How can I transfer pix from camera to computer. Can I use a flash drive?


May 30, 2011
Do you transfer pix from camera to computer using a flash drive. If so, how? Also, I see a wire plugged into my computer, but I use this to reload the camera. I can't remember how to do the pix transfer though. Please help? Thanks ever so much!


Jun 3, 2014
some cameras will use the USB cable to allow you to see the images on the camera on your PC, and copy them that way, or you can take the SD card out and use a SD card reader to see the card as a USB pen stick sort of drive and just copy as you normally would.


Mar 5, 2016
I have an Fuji digital camera my dad left me it has a cord just like yours when I plug the cord to the camera while camera is off then the other one to the USB port in my Chromebook laptop when I turn my camera on to setting that shows pictures I took my laptop downloads immediately. Seems as if you have some other kind though for I cannot put pictures on mine just take them :)


Use a mini USB cable plugged into the camera and the other end plugged into a USB port.

I am not a fan of constantly plugging and unplugging USB or the SD card. So, I devised a solution to extend the life and reduce wear and tear on the connector pins (that are delicate). I have a short mini USB cable plugged into my Nikon and the other end taped to the Flash Bracket that I use. To upload my photos from the camera to the PC, I attach a USB cable to the mini cable taped to the bracket. This way all the wear is limited to the USB cable that is easily replaced when damaged, and not to the delicate mini USB port on the camera, and on the SD card connectors on the camera.

I also use this setup to delete photos on the SD card after they have been uploaded to the PC.
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