I just got called by a hacker/scammer trying to steal my hotmail account


Mar 2, 2012
This guy calls me from a RESTRICTED number, he says his name is "Vat" from "Hotmail" (First flag, he should have said that he's from Microsoft or Outlook department). He says that he's from the insurance department and he noticed some unusual activity, multiple logins (he said around 19) onto my hotmail from Georgia. I say that I have not been to Georgia, he says that he will send an SMS message to my phone and I have to tell him the code (second flag) to verify that I'm the account owner. This guy expects me to believe this crap and tell him the reset code. I told him to go **** himself and hung up.

Also, a few hours ago, I got an e-mail from Amazon that someone requested for a password reset, so I'm 100% that this is related.

I checked my successful logins, it did say 19 successful logins, but not from Georgia. How did this guy get my number, email, and the numbers of login attempts...?

God damnit, now I regret hanging up the phone, I wanted to record the call and **** around with him a bit. I live in a state that doesn't require all party to consent to allow the recording.


Aug 29, 2011
He was not only trying to steal your e-mail account, he's probably trying to steal your identity and may have already gained access to your email account since a) an amazon reset code would be sent to your email, b) to know the number of logins or attempts he'd need to access your email, c) he may have found your phone number in one of your emails, or maybe from some acquaintance's email or may know your full name and location and ultimately your phone number from browsing through your emails (*)... also many programs carry potentially unwanted programs piggy-backing on them that can steal personal information. So, the means to get your personal information are quite a few for a cybercriminal.

It would be wise to change all your passwords, and scan your computer for bugs and hacking tools to protect your private information, credit and banking information as well as those of your family, friends and acquaintances whose names may be found in your computer or emails.

Go through a few tips on online security.

(*City Phonebook, online phonebook, online location search, Reverse Lookup search, etc.)


Mar 2, 2012

What the hell... how have I not heard of something this major yet?!



We were getting many such calls over the years and I did spend time messing with those folks. However, that just ended up being a big flag that my telephone number was being answered and the calls grew in number.

I "signed up" via Nomorobo (free) and the calls have dimished to just a couple per day but they do tend to come in spikes sometimes.

Nomorobo blocks telephone numbers associated with scams and telemarketers. One ring and done. Even the kids all now yell "blocked" when the phone rings only once.

FCC sponsored solution to nuisance calls. Very much worth looking into if your phone company or ISP supports it. Easy to check and I found that I could accomplish the setup via an iPad despite not being directly supported via Comcast/Xfinity at that time.


Because it's supposedly a single hacker and the guy did only ask for less than a dollar and liking his social media pages. As long as you have 2 step verification, they couldn't even get into your accounts.

Paul Wagenseil

Senior Editor
Apr 11, 2014
Have you contacted Hotmail directly to notify its admins of what happened? It could be that this guy calling you was the real deal. After all, it doesn't sound like you actually gave him any information, and your account got hijacked anyway.
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