Jul 16, 2014
I had this weird unknown.exe I noticed in my task manager today that was using 99% of the cpu. I downloaded this strange torrent yesterday that I suspected was not legit. I'm wondering why defender did not catch this. It catches torrents sometimes before I even have a chance to scan them. Is there anything to worry about after this is removed? I'm not really familiar with what these do other than that they basically needs tons of computing power so they use the cpu in the background on tons of them at once. Would this try to steal any information or screw up the computer?

I also noticed this bjkm.exe which shows it appeared 1 day before the miner. I can't find any info on bjkm.exe.. I found out it was a miner from a Malwarebytes scan. I typically don't leave that running daily because I haven't had any issues in years and I monitor everything daily that is running on the computer.