Solved! Travel hands free camera

Jan 6, 2019
Hello everyone!

I’m looking for helping purchasing a camera for our trip to Thailand.

My husband and I are adopting our daughter from Thailand and will be traveling soon.

We are looking to purchase a video camera that can really be hands free most of the times and capture a large part of our trip.

I know there are many cameras that a. Achieve that but we are looking for a few bells and whistles.

We are looking for something we can wear turn on and let it do it’s magic so we can enjoy the moment with our daughter and enjoy the cultural and not worry about the camera. We want something that can take a wide frame. Something that we can edit on our phones. (Not as important as the others) Something that is not to large. We don’t want to look like “those” tourist people but want to capture the most we can. What would you recommend?
Jan 6, 2019

Under 500 would be great. You think a Go Pro would be great? I heard things about the insta 360 too?



I have no knowledge of that one.
It might be good, it might not.

Since this is a once in a lifetime trip...I'd go with a proven product.

And you need to get it long before you travel, so that you have time to practice with it. Or buy other accessories you didn't know you needed.
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