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  1. A

    Storage shredding vs filling up the device on Win 7 and later

    As the title says, I am curious about the difference between shredding and maxing out the space of HD, flash drive, and other storage devices using Windows 7 and above. When I shred files, of course the files are hopefully unrecoverable or at least mostly. I hear that this is because the...
  2. U

    Speaker for flashdrive

    I'm not really sure if there is even such product as I've never bought something like that before, but I would like to get something like that for my relatives. 1. 2.1 Speaker 2. Ability to play song from flashdrive 3. optional, but good to have. Radio It doesn't have to be portable. I would...
  3. sammy sung

    Creating Flash Drive Multi Tool

    I'm trying to compile a list of various programs/utilities for computer diagnostics & repair. My aim is to create an "immune tools". Basically what I have so far is Don't Sleep: Utility that prevents the PC from going to sleep HDTune: For checking health status of an HDD/SSD. Get power on...
  4. M

    Virus. Killing. Me.

    The last thing I need is another "Shick Hydro" ad pretending to be part of the webpage...This adware is preventing me from downloading anti-malware. I downloaded the installer on a flash drive, but this virus is also preventing me from installing it. When I try to run the installer, it closes...
  5. nVidea

    Reformatting my Laptop via USB flash disk, Doesnt delete old files

    So my DVD ROM is broken, and my laptop slows down due to numerous downloads and programs. So I decided to reformat it (presently my OS is Windows 7 64-bit). My Laptop is Acer E14. Every time I turn my laptop on, I cannot seem to find the boot settings, like set my 1st boot to flash drive or CD...
  6. N

    Asus Z54L Laptop usb ports stoped working

    Hi I Have a Asus Z54L laptop and the USB ports just stopped working i did install the drivers and other versions as well to make sure. The thing is i can plug in my android phone it charges and i can access the data but if i plug in any flash drive the light on the flash drive blinks once and...
  7. A

    need help with viruses

    Hello , i've having trouble with some viruses , i believe i have two viruses , one is when everytime i plug in my flash drive or any other flash drive, this appears : http://i.imgur.com/byFqYtJ.png - even if i delete the files they will appear again And the 2nd one is when i open a program for...
  8. S

    Windows ISO Question

    Hopefully this goes here, wasn't sure which subtopic to put this under... Anyways I had a question about using a bootable flash drive for Windows. Does Microsoft update their ISO files? So for example, if I download the Windows 10 ISO and make a bootable flash drive will that ISO download...
  9. J

    Change an XLR file

    I have a spreadsheet made with Microsoft Office that I put on a flash drive. I cannot open this file on my new computer because I do not have Office on my computer. Is there anyway to change this file name so I can open it? Thanks
  10. P

    installing new software

    so i wiped my laptop due to a bad virus my back up flash drive didn't work i have no software what can i do without having to pay for the software, it had windows 7 on it i tried downloading 10 ( i am no working with a mac OS X Yosemite) and it doesn't want to boot up on my flash drive on my...
  11. P

    Sandisk Ultra Fit 64GB USB 3.0 flash drive taking 4 hours to write 36GB

    Hey everyone, I just bought a Sandisk Ultra Fit 64GB USB 3.0 flash drive. I highlighted everything on my desktop and dragged it into the flash drive window. In total it is about 36GB. It takes about 4 hours for the flash drive to write that 36GB. I have it plugged into a 3.0 port on my...
  12. A

    How can I transfer pix from camera to computer. Can I use a flash drive?

    Do you transfer pix from camera to computer using a flash drive. If so, how? Also, I see a wire plugged into my computer, but I use this to reload the camera. I can't remember how to do the pix transfer though. Please help? Thanks ever so much!
  13. 2

    is it possible to transfer games from one computer to another using a flashdrive?

    I have been having trouble trying to transfer diablo III using a flash drive. I dowloaded the game onto the flash drive then i plugged in the flash drive to my computer moved the files to my desktop and i click the files to open them and it says C:\Program Files (x86)\DiabloIII\DiabloIII...
  14. K

    Flash drive troubles

    Why won't my downloaded movies not work on my TV via usb but work on the laptop thanks in advance
  15. B

    Laptop won't boot windows

    I have a laptop I'm working on right now and I'm stumped. it's an old, old Gateway laptop. IDE and such, but it will not boot windows from any source. I have tried a windows install disk, kept getting an error that led me to believe the hard drive was bad (don't remember the specific error right...
  16. A

    Flash Drive was working no wot appear on any computer

    I was working on a project and had to to print so I unplugged and plugged into the computer connected to the printer and it wouldn't show up. So tried on my laptop and it still wasn't showing up and didn't show up on my friends laptop either. Also when I plug it in the light on it does come on...
  17. X

    How to watch movies from pc to TV

    How can I watch movies and serieses from my pc in my samsung tv without external hardrive? the problem is when I try to watch videos larger then 4GB becasuse of the fat32 limitation or with movies that the subtitles are not merged with te video file.
  18. GMPoisoN

    Win 8 Ultrabook Corrupted

    Attempted (poorly) to install a distro of Linux onto a USB off the laptop to use it as a boot usb. (I believe) I ended up mistaking the 16 gb ssd (for boot) in the laptop for my 16 gb flash drive I had plugged in, so I'm fairly sure I screwed my laptop due to this bad install. It's an Asus...
  19. J

    why wont my pny flash drive play in car media player but plays fine in pc n how can i fix this

    i have a pny flash drive 16 g it lists and plays media n music just fine in home pc but will not read in car media player other sticks work ok how can i fix this i feel like i did somthing wrong in thefile transfer but dont know help
  20. S

    how to backup data of hdd

    How to backup data from my Toshiba satellite laptop which it's HDD is about to crush? Should I use flash drive or disc? And how?
  21. J

    how to install microsoft office 2013 from a flash drive

    i need to know how to get microsoft word on my usb not a shortcut
  22. A

    Flash drive formatting warning message

    Need to do factory backup of new Del laptop onto 16 gb sub flash drive, get warning message saying "all the partitions & data present will be lost" did not proceed as worried the message is referring to data & files on laptop or is it referring to Usb ( brand new )
  23. T

    Samsung 40UH5201 TV can I use flash drive to watch movies?

    Would like to use a flash drive to play a movie on the Samsung 40UH5201 TV. The movie will be transferedr from laptop to flash drive. Will this work and if yes, what are the steps involved? Thanks.
  24. V

    Cant Play more than 2hrs of Video

    Hi All, I have downloaded a movie to a 16G flash drive and connected to samsung Lcd TV. But exactly after 2hrs the screen switches back to Main Menu.. Happens for all movies which are more than 2hrs..Does not happen on my PS3.. Any idea??
  25. L

    flash drive not working

    My flash drive is not working in my television so that i can watch movies but it works just fine in the computer.
  26. V

    i have a 16g flash drive in my phone why does it say i have insufficient storage when i try to download apps

    I honly have two apps since new fllshdrive help please
  27. A

    How to Remove a Virus from a Flash Drive

    Viruses can plague your computer, causing it to act weird, run slowly, and even crash. Viruses are programs that can be very harmful to your computer. They are spread through a variety of means including through emails, adware, and even through flash drives. If you somehow end up with a virus on...
  28. A

    How to Remove a Virus from a Flash Drive

    Viruses can plague your computer, causing it to act weird, run slowly, and even crash. Viruses are programs that can be very harmful to your computer. They are spread through a variety of means including through emails, adware, and even through flash drives. If you somehow end up with a virus on...
  29. Zarok Aleon

    Secure way to get portable programs.

    Hey Thanks for taking to take the time to read this. I have been getting more and more into computers and want to start helping other people with things, but in order to help them like with malicious software I need to have an external copy of it, Like on a flash drive, To plug in and be able...
  30. S

    Copy office disk to usb

    I want to copy my Office installation disk to a flash drive
  31. F

    McAfee Really Sucks

    Ok, so I've had McAfee awhile now, never really had any trouble with it that didn't have an easy fix. But recently I've started school And I want my portable applications on my flash drive for school use. The thing is, McAfee, keeps on putting my stuff in a quarantine, and restoring is useless...
  32. M

    How to use usb flash drive to old home stereo

    Have an older stereo system that ROCKS. Want to plug in my flash drive filled with music but no usb plug there. Is there a converter or some adapter I can use to aux?
  33. C

    Best Free Encryption Software?

    I am looking for a free encryption software to secure a USB thumb/flash drive. I don't really care how long it takes to encrypt, I just want something that is free and, most importantly, secure. Thanks :)
  34. K

    free recovery cd for toshiba satellite L675D-S7100 that can be downloaded on a flash drive

    My computer is locked, it is asking me for a password and I cannot remember it.
  35. T

    flash drive will not play

    i put a tv series onto a flash drive for a friend but his pc or xbox 360 will not play it but my pc plays it perfectly fine. why would it play on my pc but not his xbox 360?
  36. X

    Why doesn't my Vizio hdtv recognize my movie files on my flash drive?

    I have a Vizio 32" LCD hdtv in my office. On the side of it is a USB port. I am using an 8GB flash drive, created a 'MOVIES' folder and loaded an .avi movie in that folder. When I connect the flash drive to the tv, it shows a "Picture" folder. When I click OK, it then opens a "system" folder...
  37. A

    I can't boot from flash drive

    Hi guys. I can't boot my flash drive on my Sony Vaio SVE11115EGB. I need to reinstall my windows. My bios is different . I enabled External Device Boot. and the External device is at the top of my boot priority. Is there any solution? TY
  38. S

    cassette recording to disc or flashdrive

    Hello . I am looking for an inexpensive way to transfer (digitize) , my casettes to CDs or flash drive , without using a computer , (I don't have internet) . I have been looking at the Teac lp-r550usb , that will allow me to record , which has mostly good reviews , but , apparently is cheaply...
  39. V

    How to Downgrade to windows 7 from Windows 8 with USB flash Drive - Toshiba Satellite C50-A0413

    Good day, can anyone help me please. I have changed the boot order to USB, I have disabled secure boot and even disabled the USB3.0 controller on the laptop and it refuses to boot from the flash drive (The flash drive boots fine on my desktop pc). I used DiskPart to completely remove all...
  40. T

    How do I format my encrypted usb flashdrive when it wont let me unlock it

    Hi so I tried encrypting my flash drive with bit locker and it failed part way but now when ever I try to unlock it, it says "BitLocker Drive Encryption failed to recover from an abruptly terminated conversion. This could be due to either all conversion logs being corrupted or the media being...
  41. C

    Flash Drive issues

    I have an HP Pavilion running Vista OS - Great machine, but over time the machine has failed to detect my Scandisk 4GB flash, and it no longer shows up on my Computer tab under E drive. No beeping sound either when plugging in / taking out. The flash does work on other computers. Any advice...
  42. D

    Can't create bootable flashdrive to update BIOS on MSI Z78-GD65

    I followed the directions here http://www.msi.com/files/pdf/How_to_make_a_bootable_flash_disk_and_to_flash_BIOS_f.pdf Then I put the BIOS file that I installed on the website on it (unzipped) but when I tried to update it in BIOS I got a message saying that there was no BIOS file on the root...
  43. A

    flash drive format

    my transcend memory card its want format disk message as " You need to format the disk before you can use it". Nw i want without formatting resolve the problem and recover my files in the memory card....
  44. D

    [SOLVED!] "Bootmgr missing" appears when attempting to install windows 7 pro from a flashdrive

    Turns out my flashdrive was bootable regardless of USB/DVD download tool giving me an error saying it was unbootable. Have no idea of why, but I read it was because the drive was ALREADY bootable. Installing W7 on my laptop as we speak. I am a happy camper! So I'm trying to install W7 onto my...
  45. JTD777

    Access programs installed through a diff OS

    Hey all, I have many programs installed on my SSD in my tower, but am now running windoows 8.1 off of a flash drive. These programs will not open now (since the ssd is the C: drive on windows 7 and the G: drive on win8). Is there any way I can run these programs while in windows 8? Thanks :)...
  46. D

    Cannot detect usb flash drive

    Hi! I am having 1 acer 4752z with Win 7 HP, and 1 unknown branded usb flash drive. Now my problem is the laptop cannot detect that unknown flash drive but can detect all other flash drive i got in hand which are Kingston datatravelr and Adata. Thus, i thought the brand-less flash was malfunction...
  47. manicmike

    Looking for a Free/Low Cost Program that scans drivers and checks for a more updated version

    I'm looking for something lightweight that I can download the .exe install to my flash driver or run directly from my flash drive to check drivers for clients, friends, family etc. I have a handful of different programs that offer the feature, but I'm not looking to install something like...
  48. Theata

    Using GRUB on a Flash Drive to install Windows

    Hey guys, recently I have been thinking that it would be really cool to be able to have one large and fast flash drive that contains all versions of the MS Windows OS's. Having one Flash media that would be able to install Vista x86/64 AIO, Win 7 AIO x86/64 and Windows 8 x86/64 AIO would greatly...
  49. J

    Cannot Get Bootable USB Flashdrive to work on Acer Aspire One

    Hi i really hope somebody can help. I recently used rufus to put a bootable copy of windows xp home on a flash drive. My desktop recognizes's it and will boot from it but my acer aspire one netbook wont. Im confused
  50. U

    Playing games off an external hard drive or flash drive

    I have the new Razer Blade 14" and I am wondering if I am able to install games like Battlefield 3 onto an external hard drive or flash drive and play it on my computer without having to install it all on mine. I'd prefer not to even have a trace of it on mine. I also am wondering if there is an...
  51. G

    Write-Protect a USB

    Is there anyway to prevent a flash drive from being written to or formatted without some type of password or key file? The solution I am looking for would most likely be a software program. I want this write-protection to stick no matter what computer it is plugged in to.
  52. S

    Asus Zenbook Doesn't Recognize Windows 8 Bootable USB Flash Drive

    I recently purchased the Asus Zenbook UX31A which came pre-loaded with Windows 8. Later I installed Linux Mint over the original Windows installation (not partitioned along side Windows). After messing around with Linux, I've decided I want Windows again, but after much effort I have yet to be...
  53. V

    Laptop not starting.

    Last night I turned on my laptop(Compaq510) and the Windows 7 will not load. Assuming that Windows has malfunctioned, I tried to run Linux Mint using a Flash Drive. After few minutes of running the Desktop Icons disappeared, after that the menu bar disappeared. Presuming that there was some...
  54. V

    USB 3.0 not working properly

    I recently bought a new laptop, Lenovo U310, and when I tried using the two USB 3.0 ports on the left side of the laptop, both of them don't seem to be working. I tried the USB 2.0 port on the right side of the laptop and it opens my flash drives just fine. I tried going into the BIOS with a...
  55. G

    Why does my laptop write protect flash drives?

    When I attach my flash drive to my laptop, the flash drive starts to become write protected. I can't delete and rename files. But when attach it to another laptop, its normal. So my laptop is the real problem. I start searching for solutions to this problem but nothing works. Is there anyone...
  56. R

    How can I offload pictures from a digital camera to a flash drive?

    I am traveling six months with no PC. Is there a way to download pictures from my digital camera directly to a flash drive?
  57. C

    Can i install more than one bootable program in a flash drive

    i was wondering is it possible to install more than one bootable program for example ubuntu and backtrack5,3 in a single flash drive
  58. C

    USB Drive Data Recovery

    My flash drive has very important school papers and files on it. When I plug into USB port it shows up almost full which is correct. However it does not show the name of the flash drive like it used to. When I try to access the files nothing is there to access even though the capacity is showing...
  59. L

    How to run an exe from bootable dos cd

    Okay I'm trying to figure out exactly what I need to do here. I have an .exe which is used to flash hard drives. There's also the .bin file which is separate that is the file that you flash to the drive. Usually you would just move these to a flash drive and create a bootable flash drive and...
  60. T

    Tv that has a flash drive

    is there a tv that has a flash drive?