I have had a government hacker for 18 months, using every trick in the book since I became Dr. Ben Ca

    Need Desktop Recovery key code for a MacBookPro laptop
  26. B

    How do I get rid of a porn hacker?

    I had an issue with my nephew playing on my phone and looking up porn sites. Now I believe someone has hacked my camera. Every now and again my Snapchat screen comes on and it is ready to take a snap? What is going on?
  27. D

    so i have a black knight hacker that has hacked into one of my games on my phone and they wont leave me alone. how would i be

    So i have a black knight hacker that hacked into my phone and into my game on it. And they wont leave me alone. So how can i get rid of them fast
  28. J

    Solved! Hacking a hacker

    My Moto has been hacked and I need to know how I can get rid of the hacking apps?
  29. 6

    Need an smartphone expert!

    Help fast! I have an ALCATEL Android, personally I haven't seen this kind of smartphones in CA.. however this phone was sent to me (currently live in MEX) and randomly sh*t started happening such as data usage going over the roof, trouble on outgoing or incoming calls, hear people through the...
  30. O

    How can I get my page back from a hacker?

    My account @ogcourt was hacked yesterday because the hacker said she will gift me 24k and she changed my password and email and I don't know how to get back in. Please help me ...
  31. kol12

    Is anybody familiar with the program Process Hacker 2?

    I'm interested in using the program and Virustotal.com has a detection rate of 4/56. Does anyone use it and are the detection's known to be false positives?
  32. watrhous

    System Restore VS Remote Hacker Software

    This lady was victim of a tech support scammer who she allowed to remote in and do God knows what to her computer. I was thinking of just syster restore to a few days before he did it, will this ensure any backdoors (or other exploits/changes) would be removed for him to come back later? Or...
  33. Q

    FB Session Expired

    I got an message on my FB page indicating "session expired" then I was locked out. When I tried to put in my password I was immediately notified my account was disabled with no corresponding email notifications. I go through the 'Forgot Password' process too with say notification of my account...
  34. C

    Chrome Tab Opens Randomly!

    Alright, so for the past 5-6 hours, I've been trying to figure this out, AND fix it. Yesterday, I was attempting to install a game crack from a Russian website, but I had to rush it due to me being busy and I accidentally clicked something I did not comprehend but could not check. After that, I...
  35. S

    Programs Opening Randomly and Destop Icons Re-arranged

    Hello, I was using my laptop earlier in the day, and I left it alone, on with a program running (Wot ). A couple of hours later, I remember it and went back to it. What I then saw suprised me. All the icons on my desktop were arranged in a different pattern then I left them in. Also, a lot of...
  36. T

    hacker on win 10

    have ethernet. cant get rid of hacker for a yr now. help. did restore. everything.
  37. R

    how do you get rid of a porn hacker

    whenever I go to google it says someone is trying to steal your account and information
  38. Vlad1156

    Iphone 6splus being monitored?

    Hello guys I need some help.My uncle monitorized everything i did and he told me he can hear and acces camera,photos etc only while i uze wifi or data mobile.I didn t trust him at beggining but after he told me everything i did in these days and where i go...i trusted him.He said he put a...
  39. V

    "Browsers" Text Document in my "C:\ProgramData" folder has all my saved passwords.

    So i was going though all my folders today to clean up my hard drive, and when i went into "C:\ProgramData" there was a text document called "Browsers" and it has all the passwords, user names, and a "Password Strength". It's pretty much just a list of all the passwords i've saved with any...
  40. S

    My apps won't open. What do I do? (ASUS G751JY 17-Inch)

    I was using my pc normally then the next day my computer won't open any apps is not any hacker because I use Avast antivirus and not any virus. My computer is ASUS G751JY 17-Inch Gaming Laptop [2014 model].
  41. M

    how to know if iam hacked ?

    is there any way to know that even it was a professional hacker ?
  42. S

    YAHOO EMAIL HACKED through Dropbox hoax email

    Hi! earlier i received an email informing someone shared a file with me on dropbox. I opened it and it asked for my email and pw. I really thought this was normal since I wasn't logged into my dropbox account. anyway, I asked for a phone number and alternate email so I gave an old unused...
  43. M

    I just got called by a hacker/scammer trying to steal my hotmail account

    This guy calls me from a RESTRICTED number, he says his name is "Vat" from "Hotmail" (First flag, he should have said that he's from Microsoft or Outlook department). He says that he's from the insurance department and he noticed some unusual activity, multiple logins (he said around 19) onto my...
  44. S

    help I've been hacked

    Tell me how to stop a remote hacker
  45. A

    something is still wrong with my system

    how does a hacker (or whoever) find me all the time? my isp cridentials are simple stuff for me to remember. but some how the hacker or whoever finds out my cridentials. i went into my "remote assistamce" window and unticked the box for "allow remote assistance". i thought it would be the end of...
  46. W

    PLEASE HELP! I think I was DDoSed?

    It was while playing a game of csgo. I got disconnected from everything. My router was blinking like crazy, unplugged and replugged it several times. For around 30,45mins NOTHING worked. I decided to change my IP address, but I didnt do it by signing in the router, i did it by settings on my...
  47. L

    remove hacker from my system

    app to remove hacker from my system
  48. W

    Open connections to REMOTE ADDRESS vcom.com

    My Process Hacker shows some apps to a REMOTE ADDRESS vcom.com. I couldn't find ANYTHING about this address, except some mentions of Fix-It-Utilities, a crappy tool that I recently uninstalled. The website itself doesn't seem to work. Attached a screenshot. Any thoughts?
  49. N

    Where Do i Start?

    Hello i am 14 years old and i really want to program/code i want to be a programmer and a software engineer,and a mechanical engineer (to make tech) i just want to know where do i start Also im Very fascinated And interested in Future tech, Not just the tech. i am building my own pc this...
  50. C

    Devices Infected and IPs

    This is rewlly stupid I guess but can a hacker with an ip adress (external) go through your devices? Aka infect them and add some rootkit?
  51. J

    Computer Security Breched

    My sisters Wifi-Network was compromised by a hacker. I believe the hacker got through from the WPS (Wifi Protected Setup) because he continued to connect to the network despite router/WIFI password changes and even only allowing specific Mac Address's to connect. Regardless of how he got in, we...
  52. C

    How to get rid of a rat fast

    I got ratted and im wondering how i can remove the rat fast so the hacker doesnt get to do anything
  53. J

    All drives encrypted with BitLocker

    My computer was compromised last night, all my drives were encrypted using BitLocker and a notepad file left on my desktop demanding 1btc payment for access to be restored. Before I go about formatting the drives and starting again, can anyone advise if there is any work around at all for...
  54. D

    Camara Turns On Alone

    Hi, I know there are several post like this one in this forum, but I couldn't find a fix in them. My webcam turns on alone, randomly while using it or right after booting and the laptop connects to internet. I own a Lenovo Y400. How I suspect I got infected? I disabled Windows Smartscreen and...
  55. R

    my mac to remove hacker

    how do i get rid of someone who connected to my mac
  56. J

    Operating system on pc

    I want to put os x on a computer. I have two choices, the Dell inspirion 15 3000 series 703270, or the Hp x2 tablet pc 10-k010nr. I already talked to Hp support, and they said the hp tablet pc is designed like a regular pc so it can have bios access, run the same version of os as a regular pc...
  57. Q

    Is my pc being monitored?

    this might sound stupid but i get the feeling that my pc might be monitored by someone (maybe a hacker) for a couple of months now my computer doesn't go into sleep mode, which it used to do in the past whenever i just leave it for 15 minutes i though maybe i changed it somehow, but i didn't...
  58. M

    Can't log IN

    hay i just entered 4shared page , clicked log in entered my user name and pass and I did not pushed LOG IN button right away just after 2 minutes ( I got distracted by something else ), while the pass was there in that square , and I can t enter no more it says invalid pass or user name , can...
  59. W

    How can a hacker get into an e-mail without knowing my password?

    Hello everybody! May i ask, how can somebody get into my e-mail and Guild Wars 2 account (btw it is a Hungarian mail provider - indamail.hu) without knowing my password? I found my Guild Wars 2 password recovery mails open, when i wasn't logged in. They got into my GW2 account as well, but they...