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  1. M

    Solved! how can i write the at sign on my asus c202 chrome

    cant write the at button. its on the same button as 2 and " which i can write but not the at.... Mod edit: Please don't post your email.
  2. J

    Solved! Looking for contacts

    Have old phone numbers but not account info like Outlook or hotmail
  3. W

    Old mobile number expired - no longer have access to hotmail account.

    Hi I have a hotmail account that is blocked. my old mobile number with 3 has expired because i was abroad too long now I cant access the account because the verification cannot be received I have tried the other options - no luck what can be done here at the moment ??
  4. C

    Email adress won't send new emails.

    Hello everyone, Today i bought a new pc for my grandma, after setting everything up (including her email) i thougt everything was working, however: i can recieve emails, i can reply to them but when i try to send a new email it won't show up in the reciever's inbox. at least not when i send...
  5. H

    sync Outlook 2007 and Hotmail pop3

    Good morning, I have several email accounts for business and personal emails. Syncing Gmail and my website to Outlook 2007 was actually easy. Hotmail is entirely different. It seems the issue comes down to the Outgoing and Incoming Mail Servers. There are numerous different suggestions or...
  6. D

    I'm locked out of all my email accounts

    I'm locked out of all my email accounts. All of them have the wrong phone number. How do I contact google, yahoo and Hotmail? I need my contacts.
  7. M

    Web browser for

    I'm just what you might call a basic user. I have been using Hotmail as my Email since the 90's. I have moved through several Windows version and have now arrived at W10. My Hotmail has changed quite a few times and now it's called Outlook Mail. I go along with these things because I all I...
  8. D

    How to reset myspace account password if their reset password email never arrives to my hotmail account?

    I've been hearing that it would be prudent to delete someone's old myspace account due to lack of security at that service. So I went to myspace dot com and requested their password reset to my email. It said that the email was sent to me and suggested to check my spam folder. I did ... but...
  9. J

    My emails on normal haven't updated since 30 December. On my Toshiba laptop how do I update

    Toshiba emails do not update.
  10. L

    I cannot open emails in Hotmail

    For the past week or so I have been unable to open my emails. The following error message appears; Your request cannot be completed right now, please try again later. Any help or advice would be grately appreciated.
  11. moulderhere

    Gmail and Hotmail account access when loved one passes away.

    So I feel my question was closed. Let me try this again, word it better... Does anybody have any idea what Google and Hotmail's contact information for who to speak with about family member access a deceased loved ones email account. I don't mean to piss anybody off here. Just an honest...
  12. M

    I just got called by a hacker/scammer trying to steal my hotmail account

    This guy calls me from a RESTRICTED number, he says his name is "Vat" from "Hotmail" (First flag, he should have said that he's from Microsoft or Outlook department). He says that he's from the insurance department and he noticed some unusual activity, multiple logins (he said around 19) onto my...
  13. ChaoticWolf

    Can't sign in to Hotmail

    This is really starting to ignore me and it's been going on forever. I have 2 accounts for hotmail (aka outlook) and my first account signs in perfectly. My second account, on the other hand always has trouble signing in. Here's what it says when I attempt to sign in with that second account...
  14. I

    Lost my notepad file

    Dear all, I was working in a notepad file that I downloaded from my Hotmail account. I followed these steps: clicked file | download | open When I was done for the day, I wasn't thinking clearly and only pressed 'save' and closed the file. I know IE should store files like these in a content.IE...
  15. B

    Ads in hotmail written in mail address, topic and mail itself

    Hi guys. Here is a problem. Just got a call from my dad and he was complaining 'bout some strange lines and words in his hotmail. So I'd jumped to teamviewer just to find out there is some kind of mess happening. Ads were inserted in senders mail address, topics, even in a body on mails OR...
  16. O

    I got an E-mail with the tagline "You won't sleep again"

    I got sent am email from whom I don't know AT ALL) with the tagline "you won't sleep again". Hotmail(the site I use) also had an "hotmail error code" at the bottom of the screen, which I haven't seen before now. Attachments, pictures, and links were blocked by hotmail "for...
  17. Luciferi666

    how to encrypt email storage and when sending mail, and encrypting cloud type storage data?

    how do i encrypt outlook, hotmail and gmail stored on my accounts and also when sending emails? Also want to encrypt onedrive storage & google drive storage and other cloud type storage. Im using HP envy 64 bit laptop with windows 8.1. thanks
  18. Wing0

    How to email hotmail?

    This sounds like a dumb question but I got locked out of 3 accounts, my yahoo, steam, and hotmail. My back up email for hotmail is yahoo and vice versa. I contacted yahoo through their ticket system, but they ask to give my alternate email address, which is hotmail. So I ask them to email me at...
  19. A

    Can't send emails

    Whenever I try to send a hotmail email now, I get an error message 0x80004004 and the Windows Live box pops up saying 'unable to send or receive emails for this Hotmail account' still receiving new emails though. Alison [Moderator edit: OS = Windows 7]
  20. Rayven2

    Deleting Email Account

    So, what do I need to know about deleting a email account? I'm no longer happy with Hotmail/Outlook for various reasons that I could go into. I want to know which steps I need to take, for example, it's the email that's linked to all my accounts, Facebook, TomsHardware, Xbox account and so...
  21. A

    how can i open my blocked hotmail account...?

    My Hotmail account is my home page. Now Internet Explorer says it can't open it. I have not ever had a Microsoft Account but now since they are changing Hotmail I think I need one. When I go there, they asked for my password for Hotmail. I never used a password except to open up my computer and...
  22. L

    Having problems with Skype, help me please !

    As I mentioned in the title, I have a problem with Skype. Basically, there's no option for logging in with my hotmail adress. The skype interface is the old one. Tried installing again from the official site but still... And the problem is, I often format my pc and this problem occures...
  23. P

    Is it possible to send message from email account to someones facebook acconut?

    Can I send message from my hotmail account to someones facebook account if I haven't his email adress?
  24. Rayven2

    Help me choose a email service.

    Hello everyone, Now I want a email account that's separated from any Microsoft based services, Hotmail, Outlook etc. Perhaps as some others I hate the fact that they try make you bind an old account to a new email address or even give your personal mobile number just to create a account...
  25. I

    Hotmail home wi-fi security leak

    Hi I would like to ask you for advise regarding leaked e-mails. I exchanged few emails with my friend, we both have Hotmail account, she was writing them from Nokia WP 8.1, connected to home wifi. Next day later we found out that these e-mails were sent to someone who also lives in the...
  26. F

    Not able to use hotmail or outlook

    Hello guys and a happy new year I have a problem while I'm trying to enter Hotmail or outlook just from my pc from any browser. I can access Hotmail from the other computers that are connected to my network the problem is just my computer. Firefox message: What to do guys?? I tried disabling...
  27. A

    chrome suddenly cannot load for most sites

    Hi. I am on win 8.1 and chrome 39. Everything was fine until this morning when most sites could not load. Only yahoo, hotmail, gmail, google could load with no problems. Does anyone have the same problem? Thanks.
  28. R

    have to use google now?

    About 3 weeks ago, I found that I could not access my hotmail account through IE or Outlook; only able to get to it through google now. It happened in the middle of the day. One minute I able to access it through my favorites list, then 1/2 an hour later, only through google. What's...
  29. J

    Not receiving emails to my primary hotmail address anymore....

    I have (had) a default address that I set up the account with, and then some years later assigned another hotmail account alias to feed into the same inbox. All outgoing mail goes from the default address. BUT now I no longer receive any emails, organic or replies, that are addressed...
  30. K

    i tried signing in to my hotmail and was asked to verify my account so i used my gmail but havnt received anything.3 times i t

    Ive been asked by hotmail to verify my account but havnt received any code to my gmail account.Tried emailing them 3 times and exceeded my limit.Pulling my hair out.
  31. taha2001

    Gmail vs Outlook or Hotmail!!

    Hi guys!! So i got this question , that can i connect outlook account to youtube and can windows 8 be operated by a gmail account , currently i have a hotmail account, now i watch youtube alot about tech , people like AUSTIn and LINUS and more u know.. So i have no problem switching to gmail ...
  32. G

    How to get notification of new mail's? (hotmail/outlook)

    I don't use skype that dosn't give me notification when i get a new mail, i use emesene, when i click on the email icon i go to my hotmail's which is merged with outlook windows 8 style. I use windows 7 64 bit My problem is i don't get notification of new email anymore (don't want a sound) the...
  33. SpaceGhost92

    Email setup help cell phone

    I am trying to setup an email on my phone, it's already existent, but the phone only has hotmail and gmail and stuff like that, Hotmail doesn't exist for Microsoft anymore. When I put outlook all kinds of questions follow that I don't know the answer to like its a business email or something...
  34. Neeliyo

    Skype Account Difficulties

    Hey I am trying to make a new Skype account and every time I try to register it ask me for a Hotmail email and signs me in with that. I want to be able to log in with a Skype account and not my email. Any help is appreciated.
  35. L

    hotmail account locker

    how to reopen my hotmail account
  36. R

    opening my hotmail account

    i am opening my hotmail account from nepal after three year but unable to do so.what should i do for that
  37. S

    Hacked hotmail account

    Our tv hotmail hacked I feel suspecious actvity on my pc I changed my emailpass word and alternative email after 5 hours i lost my hotmail We are avictm of ahacker he made youtubevideo to show his skill Canyou help us
  38. F

    i forget my password so i entered my hotmail more password then it blocked what can i do

    how can i get back my hotmail acoount after forgeting pasword
  39. S

    Backup Outlook 2010

    Do I need to backup outlook 2010 when it is only connected to my hotmail account? I am planning on formatting my computer but I am of the thought that all my contacts are saved on a MS server somewhere. Is that correct or must I back up the .ost/.pst files?
  40. S

    How do I open my blocked Hotmail account?

    Hallo, i forgot my password so i was trying to enter my email by using other passwords, i failed but my account had been blocked. i want to enter my account, please help me to open it,
  41. exfileme

    Microsoft's No Longer in Preview; Bye Hotmail

    Hotmail users will be upgraded to Outlook by the summer. Microsoft's No Longer in Preview; Bye Hotmail : Read more
  42. J

    Blocked Hotmail account

    Hello, Please my hotmail accound enter into bing in error. Please how do I get out of it.
  43. K

    Help! Contacts issue in Outlook/Hotmail

    Hi, Installed MS Office 2003 (An older, outdated version, I know). I installed the Hotmail connector so I could use a Live address through Outlook. So it took all my contacts OUT of my Windows Live contacts on the Hotmail server and put them in Outlook 03. If I log on to the Windows live...
  44. S

    Team-verificatorprocess@hotmail com

    how do i get my ID
  45. S

    How do I open my blocked Hotmail account?

    Dear Sir, Its Regarding Hotmail & Yahoo Account Issues. 1) My Hotmail & Yahoo Has been Hacked And Secret Questions Has Been Changed By The Hacker. 2) My Hotmail is REDACTED - SS & my yahoo id is REDACTED - SS. 3) My Alternative email for REDACTED - SS is REDACTED - SS. 4) My...
  46. R

    How do I open my blocked Hotmail account?

    How do I open my blocked Hotmail account?
  47. H

    Hotmail account blocked

    no idea if this is the correct place... or even if there is a correct place :/ but my e-mail account has been blocked and according to my dad he had recieved spam e-mails from my adress meaning the account had been compromised and used for spam bot purposes when i try to log in it sends be to...
  48. D

    How do I open my blocked Hotmail account?

    how do i open my hotmail
  49. hell_storm2004

    Unable To Configure Outlook with Hotmail....

    Hi Everyone, I am having some issues setting up Outlook as POP3 for my Hotmail account. I have some issues when setting up the incoming server. I can receive mails but i am not able to send them at all. When i do a test i always get the error: "The server responded: 421 cannot connect to...
  50. S

    How can i open my hotmail account

    hello pleas i request u to help me how can i open my hotmail account that is block tod day so you can send me any information this email
  51. C

    Open My Hotmail Account

    Hello, I was confused & try to open my account w/ a few password until I was notified that my accounts was blocked due to maybe that someone was trying to hacked it. Pls. help me on how to re-open my previous account. Thanks, carmen
  52. C

    How do I open my blocked Hotmail account?

    I have not been able to open my hotmail to read my mail, when I tried to, I got a mess telling me it was blocked for security reason of sort.I tried several ways and every time I went to put my ID in,... my ID from another account that whichI had with yahoo yrs ago was already printed in the...
  53. J

    How do I open my blocked Hotmail account?

    [i]Hello, Re: I have not been able to access my hotmail account since last Friday. Why is it blocked and, how do I take the block off?! Please let me know ASAP. Thank you, Joan
  54. noonin

    Firefox hates logging into Hotmail :-((

    This has been going on for a while (back to Firefox 3.X I believe), but why the heck won't Firefox remember my Windows Live passwords like it offers on almost all other sites? Also, when I log in, it tells me the password I've entered is incorrect, so I type it in a second time, and sometimes a...
  55. I

    To hotmail address book

    i have lost my address book and when i add any address contact shows full memmory dr itrat
  56. H

    Hotmail / WindowsLive log-in "down"?

    Attempting to log on to Hotmail / Windows Live reports that passwords are incorrect... (Or, returns the normal "has had too many incorrect log-ins" message). Though the interesting thing, is that I can't recall Hotmail ever having stated "password is incorrect". It's such a nice thing to...
  57. S

    Hotmail access problems

    Hello, access to my hotmail account suddenly became very unreliable when using my laptop with a Telstra wireless prepaid dongle. This started after I'd received a couple of virus emails from 2 friends, with links which the laptop security prevented me from opening, but I did open the emails...
  58. G

    Microsoft Offers Android Client For Hotmail

    Sometimes, pigs do fly. Or business opportunities just turn the corner and make sense. Microsoft Offers Android Client For Hotmail : Read more
  59. C

    How do I open my blocked Hotmail account?

    Hello, i am carl jovanovich i have had; my mail add; for 10 year's more., i have recently been blocked, mess; said; i entered wrong pass word. i dont beleive i did that. i have opened a new acc; nearly the same as my blocked acc; my blocked e-mail add; is as
  60. G

    Microsoft Cuts Down Spam By 90 Percent

    The company claims that the spam level in Hotmail is just about 2%. The reduction also affected global spam levels to drop by 15% and Microsoft says that Hotmail outbound spam is down 75%. Microsoft Cuts Down Spam By 90 Percent : Read more