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  1. Rogue Leader

    Question Question Issue with App access to Lorex LNR 300 DVR

    So my house is currently wired up with 4 Lorex IP cameras going to my PoE switch. Elsewhere in the network I have a Lorex LNR 300 DVR which is configured to record from those cameras. I use the Lorex "netHD Stratus" app on both my Android Phone and my wife's iPhone to view the cameras remotely...
  2. Ilan

    Solved! How to get a wired live feed from camera to phone

    I need a clear video (HD) live feed from a camera to an android phone. The connection can not be wireless because i have to use it without any internet. The camera and phone will be 2 or 3 meters apart at most. It also has to be battery powered for at least 3 hours. I also want the video...
  3. admin

    Father's Day Gifts For the Smart Home Dad

    The best deals and sales for your tech-obsessed dad. Father's Day Gifts For the Smart Home Dad : Read more
  4. admin

    Sony RX0 II Action Camera Review: Twice the Price, Half as Good

    Sony's premium rugged action camera records gorgeous 4K video, but it's twice as expensive as a GoPro and much harder to use. Sony RX0 II Action Camera Review: Twice the Price, Half as Good : Read more
  5. mprospero

    Vuze XR Camera Review: VR Videos Made Easy

    The Vuze XR takes both stereoscopic and 360 photos and videos, and does a very good job with it. Vuze XR Camera Review: VR Videos Made Easy : Read more
  6. admin

    Arlo Ultra Review: Best Wireless Security Camera

    The Arlo Ultra delivers top-notch video, a great set of features and powerful but easy-to-use software. Arlo Ultra Review: Best Wireless Security Camera : Read more
  7. xupitera834

    Question First budget camera for portraits

    Hi I want to buy a new camera for portraits sports and for general use I have budget around 500-600€ EUR I think that Sony a6000with 50mm is the best or the D3500 with 50mm have you any recommendation
  8. PhilipMichaels

    Discussion Galaxy S10 Plus vs. Note 9: Which Samsung Phone Has the Best Camera?

    The Galaxy S10 Plus and Note 9 both boast excellent cameras. We pitted the two phones against each other in a photo face-off. Galaxy S10 Plus vs. Note 9: Which Samsung Phone Has the Best Camera? : Read more
  9. D

    Question Picking up new camera for business

    HELP I think I already posted a thread but I need this help fast I’m starting a company and I need a 4K camera with good lenses and etc to take pictures of my products to upload to my website don’t want to sound bratty or anything but it can’t be beginners it has to be a full on pro camera that...
  10. F

    Solved! When I am using the browser on my tablet, the display will start blacking out when the battery gets below 50%.

    As I said, the display blacks out requiring the power button pressed once to turn off then again to bring up the unlock screen. As it gets below 40% the display will black immediately. The camera works right down to automatic turn off. I can unlock to camera, hit home screen or tile to reopen...
  11. 1

    Solved! I can see images on "playback" on the camera, but they are missing when I download!

    I can see images on "playback" on the camera, but they are missing when I download! Plenty of memory left on the 32 GB card. Most of the images are downloaded, but none after a point. Tried erasing some images in the camera and then downloading but all later images still missing.
  12. A

    Camera with good sound and quality

    Hello I'm looking for a camera with good sound and good quality as possible and the battery should last a long time as I need it for video recordings. I also have a big budget so the price doesn't matter.
  13. D

    Public Meeting Sound Setup

    I work for a school district and am currently responsible for setting up a camera and managing the sound for school board meeting recordings. They often take place in gymnasiums or cafeterias (maybe even a gym-eteria) The equipment we have was picked well before I started and I'm curious if...
  14. G

    Anker EufyCam Security Camera Review: Not Fully Baked

    While it offers good video quality and effective facial recognition, this crowd-funded camera is not yet ready for prime time. Anker EufyCam Security Camera Review: Not Fully Baked : Read more
  15. S

    Galaxy S9 Camera - Recording Quality

    Hello, I've purchased a new phone, Galaxy S9, G960F. Updated Android to 9.0 Pie, installed some basic apps. However, I noticed that in the Camera settings, it doesn't show the UHD (60 fps), UHD, QHD, FHD (60 fps) options in Video Size (Rear) section. Here's my screenshot, http:// and a...
  16. G

    Best Camera Deals in January 2019

    Whether you're a beginner or a season professional photographer, push your creativity with any of these best camera deals this month. Best Camera Deals in January 2019 : Read more
  17. S

    Solved! Help looking for point and shoot under £300 for great night time shots!

    I am looking to get a new camera, ideally under £300 which takes good low light photos. I used to have a lumix which is now about 6 years old so pictures are rather fuzzy! I also like the idea of tiltable screen. Not worried about zoom too much. Thoughts?!
  18. H

    Question WiFi Digital Camera which uploads to COMPUTER

    Hi all, We are in need of a few Wi-Fi Digital cameras for our production department. The reason for this is to bypass manual process of taking cameras to office and downloading images using cable. Ideally we want to take pictures, and these should be automatically uploaded straight to folder of...
  19. B

    Solved! Blade x problems

    So I had issues with my blade x not allowing me to use my camera and I took it to cricket fo them to check it out! Now they told me to do a factory reset and I completed that through settings. Keep in mind I had the phone plugged up the whole time. Now it has rebooted and got stuck on the...
  20. N

    Solved! How can I increase the image file size (Resolution) on my iPhone X ?

    My friend has a Samsung Note 8. To increase his quality of image he open the Camera, opens settings, then chooses "Picture size". There he simply chooses the largest (up to 12MP) and even the selfie camera has an (8MP) size. Why is the iPhone so complicated for this same simple procedure ?
  21. M

    Solved! Looking for my first camera

    Hello everyone I need some help I'm looking to get my first camera but I don't wanna break the bank. Im wanting this to be a new hobby of mine and so I can start taking family photos. I've been looking around and there's just a lot back and forth to which camera would be best. All I want is a...
  22. G

    Cori HD Security Camera Review: Cheap But Flawed

    This very inexpensive camera has a few issues, but it may be good enough for many users. Cori HD Security Camera Review: Cheap But Flawed : Read more
  23. J

    Solved! Surface Pro 4 Camera Problems

    Hi all, I am currently experienceing some problems with my Surface pro 4 and can't work out how to resolve them. 1st off, im not sure whether the problem is a software or hardware fault. my current investigation is leading me to think it's software or possible firmware. Issues: on first boot...
  24. R

    Solved! Picture playback issue

    Canon T7i camera is getting red squares on pic playback on camera, picture has green focus when taking picture. What setting do i change to eliminate this issue.
  25. alanps

    Camera and mic for conference

    I'm moving to Spain like 12 hours (by plane) and USD $1000 away from my family and, since we are really close, I'd like to install at home a good cam and mic to be able to talk and see each other at dinners, etc. Any hardware (cam and mic) recommendations? About budget, around $150 $200. Thanks!
  26. J

    Solved! Sony FS100U Repair Image Database missing video files

    Sony FS100U received a notification on screen that I needed to repair the image database file. When I did, all my files are GONE. Yet the "Get info" tab on my Mac shows 9.47gb of space is used up on my card out of 128GB. All my folders are empty when viewed in camera or on PC. Where are my video...
  27. T

    Camera photos won't show up in PC?

    Hello, the problem is that if i shoot with other modes than Manual then i see pics in SD card but when i shoot in Manual then they just wont come up, they show up in camera but not in pc. my friend said that i need some kind of a software to get them out? Thanks ahead <3
  28. B

    My front camera comes up but its like a filter on it and i can't get it to just show normal color

    My front facing camera looks as if I'm using a filter but I'm not I can't get it to show normal color
  29. S

    Gionee a1 front camera not working how to solve it

    Front Camara not working
  30. I

    Solved! Problem with Nikon Coolpix L330

    Does anybody have suggestion regarding this problem… When camera take picture, everything is in red or in green tones
  31. mprospero

    Should You Get Sony’s New A6400 Mirrorless Camera?

    Sony's new A6400 is made for selfies, but how does it compare to its other mirrorless cameras? Should You Get Sony’s New A6400 Mirrorless Camera? : Read more
  32. G

    Canon PowerShot SX740 HS Review: Versatile Pocket Shooter

    This camera slips into your pocket but can capture a wide variety of scenarios. Canon PowerShot SX740 HS Review: Versatile Pocket Shooter : Read more
  33. P

    Solved! Canon 400d Firmware

    hi, i want to upgrade my Canon 400d Firmware.. i checked a lot of videos and webs i found more options in other canon 400d cameras which my canon d400 dont have. my camera only have 4 Menu Options. in setting2 option camera dont have Firmware option.
  34. B

    Solved! Kodak PIXPRO fz43 video wont show on my computer

    I just purchased a kodak pixpro fz43 digital camera & when i try to view a video that i took with my camera on my laptop it shows up black, the audio plays but the video is somehow black. How do i fix this?
  35. D

    camera isn't working

    Suddenly my camera stopped working
  36. T

    Arming Blink TX cameras

    Can the TX Blink camera be armed individual , and how would that be done.
  37. P

    Solved! Budget digital camera $250 or under

    Hi. I’m looking for a starter digital camera. I do not have a specific type of camera in mind, I just have a budget of $250. I’m also looking for these specific features: Rechargeable batteries (no AA’s), flash, mic input, and if available, WIFI. I’m looking on Amazon and B&H, but I’m having...
  38. G

    Solved! Streaming Music from my Bar to the Restaurant

    Hi, I'm hoping for advice... I have a rooftop bar where live music plays in the summer. I'd like to stream the bands to the downstairs restaurant tv's so the dinner patrons can see what's playing and vacate the tables faster!!! The place is pre-wired for a camera above the stage. Just need to...
  39. G

    Nokia 9 Pureview Could Be Best Camera Phone Yet

    The camera on Nokia's next flagship phone may capture 10 times more light than a regular sensor. Nokia 9 Pureview Could Be Best Camera Phone Yet : Read more
  40. C

    Solved! Is This A Good Deal

    Hey everyone I won an auction on ebay and was wanting to know if I got a good deal its a camera bundle that comes with a OLYMPUS E20 camera a tripod 2 memory cards and ill paste the description down below. A Olympus E20p camera kit with 3x extension lens tele 300 PRO-YCON-300 f2.8, a 1.45x tele...
  41. S

    Solved! To make my camera work

    Any time i try and open camera it says security policy restricted camera someone help
  42. H

    Solved! Compatibility with Usb Grabber

    I have a swann srpro-t855 camera want it to work with my computer using a usb super dvr grabber. Is the camera compatible to this usb grabber
  43. A

    Solved! Travel hands free camera

    Hello everyone! I’m looking for helping purchasing a camera for our trip to Thailand. My husband and I are adopting our daughter from Thailand and will be traveling soon. We are looking to purchase a video camera that can really be hands free most of the times and capture a large part of...
  44. G

    Nikon Coolpix P1000 Review: This 125x Superzoom Shoots the Moon

    With a focal range from 24 to 3,000mm, the Nikon P1000 lets you get really, really close to the action. Nikon Coolpix P1000 Review: This 125x Superzoom Shoots the Moon : Read more
  45. Maineman

    Sony Cybershot Camera DSC-W220 NP-BG1 battery

    Looking for an extra NP-BG1 or FG1 battery for a Sony Cybershot DSC-W220 camera. Prices for new batteries on Amazon range from $7 for a new aftermarket to $55 for a genuine Sony. All list about 3.5 working hours although the mAH range from about 950 to 1300. Leaning towards the new Sony unless...
  46. D

    What camera should i buy???

    Hello. I need to buy a camera for photoshooting. More like model and fashion photoshoot. I am a begginer so i need ur opinion at what camera i should buy. I got around 600 euros. Any suggetions???
  47. J

    Solved! Digital Camera Problem

    Hello and happy new year. I have a pentax optio A20 digital camera. It worked perfectly but suddently it started taking the photos instead of nomarmally coloured in shades of blue and in shades of red.Whta's may be the proble...
  48. S

    Camera wont show photos from SD card, but computer will.. help please?????

    I have a GE X500 16.0 mega pixel camera. I finally decided to put the SD from it into my computer, I renamed the folder and then put the SD card back into my camera. But when I turned on the camera it took me to Set Date, so I set the date and went to look at the photos and it said No Pictures...
  49. J

    Solved! can i use any camera sensor and put in an action cam as an upgrade?

    i have 2 of the same phone, the xiaomi mi5 32gb and it takes beautiful images (Sony IMX 298 sensor i belive). i thought if it would be possible to make an action camera/drone camera using the camera sensor itself and some other components (maybe from my horrible chinese action camera?) and...
  50. Y

    SD card lock slider left inside camera's card slot

    Please help! SOS! I was taking the sd card out from Fujifilm XT 1 and it was stuck in the middle, then when I finally took it out, i realized the lock slider is gone. I tried different cards but they all now read as protected card. Is there some easy way to fix this?? (Please please please...
  51. V

    Looking for 480 FPS Camera at 720p

    Does not need to be a compact camera. Would like to keep price under $500. Either high ISO or good lower light ability would be nice.
  52. W

    My cameras keep freezing

    I have a problem I'm hoping someone can help me with. I recently added the logitech brio 4k 60fps webcam to my setup for creating content on Youtube. I also have an Elgato CamLink for my Canon SL2. The problem I'm having is when I try to run the cameras at max settings, meaning 4k, my camera...
  53. P

    Solved! Affordable phone with good camera.

    Here's my issue. I need an affordable phone (less than £300) with a good camera and am just lost in reviews. I am ONLY interested in the Camera. My current camera on Moto G4 Play is not up to the job. The function is to 1. Take close ups of small items in good lighting. So good zoom and focus...
  54. G

    How to download your photos from Flickr

    If you have more than 1,000 photos on Flickr, you could lose them by February. Here's how to download them for safe keeping. How to download your photos from Flickr : Read more
  55. C

    Solved! What Is A Good Yet Cheap Camera

    hey everyone I do YouTube videos about unboxings and reviews and have been using my phone for the past year or so to record everything. But I want to get a camera my budget is 100 max but id like to stay below that if possible. now I know what your thinking but im looking to get it used to save...
  56. T

    Solved! Good security camera with sensor and sd card slot?

    Looking for a good security camera for the room. Just something small, with a censer and be able to record on a sd card. I really don't want to go thru days worth of video's. Possibly a hidden cam or something. Looking for around $100
  57. P

    Looking for IP security cameras

    This search has apparently been a lot harder than I would have expected. I'm looking for an outdoor IP camera, power-over-ethernet, at least 1080 resolution, night-vision, and 2-way audio. The audio is what's making the search hard. I use an laview NVR that supports ONVIF and most network...
  58. B

    Solved! Rca swap from camera cord

    How do I put rca on swann pro 1080FLB
  59. S

    Solved! Sony a7 III Camera Shutter Help

    So I just got a new Sony a7 III. When I opened the camera and took of the lens cap on the camera body, I noticed 4 plastic pieces that covered the sensor. I had never seen this on any past camera that I have used. I thought it was a tab that just covered the sensor and was supposed to pull it...