Question A pain with windows 7 now asking for a product key


Jun 27, 2018
Hello, I bought a second hand laptop out of EBay which uses windows 7, cheap, it worked for a while then started to get issues with “operative system not found” randomly. After trying lots of things suggested on the internet it happened that the laptop wouldn’t boot at all anymore. I decided to install Windows 7 from a cd I bought off EBay also without a product key to see if the laptop could be saved.

I did so but started soon to get the same issues with no operative system found. Then I bought an SSD hard disk which since installed works fine. The problem is that I installed again the Windows Vista from that CD and now I’m asked about a product key. The product key sticker is not readable. I tried many suggestions on the internet how to found out your product key and none seem to work. I wonder if perhaps as I installed a windows 7 externally that’s why the product key isn’t found internally (tried cmd option/ registry)

I’m feeling being honest fed up with this, it was already a pain managing to find all drivers, I’m thinking of putting Linux in it instead being honest.

I know windows 7 protection has finished but I still would like to use it and not upgrade as I would use this laptop for very basic things.

I’m a beginner about laptops and stuff as I’m learning also bear with me. I’m feeling exhausted with all of the issues as I have enough in my plate in life as well, shall I just install Linux mint?

Looking forward to hearing from you, regards