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    Solved! How can i remove Bitcoin miner ?

    i try using adw cleaner + malwarebytes ( it did show me the files of bitcoin trojan and removed after that restart it still back) and if its bitcoin miner is ON adw cleaner and malwarebyte freeze up + when i try to go use task manager the CPU 50% it go back to cpu: 2-5% , its like hiding from it...
  2. D

    Bitcoin mining, is it worth it?

    So my gaming pc has a 1070 in it and I download nicehash and it's getting 59 cents a day. Lol I have a couple of r9 280x sapphire with a mobo 8g ddr3 750psu and a hdd. Is it worth it to get the old pc up and running as a mining rig? There's also several 280x around my area for about 80 bucks so...
  3. R

    Welcome To me

    hi guys i am new on here.i am so much interested on bitcoin can anyone give me some tips about bitcoin mining?
  4. L

    Discovering bitcoin miner virus

    What is the best program to dicover these viruses? I recenty had 4, discovered with Malwarebytes, I think that my PC is clean (scaned againg with Malwarebytes and Avast free, all clean) but when surfing I got small GPU usage spikes. Is that normal? Picture:
  5. R

    Possible Bitcoin Trojan?

    I recently discovered a possible virus everytime my computer is on startup, it would always open google chrome with a suspicious address xmrmsft.hive.html (I forgot the exact address but it is somewhat like that)] and I would experience very noticable lag, cpu usage cranks up to 100%, if i...
  6. G

    What Is Cryptojacking (and How to Avoid This Coin-Mining Malware)

    Ever see your computer speed up inexplicably when you land on a website? You may have been cryptojacked. What Is Cryptojacking (and How to Avoid This Coin-Mining Malware) : Read more
  7. B

    Lookin for a reliable hardware wallet for my crypto?

    I'm currently using CoolwalletS to store my ether but their app keeps freezing on every transaction, i’m considering nano S but i want something that is easy to carry in my wallet, are there any coldwallets like the CoolwalletS but without all the annoying little bugs?
  8. G

    Apple Boots Cryptocurrency Mining From the iPhone

    Revised app guidelines from Apple mean you won't be able to mine cryptocurrency on your iPhone. Apple Boots Cryptocurrency Mining From the iPhone : Read more
  9. T

    An old Alcoa plant in Upstate New York is going to be converted into one of the world's largest bitcoin mining centers

    Despite bitcoin's price decline this year, a cryptocurrency "mining" company is moving ahead with plans to repurpose a 1,300 acre plot once used by Alcoa for aluminum smelting. Coinmint said Tuesday it would invest up to $700 million in the upstate New York location, which it expects to be the...
  10. B

    Another dumb bitcoin question

    Is the Bitcoin based on anything of value? What I mean is, today's conventional currency is based on gold, silver, platinum, even copper. Some rare earth mineral/ore. What is the Bitcoin's foundation?
  11. A

    Is This Chrome Extension SCAM or LEGIT?

    I came across an extension which is really impressive. But i feel its a scam. [scam link removed] They say you get free bitcoins while using chrome and its also available on chrome store. IS IT TRUE?
  12. S

    Do I have one ???

    I did a thing on the internet some time ago and apparantly got a bit coin for doing it !!! This was many years ago and never understood it !!! How can I find out ???
  13. K

    Solved! How find Bitcoins

    Just answer how do I find if I have bitcoins ? And how do I do it Now
  14. D

    Cryptocurrency Mining on Laptop?

    Hi All I would be keen to learn a little more about crypto mining and was thinking of giving it a crack on my laptop. However, I am a bit of a noob when it comes to mining specs and wasn't really sure if it is worth persuing. I have a MSI GP62M 7RDX Leopard - I know bitcoin is probably out of...
  15. i-am-L

    What does excavator.exe do other than mining?

    I am using NiceHash Miner for mining btc. The AV Cyclance Protect detects excavator as a trojan. On the NiceHash website they clearly mentioned it not being any kind of a virus/malware. Even on the github page of excavator they mention the same. So, I would like to know whether excavator does...
  16. V

    How to identify a bitcoin-miner trojan?

    Hello, i hope this is the right section, today with the raise of bitcoin a particular variant of Trojans starting to appear often which mine bitcoin, ofcourse, the real threat comes with these Trojans injecting themselves into another process, and running very stealthy (not using too much...
  17. G

    What Is Bitcoin? Everything You Need to Know

    You've heard of Bitcoin and blockchain, and maybe you're even thinking of investing. Make sure you read this first. What Is Bitcoin? Everything You Need to Know : Read more
  18. S

    How can I find my bitcoin account

    I put in $100 a d now I can't find my account to see if I'v made any money
  19. D

    bitcoin restore email

    hi im wondering about how can i check if i had any bitcoins in past, by that i mean maybe when bitcoin was nothing i probably got it as reward on some gaming sites or somewhere. IS there anything out there to check my email for registered sites and see is it worth some bitcoin or not? If there...
  20. L

    How to find out if I have a bitcoin?

    I want to find out if I have any bitcoins. How do I do this?
  21. G

    How to Prevent Your Bitcoins from Being Hacked or Stolen

    It's easy to steal Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. How can you protect your holdings? Can you ever get stolen bitcoins back? How to Prevent Your Bitcoins from Being Hacked or Stolen : Read more
  22. S

    how do i find out I bought bitcoin and I dont know where I got it?

    I may have bought bitcoin and I was wondering if I did, how could I find out if Im not sure what site it was?
  23. M

    Should I invest in Bitcoin?

    Is it a good idea to at this time to buy 100 dollars worth of bitcoin?
  24. L

    minimum bitcoin wallet value to be displayed on a website

    hey!!! i am kinda new with mining and i know this isn't the right forum but i am kinda lazy to make another account for another forum. so, i've been mining for 3 hours or so and i made 0.00000968BTC as shown in nicehash (what i use). for the wallet i use triv (an indonesian website) because it...
  25. T

    how can i tell if i ever won or earned any bitcoin

    anyone else in this position? i used to surveys etc and vaguely remember always being paid in what i considered then as 'non-money' - could this have been bitcoin ?
  26. J

    BItcoin mining help

    I'm hitting 77 mh/s is that good? How much would i make in a month?
  27. S

    Is mining profitable in 2017?

    So i was planning to make a mining rig with 5 rx 480's i am kind new to this mining thing but i had done alot of research on it and i think i am ready to jump in the mining pool i am thinking to start with is nice hash miner but is it profitable in 2017? and btw electricity is totally free for...
  28. M

    Can a Bitcoin be stuck in a transaction forever

    Hi all Yesterday I made a Low-priority transaction of roughly 0.003 BTC from my Wallet to my NiceHash wallet I has been more than 12 hours already and the transaction is showing on the receiving end (NiceHash) as pending ever since I made it (Roughly about 10 minutes after I pressed...
  29. S

    what is it?

    Can u explain me in detail what is ethereaum mining.
  30. A

    ZCash Mining Safety

    I was thinking about buying some hardware to start mining ZCash. After looking up tutorials though, I saw that you needed to download some software. So I have multiple questions. 1-Is NanoPool safe? 2-Is NiceHash safe? 3-What wallets are free, safe, and simple? 4-Is it guaranteed? 5-Do...
  31. Deniedstingray

    How does Bitcoin mining work?

    So i have seen posts and articles about bitcoin mining and i am curious. How does it work? Like, what are the computers actually doing to earn money? Makes no sense to me. Can someone explain? :D
  32. G

    Bad virus on computer not being picked up by Avast

    I have a virus called important.exe which is apparantly a bitcoin miner and is chewing up my CPU. It keeps automatically launching even after ending the process in task manager. The file comes up in C:\Users\"name"\AppData\Local\Temp\nhq so when I delete it, it's recreated and I can't find what...
  33. D

    How can I check to see if I have a Bitcoin

    How to see if I have a Bitcoin
  34. T

    obtained bitcoin miner

    I had this weird unknown.exe I noticed in my task manager today that was using 99% of the cpu. I downloaded this strange torrent yesterday that I suspected was not legit. I'm wondering why defender did not catch this. It catches torrents sometimes before I even have a chance to scan them. Is...
  35. M

    Bitcoin wallet problem

    Hi all, I have a problem. I bought 10 euro's for bitcoins. It has given me a Bitcoin address, but I didn't had a wallet before. Also I never found a option to choose your own wallet. Where are my Bitcoins at? I bought them from Happycoins and now I'm using MultiBit as an app. Thanks in advance...
  36. R

    Mining crypto currencys with excess cpu cloak

    Bitcoin/ litecoin ect mining with cpu is inefficient, however I utilise barley any of my cpu in normal pc usage even in power saving. When surfing ect my cpu down-cloaks to .8ghz at this point my usage barley exceeds 10% wasting 720000000 cloak cycles. (note are these cycles wasted?) Can i...
  37. Hentoad

    Bitcoin Shop HTML

    I want to create a website shop that I can use to sell my artwork for Bitcoin. Does anyone have any HTML code that I could use to setup a shop that's not janky. I want it to where the person transfers the Bitcoin and then immediately get emailed the full size image they wanted. Please help a...
  38. mprospero

    Windows Store No Longer Accepts Bitcoin

    Microsoft said it will no longer let users pay for Windows apps and Xbox games using the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Windows Store No Longer Accepts Bitcoin : Read more
  39. DarkTron

    What Cryptocurrency shoul I CPU/GPU mine?

    Title basically describes itself. What Cryptocurrency is the best to mine with my CPU or GPU in February 2016? Where will I be able to get more money out of it than the power will cost me? (The Cryptocurrency should probably be ASIC-resistant)
  40. L

    I think it's a BitCoin Miner.

    Yesterday I found a process in task manager and I didn't know what it was. It had a weird name and no description. I went open file location and it brought me to a folder with a few files in it. I opened the file named "d" in notepad and I saw username password and a url. It was and...
  41. Rangan Das

    Security setup for small office with old computers

    Got a small office with 6-7 year old computers (Quad Core AMD A8 processors, 4 GB RAM) running Windows 10, all connected to the internet via a central router. Most of these are for document/spreadsheet work and occasional internet browsing, Dreamweaver and Visual Studio and light graphics work...
  42. cacra

    Bitcoin miner in svchost.exe using up 90% of my CPU and won't delete

    I have already ran Malwarebytes and it said it detected a bitcoin miner and apparently deleted it but on restarting my system svchost.exe is still using a massive amount of my cpu. I know svchost.exe is an important process for Windows 8 so I can't just end the process and delete the file, so I...
  43. S

    Is Bitcoin Legal?

    I live in the U.S and was wondering is it legal to mine and use bitcoins in the U.S.
  44. G

    How to check my pc for bitcoin miners?

    I always watch what i click when installing freeware but after this utorrent scandal i just wanna make sure i dont have something like that on my pc(even though i didnt) from the past... I dont use antivirus because i consider it useless,ive never had problems
  45. A

    Unable to remove Bitcoin Miner

    Hi, I have KAV 2015 installed with latest updates and just out of curiosity I installed MalwareBytes and it picked up Trojan.Bitcoin Miner in svchost. I am on Win 8.1 pro . Malwarebytes scanned and I selected remove items and it asked me to restart PC for the removal process . So I restarted and...
  46. G

    How to tell if I'm running a bitcoin mining program?

    Hi. Recently my gpu (Asus GTX 760) has been running extremely hot for no reason, and crashing when I play games sometimes. Now of course this could be a technical fault and I'm not ruling that out, but how possible is it that I'm running a bitcoin mining program in the background? And if so, how...
  47. cyborgcity

    Stubborn BitCoin Virus won't budge. GPU Usage 100%

    I don't think any one will be able to help with this but though I'd put it out there. I've had a bitcoin virus on my pc for 2-3 months now which pins my gpu usage at 100%. SInce I've recognized it I've just been leaving task manager open 24/7 as it kills the process. The virus also doesn't run...
  48. C

    Bitcoin Virus Support

    Hi, my friends laptop just got a virus and I have tried my best to remove it with all my knowledge and internet tutorials. This virus is the notorious bitcoin virus. This Laptop is running on a windows 8.1 system. I have read that you need to start the Laptop in safe mode to delete the source...
  49. Billythakid1988

    Might have a Bitcoin Mining Virus on my PC! :(

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anybody could help me please. My P.C specs are as follows if needed: Asus M5A99X Evo R2.0 Mobo. 6 core AMD FX-6300 APU Black Edition clocked @ 4.0Ghz. 8GB Corsair XMS3 1333Mhz DDR3 RAM. MSI GTX 670 2GB DDR5 GPU, Core clocked @ 1070Mhz and Memory clocked @ 1700Mhz. 1GB...
  50. A

    Bitcoin/Altcoin Mining ios

    Now I've looked around the net and everywhere the person who asked this gets told "it's a waste of time" I know that but I would like to see if I could try it. Can someone please tell me an app that does it or give me a tutorial on how to make an app that does it on an app like appcraft. Thanks
  51. Jill Scharr

    Reveton Malware Revs Up Its Game

    A strain of the infamous Reveton malware has some dangerous new skills, including stealing victims' email and banking passwords. Reveton Malware Revs Up Its Game : Read more
  52. William Norberg

    Things to do on a pc while away

    Like bitcoin mining. But something else.
  53. W

    Bit Coins Program

    So, Im looking for the program for the bitcoin mining. I already have a program installed called multibits Dont see nothing here about mining. I want to mine on my MSI 290 x2 I want the program for the GPU not CPU I cant seem to find it only B.S programs that says it is but not it. Anyone...
  54. G

    What is Darkcoin? An FAQ

    Darkcoin is a new cryptocurrency that promises even more privacy and anonymity than Bitcoin. How does it work? And why should you care? What is Darkcoin? An FAQ : Read more

    how long does it take to mine a bitcoin

    I figured out through reading there worth bout 850bucks right now, but I was wondering how long would it take to mine a bit coin on a core i7 920 and a radeon 280xgpu? will be upgrading soon and my cpu could possably be going in a new spare computer
  56. G

    Dark Wallet May Make Bitcoin Even Harder to Trace

    Upcoming Bitcoin app Dark Wallet privatizes bitcoin transactions, and was partly created to help money launderers and other criminals. Dark Wallet May Make Bitcoin Even Harder to Trace : Read more
  57. G

    How and Where to Use Bitcoins

    Here’s everything you need to know about bitcoin: how it works; how to get bitcoins and keep them safe; plus, businesses that accept bitcoin. How and Where to Use Bitcoins : Read more
  58. G

    Mac BitCoin Trojan Found on Legit Software Sites

    Some Bitcoin tracker apps for Mac have been corrupted with malware — and you can find them on reputable sites. Mac BitCoin Trojan Found on Legit Software Sites : Read more
  59. G

    What Is Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is a decentralized, peer-to-peer, digital-only currency that allows for anonymous online payments. Bitcoin mining and bitcoin wallets explained. What Is Bitcoin? : Read more