Looking for my first camera


Sep 4, 2014
Hello everyone I need some help I'm looking to get my first camera but I don't wanna break the bank. Im wanting this to be a new hobby of mine and so I can start taking family photos. I've been looking around and there's just a lot back and forth to which camera would be best. All I want is a camera that's easy to use since I am a beginner but for it to also last me so having a decent amount of features. These are the cameras I've been looking at

Cannon SL2
Cannon T7i
Sony a6000
Nikon D3500

Please help a guy out haha
Jul 6, 2018
The SL2 is a decent beginner camera. If you want to do video then this will be the best camera of the ones you've mentioned. It has a touchscreen and fully articulating screen. It also has Canon's Dual Pixel Autofocus which is very good. And the T7i and SL2 are essentially the same but the SL2 has the better autofocus. Both of these are video oriented. The Sony a6000 is meant more for photography and it is just your typical entry level Mirrorless camera. Though it can shoot 4k, it has no Mic port. It's a decent camera but not the best. The Nikon D3500 is the best for Photography, its video is not the best. But the SL2 has most of the features of the D3500 but with a lot better video. I'd recommend the SL2.


Oct 1, 2018
Canon models are great as they provide good quality of colors.
As a newbie you may take some non professional camera to start with.
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