Solved! My laptop got a virus that disables access to any antivirus softwares

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Sep 20, 2021
I got this virus when I downloaded microsoft visio program from a website, When I run the setup and finished installing, my laptop suddenly opens and close command prompt a few times and restarted by itself and when I open chrome I see a new tab and it said theres nothing in the tab just white.
So then I tried to download malwarebytes to get rid of the virus, but the software cant run it said "unable to connect service" so I go ahead and download another antivirus software like bitdefender,avira,avg,etc. and got the same problem too.
Also my windows defender virus and threat protection is missing too it said "your it administrator has limited access to this area-"
I suspect this virus disabled access to all security related softwares.
then how can I get rid of this virus?
most of the have offline scanner. download it on a working pc.
if that still doesn't work. do a fresh os install on the laptop.
and STOP pirating software
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