Question Can please someone confirm I killed a laptop?


Jun 27, 2018
Hello, I attempted to upgrade a very cheap second hand laptop of EBay which was terribly slow with some Ram. I have to say that my computer skills are very basic. I watched a video of a guy upgrading ram but he didn’t explain it very well, I should have looked at another videos but anyway… In the process I was a bit forceful with inserting the RAM, and I think I broke the slot. Laptop will not switch on and has no power at all. After watching a better video and learning how to properly put it on, I tried again but again no luck. Changed to the older RAM still no luck. I am not sure how to upload a pic here so you could see.

I just want to hear from you that the only solution is to get a motherboard which I will not as don’t have the enough knowledge to replace it and don’t think is worth it even, as the laptop was so cheap.

I feel very gutted as I just had installed Linux.