Solved! HP Pavilion Protect Smart Hard Drive replacement with a broken screen

Sep 10, 2019
Hello, and thank you in advance for helping me with my unique problem. I was given a HP Pavilion Protect Smart laptop with a broken screen and no hard drive (a co-worker of mine wanted the hard drive out of the laptop to salvage the data from). I have another hard drive from an older laptop that was running windows 7 that I am currently trying to get to work with the laptop I was given. The current problem I am having is that I can't get the laptop to output to my monitor via an hdmi cable, so I am unable to do the necessary steps within the bios to get the windows 7 copy on the hard drive to work with the hardware of the HP Pavilion I am trying to revive. If you are wondering why I am trying to get a random hard drive to work with a laptop with a broken screen, I had the idea to use it to host a minecraft server on my college campus :)

P.s. the exact model number is 15-b142dx
To get the external ports working you need to have the drivers loaded. To load the drivers you need to have Windows installed.

If that model has VGA ports as well you can try those.