Solved! Is This A Good Deal

Aug 26, 2018
Hey everyone I won an auction on ebay and was wanting to know if I got a good deal its a camera bundle that comes with a OLYMPUS E20 camera a tripod 2 memory cards and ill paste the description down below.
A Olympus E20p camera kit with 3x extension lens tele 300 PRO-YCON-300 f2.8, a 1.45x tele extension lens TCON-14b f2.4,a 0.8x wide extension lens pro WCON008B f2.two new battery's with battery charger, instruction manual,tripod ,memory card and lens have carrying pouch and long lens a case all in good condition
IM looking for a camera to record youtube videos with I mostly do unboxings and reviews I won it for 52 pound and 16 pound postage
While I'm not too familiar with camera equipment... The time to ask about a good deal, would be before you actually buy it.

At 68quid all in, it's a little lower than the average they appear to sell for on eBay (~80quid range) and yours comes with more equipment.
So in the sense you paid about 15% below average while getting more for your money, it's a pretty decent deal.

That being said, whether it's a 'good deal' and fit for purpose at any price, I'm not sure.