Downloading and uploading using flash drive

Gerald Dawkins

Jul 19, 2011
I have a HUAWEI Ascend android phone with a 2gb chip.I am running out of memory causing the phone to malfunction.I purchased a 16gb chip and flash drive.I don't know how to use them.My laptop is a HP-Pavilion-dv5 with windows7
2gb external sd card (that you put into the phone) ? or 2gb internal memory (that you cannot remove) ?

if its an internal one and you have a slot for an external (removeable) card then you can put in a card and move-to-sd a few non-widget non-vital apps to free up space.

if its an external card you can try copying data from one to the other but i'm not going to say 100% that it will work without issue. because of this "copy" data from one to the other without deleting it on the original (so you have a backup).

there are two ways to access this card: usb to the usb your device has (probably a micro or mini usb) and go to your android phone top bar, pull down, change the connect option to "disk drive". now you can pull files like its a hard drive on your computer (though it will be a little slower than option 2. the next way is to pull the memory card out and use a card reader (you will probably need the larger sd card adapter) or a usb memory stick that takes micro sd cards and hook it up to the pc. if you dont have these, use the first option.