Question Using windows 7 securely online


Jun 27, 2018
Hello I have 2 second hand laptops on Windows 7 which I just have fresh installed. I don’t really want to upgrade to windows 10 as I had one in the past upgraded to 10 and worked terribly bad.

My computer skills are very basic so please bear with me as I’m trying to understand the risks of using a OS without support. I want to add until 2 years ago I was still using a laptop with windows Vista and I didn’t have any viruses or malware problems that I was aware of, bit I still want to be more careful this time.

I will be having Kaspersky antivirus in both.

I will not use the laptop for online purchases, only for YouTube, surfing the internet , Open office, watching dvds, using printer, so basic things.

I’m just wondering of the risks of opening my YouTube/ gmail account for example.

I’m thinking about installing Linux in one of them, so guessing that would be the safest option.