Accepting Everything for ALL UPGRADES; what's possible when...

Mar 2, 2024
Way back when Candid Camera was a mainstay on Sunday nights, he set up a stunt where he offered free membership to a health club and handed the people a very long small print document to sign and played it as if it was all of the " TYPICAL MUMBO JUMBO " that are now in all documents and contracts. Most people just gladly signed. Later he finds those who signed and pointed out that in the MUMBO JUMBO was the words: " I do now agree to join and follow all of the rules of Natures Nudist Colony " It was a gage or perhaps in todays terms PUNKED.

Has anyone noticed the changes in the " UPGRADE AGREEMENTS " ? Has anyone cared or wondered what you're agreeing to?

I'd like to tell our younger members that, believe it or not when PC's and Apples along with many other brands first hit the market ALL OFFERED LIFETIME SUPPORT AND WARRANTY. I think most got out of those agreements in a similar way, in part by merging with another company or going bankrupt. Apple just said they were not honoring the forever deal. A class action suit changed that. So if you have an old Performa on a shelf somewhere you can still call in for full support.

My main concern came when I noticed these words: " ANYTHING YOU SIGNED BEFORE IS NULL AND VOID " Think about the Possibilities!
I don't think anyone has joined a nudist colony however with AI around the corner; what if one of the orders is to listen to everything our AI tells you to do.

Or how about sharing something that you would be major P'Od to find out changed?