What camera should i buy???


Jul 5, 2012
Hello. I need to buy a camera for photoshooting. More like model and fashion photoshoot.
I am a begginer so i need ur opinion at what camera i should buy.
I got around 600 euros.
Any suggetions???


Aug 13, 2017
My dad was a semi-professional photographer for a few several years doing weddings, senior pictures, and sports photography. He has told me several times over the years, including just the other day, that anyone wanting a good camera that will take good photos should get a Canon Rebel. That's about all I can offer you for advice because I know very little about it.



Camera: for now, may like other member said to buy the Rebel. For Nikon like D5300, or sony A68 ( I don't know much about the Sony brand).
And if you do decide to do the fashion photography, you will buy the best camera, like the full frame camera with dual card slots.

Lens: 50mm f1.8, or 50mm f1.4, because you need to blur the background, and they are cheaper, even the prof. photographer use them. And you need other lens like 80mm or up with f1.8 or f1.4, if you want to do the fashion photography.
Other equipment, like the lighting too.

Keep in mind, buy the best lens you can afford, because the lens can use for long long time, and the camera you will replace it often, if you do take a lots pictures like the professional photographer. The lifespan of a digital camera is way too short. A camera is just like any piece of mechanical equipment, it will eventually fail.

For more info about the model and fashion photoshoot, go to online to read more.


"What camera" matters far less than the lenses and the eye/brain behind the camera.

Any current DSLR or mirrorless will deliver excellent photos.
Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji...

You're not just buying a camera, you're buying into an ecosystem.
And 600EUR is just your starting point. That covers the basic body, and a lens or two. Then a good flash, SD cards, a good tripod, other lighting, batteries, etc, etc, etc...

As above, a Canon Rebel. Or Nikon D5300, Fuji, Sony...

Might want to start a comparison here: https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/buying-guide-best-cameras-under-1000
See what features appeal to you in cameras in your price range.
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