Galaxy S9 Camera - Recording Quality

Feb 2, 2019

I've purchased a new phone, Galaxy S9, G960F.
Updated Android to 9.0 Pie, installed some basic apps.

However, I noticed that in the Camera settings, it doesn't show the UHD (60 fps), UHD, QHD, FHD (60 fps) options in Video Size (Rear) section.

Here's my screenshot,

and a reference S9 screenshot I found on the internet, where it works as it should.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!
Depending on where you are, as I noticed the difference in language on the device, as well as the company you go it through (carrier/service provider) it is completely possible that your device has had limitations added to it. Also, yours says 'back' while the one in English says 'rear'. Due to this difference is is completely possible the settings you are looking at are for the other camera. Yes I know back and rear can seem the same, but in this case it is possible it isn't. I would check on both of these. If the device has had limitations added by the place you have service through, or by the manufacturer for your part of the world, and make sure you are looking at the correct camera's info.