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  1. A

    I cut-pasted photos from my laptop to a flash drive CD but next day I found CD w

    I cut pasted my photos on a flash drive CD and next day found the CD empty and photos not even left back in my recycle bin.please help me
  2. J

    Adobe audition recover temp file

    I recorded a file last night in adobe audition on my flash drive last night and it did not save properly. Unfortunately it saved the file name at 0 KB and I cannot recover the original file. After it saved, I Xed out of the program, but it did not ask me if I wanted to save the file. Is their...
  3. Dustin_Broke

    USB on virtual machine software

    For somereason when I use virtual machine to load Windows XP the flash drive doesn't load on Windows XP and it loads on Windows 7. How do I make the USB work so I can use my flash drive? It has alot of my files there and I wanted to put it on the XP system as well. The USB mouse has no problem...
  4. J


    how do I download a video from a flash drive to a DVD?
  5. J

    Making dvd from flash drive

    how do I download a video from a flash drive to a formated DVD?
  6. G

    Windows 8 Can Be Stored and Run on a Flash Drive

    You can finally take Windows 8 with you on the go... Windows 8 Can Be Stored and Run on a Flash Drive : Read more
  7. G

    Bypassing windows 7 password toshiba

    have toshiba laptop. have not used in 2 yrs. put password on it, can't remember password. try to reset it says need usb or flash drive or floppy disc to reset....how can i do it without floppy disc or flashdrive
  8. M

    Service manual toshiba C655D-S61oox

    does anyone know where I can find this? the blue ray label flash drive quit and I need a replacement .. two problems 1) I cannot even get the label flash drive off the toshiba website 2) I cannot find one anywhere on the internet 3) Toshiba is completely unsupportive they just tell me they dont...
  9. The Halo Don

    Connected a USB Flashdrive with viruses to my PC...

    So a friend recently came over and plugged his flash drive in then, my virus protection, Titanium, found some, and deleted them around 5 minutes after it was plugged in. My question is, how do I know if there is anything else that wasn't detected? The threat detected was: TROJ_SPNR.08LK11 It...
  10. Dark Lord of Tech

    Malwarebytes Lifetime License plus free 8gb flash drive!

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16832562001&nm_mc=EMC-IGNEFL032912&cm_mmc=EMC-IGNEFL032912-_-EMC-032912-Index-_-SecurityUtilitiesSoftware-_-32562001-L0I $14.99 with this code EMCNGHA48 Great Deal
  11. skullsandsilver

    Help crashed hard drive/boot from USB?

    ok i have a dell Minnie. My hard-drive is toast. i have a 32gig scandisck flash drive and a 14 gig sd card. I have the instillation disk. i put the files on the usb flash drive can i run the dell from a flash drive? without a hard drive just a flash drive i tried and it said something was...
  12. J

    The Disk is write-protected. Remove the write-protection

    remove write protection from flash drive
  13. P

    How to Play .264 Files

    I have a video clips on a flash drive and two 264 file extensions. My PC with Win XP cannot open them. The DVR is Tripp-lite. Any suggestions. Thanks P.J.
  14. K

    How to burn a dvd from flash drive

    Hello, can anyone here assist me in burning a DVD from my "thumbdrive" or flash drive. My DVR can't play it, and I've tried downloading nero with no luck. This is MY 4-minute video for a client. Any answer greatly appreciated!
  15. tuanmai

    Mimoco Unveils New Micro USB Card Readers, Drives at CES

    The creator of the Mimobot flash drive is back with the brand new Star Wars and DC Universe themed MimoMicro. Mimoco Unveils New Micro USB Card Readers, Drives at CES : Read more
  16. T


  17. jale1966

    Windows 7 Bootable Flash Drive

    Hello I just made a Bootable flash drive that has Windows 7 on it, the question I have can I add other files and programs to the flash drive or would that be a conflict let me know. Dale
  18. D

    UBS recognition problem

    Hello, My name is Don and until recently I was able to attached an Olympus digital camera and flash drive to a six year old Dell computer using XP. Recently the connections get messages saying the the drives (camera and flash) are not Formatted. The camera has a chip, and the flash drive was...
  19. N

    Handy Programs to put on flash drive?

    I'm wondering what are some good programs to have on a flash drive, like for diagnostics or whatever. I've already got DBAN, FreeNAS, Ubuntu, but what are some other good ones? Thanks.
  20. S

    Solved! Usb drive

    Hello, how do i remove a write protection from my flash drive
  21. S

    Flash Drive

    I cannot open my flash drive after by laptop battery went dead while the flash drive was inserted in the USB port.
  22. S

    Solved! Can't open flash drive

    Hello, I cannot open my flash drive after by laptop battery went dead while the flash drive was inserted in the USB port. It has important info on the flash drive. HELP!!!
  23. G

    How can I record live radio onto disk on my windows pc

    I would like to record streamed radio onto my PC for eventual transfer to a flash drive. Your offer of the freeware program mentions 'video' and I assume that any radio input can be captured too. My DAB Roberts radio and car radio player seem only to handle MP3 files (and not MP2 or other...
  24. G

    Downloading and uploading using flash drive

    I have a HUAWEI Ascend android phone with a 2gb chip.I am running out of memory causing the phone to malfunction.I purchased a 16gb chip and flash drive.I don't know how to use them.My laptop is a HP-Pavilion-dv5 with windows7
  25. D

    Iso image from antivirus install cd to flash drive

    Hello, I have a netbook without a cd drive. I am planning to purchase a 3 user antivirus program. I want to be able to install one of the licenses on my netbook, but realize that I need to somehow get the files from the install CD to a flash drive. I don't know how to do that. The Netbook...
  26. car1jones

    Installing Win XP on Disgo Notebook

    Hi I have a Disgo Notebook netbrowser that I need to install windows XP on - currentley has win CE on it :heink: I know its a pathetic 'notebook' cheap and simple and its not mine. Just wanted to know if anyone has achieved this from a flash drive and if it actually works? Thanks Carl
  27. M

    Microsoft works 95 database

    Hello, I have databases originally created with Works 95 and stored on a flash drive. I just purchased a new computer with Windows 7 and am unable to open the databases. Are there any converters available or any other suggestions? Thanks, TCC
  28. S

    Laptop Help

    Can a aspire one D255 boot from a flash drive?Thanks
  29. G

    Games off a flash drive

    Hello, I wondered if anyone knows how to get Empire Eath working off a flash drive? I bought the game years ago and I want to put it on my laptop. All the data has transfered from the CD to the drive but having installed it on hte laptop it still wants me to insert the CD when I start up the...
  30. M

    Problems with adobe flash player 10 1

    Hello, Whilst trying to log on to the Berlin Philharmonic's live feed, the Flash drive crashed on the Acer mini desktop which is connected to the Sony Bravia tv. Even after rebooting several times.
  31. G

    Recording music from tv to flash dive

    Hello, is it possible to record music from tv to a flash drive
  32. G

    Voltron Flash Drive is Defender of the USB Port

    Form feet and legs! Form arms and torso! And I'll form...the USB jack! Voltron Flash Drive is Defender of the USB Port : Read more
  33. D

    IPhone as flash drive

    Hello, Is it possible to use the iPhone as a flash drive? Do I need a specific cable for that?
  34. G

    How to switch program from dvd to flash drive

    Hello,I have office 2010 on dvd but don't have a dvd drive only cd can I burn it to a cd or put on flash drive?
  35. G

    Portable Desktop

    Does anyone know of a portable desktop that i can put on my flash drive and be able to open it on top of another operating system. e.g. windows.
  36. exfileme

    SanDisk Launches its Smallest USB Drive Yet

    This new flash drive is the size of a paper clip. SanDisk Launches its Smallest USB Drive Yet : Read more
  37. G

    Install windows xp from a flashdrive

    Hello, i;m trying to reboot my acer aspire one pc but it has to be usb so how can i make a windows xp bootable from a flash drive?
  38. G

    A Flash Drive Adidas Won't Sell to You

    If it weren't for the three stripes, this flash drive could've been an advertisement for Samsonite A Flash Drive Adidas Won't Sell to You : Read more
  39. exfileme

    Game Companies Receive Mysterious Flash Drive

    A mystery USB drive has appeared on the doorstep of game-related companies and star players. Game Companies Receive Mysterious Flash Drive : Read more
  40. mister g

    Any good free antivirus programs for my U3 flash drive

    Hi TH, anyway I was using this 1-2-3 Antispyware program off the U3 central that got an update and just crashed and am looking for another one. It doesn't have to be U3, I could just run it off a normal USB stick too. :??:
  41. Z

    How to create a boot disk on a flash drive?

    Hi friend, PS: If this is not the correct place to publish this post then please move it to the appropriate place : ) I have win2k3 CD but it's nto bootable therefore i need to create a bootable disk. But i dont want to create this bootable disk on 5-6 floppies... I want this bootable disk to...
  42. jonnyboyC

    I need an application to split and iso disk image into mutliple parts

    well today i bought a usb 16gb flash drive to some iso files from one computer to another only to realize that it was pre formated in fat 32 which i found out earlier from another thread that it won't copy files that are over 4gb. So for most of the movies i was able to 7zip it before to under...
  43. S

    Auto run .bat

    I'm trying to have a batch file or even if possible just a txt file directly to auto run when a folder is opened up on a flash drive. Is this possible or is it only possible with .exe? i made a file autorun.inf then had the [autorun] open=me.txt the me.txt is the name of the text file...
  44. exfileme

    NES Flash Drive Uses Konami-Level Security

    An NES controller converted into a flash drive uses Konami-level security. NES Flash Drive Uses Konami-Level Security : Read more
  45. R

    How to get around a filter

    My school has unreasonably bold many useful websites to me including the anonymizers i used to use. they have a cipa filter version 6 i need an app i could put ona flashdrive to get aroudn this any suggestions?
  46. G

    For Every Style, There’s a Flash Drive

    We never get sick of checking out the newest and strangest USB accessories dreamed up by electronics companies. For Every Style, There’s a Flash Drive : Read more
  47. G

    Supercharge Your Flash Drive with eSATA

    The first eSATA and USB combo flash sticks hit the market with faster speeds that should breath new life into thumb drives. Supercharge Your Flash Drive with eSATA : Read more
  48. G

    Seagate Sues Flash Drive Maker STEC

    San Francisco (CA) - Seagate, the world's largest hard drive maker, has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against flash-drive manufacturer STEC. Seagate Sues Flash Drive Maker STEC : Read more
  49. G

    PPC as flash drive

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Is any way to cope to/from PPC from/to PC without installing any soft on PC with win2000/XP? My PPC - Asus 716, it can use SD,CF, BT, WiFi. Can it be done just with usual USB cable? Or maybe there is some CF or SD card which can help...