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  1. MissMagicalGirl

    Question extension called options keeps showing up on chrome

    There's this weird extension called options that keeps showing up for some reason, my chrome tab will close and when I open it again it will be there and my adblocker will be disabled. I've tried using Malware Bytes and and I've uninstalled and redownloaded chrome, and it still shows up.
  2. Frankenstein002

    Solved! I think i m a victim of the GANDCRAB ransomware

    Hola amigos, my pc has been infected by the GANDCRAB ransomware or so i think after reading the read me files it generated in my pc. These files are genereated in almost every folder of every single drive. And yea it did encrypted some of my .zip files by UMAXCTKQH extension. For SS check the...
  3. synoptic12

    GMAIL only opens in Incognito mode

    As Stated Above 1.) Cleared cache and cookies 2.) Disk cleanup 3.) Disabled extensions 4.) Checked for harmful content 5.) Reset Browser
  4. L

    why do you need an extention

    what is an extension and why do we need one?
  5. R

    How the Netflix Party Extension for Chrome Works and How to Install It

    Netflix Party extension is a Chrome extension that lets you watch Netflix remotely. This extension synchronizes video playback and adds a group chat option that allows all the participants to talk to each other while they watch a movie/show together. Netflix Party is an ideal set up for...
  6. C

    Solved! Is This A Good Deal

    Hey everyone I won an auction on ebay and was wanting to know if I got a good deal its a camera bundle that comes with a OLYMPUS E20 camera a tripod 2 memory cards and ill paste the description down below. A Olympus E20p camera kit with 3x extension lens tele 300 PRO-YCON-300 f2.8, a 1.45x tele...
  7. R

    How to Improve Video Quality with the Super Netflix Extension

    I, personally, face a lot of issues with my net speed and buffering when I keep the video settings to the highest quality. Netflix eats up a lot of data when we demand high video quality. Data is not an issue, but quality and speed sometimes become the issue. The forever-spinning red icon in the...
  8. R

    How to Automatically Skip the Intro Without Clicking the ‘Skip Intro’ Button on Netflix

    Over the last few years, the registered users of the Netflix have been soaring high. People find Netflix as the best option to watch their favorite TV shows or the series. The users can view their favorite media content online without frequent interruption due to the advertisements. While...
  9. P

    djvuu virus infection

    guys can anyone help me with this issue I have been recently infected with a malware which comes with a djvuu extension, all my excel and word files have turned to .djvuu as their extension names. these files are really important to me and moreover, I have used malware bytes to recover these...
  10. J

    Solved! How to find chrome extensions on android phone

    Trying to get to chrome store on my Android phone. I've got to it before but it was by accident & I don't remember how
  11. A

    Solved! File extension error

    Hi, I am a windows 10 user and I am lately facing a problem with my few pdf files which seems to have automatically changed its extensions to ".NJFITAVTX" in addition to .pdf For Ex: "xxyyzz.pdf" got changed to "xxyyzz.pdf.NJFITAVTX" I am unable to open those pdf files and I also found a...
  12. R

    How to Flip the Screen While Using Netflix on a Laptop

    Netflix is a leading video content subscription service started 20 years ago. It provides a bunch of genres to select from and has happy customers around the globe. Netflix is now the most viewed video subscription service in more than 200 countries. It uses an algorithm to check a viewer’s...
  13. R

    How to Add IMDB Ratings to Your Netflix Content

    Netflix is now one of the most popular services for streaming movies and tv shows. It has a wide variety of genres you can choose from, and boasts satisfied customers in more than 200 countries. They charge a subscription fee after letting you use the first month for free, and if you prefer to...
  14. L

    Solved! Buzzing noise when connecting microphone with an extension cable.

    Hey. I am using a Logitech G231, and since i am a producer i decided to get a soundcard. Problem is when i connect my headset to it, the microphone cable cannot reach. So i decided to get an extension cable, but now when i connect the extension cable and the microphone, there comes a weird...
  15. S

    Solved! Need Help with RANSOMWARE

    Need Help. Ok , so my little sister was on my PC doing online games .When I came back all my files were encrypted and it was asking for money. After some online searching I realised it is serious ransomware.The extension is .no_more_ransom.I had some important files in there Please help.
  16. StormCloudSeven

    How does this audio extension cable work?

    I'm looking for something to extend the headphone and mic ports on the back of my PC, and I keep running into these types of cables: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Quality-3-5mm-Jack-Headphone-Mic-Audio-Splitter-Gold-Plated-Aux-Extension-Adapter-Cable-Cord-for/32756843523.html I was expecting...
  17. iPen

    BananaTag keeps asking for authorization

    I have the BananaTag extension on my gmail accounts and they function fine. However, several times a day it asks me to authorize it for Send Direct. I just don't understand why it's asking me multiple times a day when I first open up gmail. Could something be unauthorizing it? I'm using Chrome...
  18. P

    Cookies in Chrome (specific website)

    Hi there, I was wondering if there was an application/script/extension I could use to make it so that Chrome will only get cookies from the current website loaded, not from ad trackers, etc & clear cookies when you close chrome. Any answers would be great. Thanks.
  19. M

    mp4 file (+4GB) recorded from Simulcast won´t open

    Saved it on external HDD (FAT 32), tried to rename (extension)it, remove it, repair it, split it but no software will open it! What can I do more?
  20. R

    How to Skp intro Fillers While Watching Shows on Netflix

    Ever notice how with every show it previews, Netflix plays a trailer video? Many users find this annoying, as they believe these videos should be optional rather than mandatory. While Netflix hasn’t yet given viewers the option to turn these preview videos off, there is a Chrome/Firefox...
  21. R

    How to Skip Intro Fillers While Watching Shows on Netflix

    Ever notice how with every show it previews, Netflix plays a trailer video? Many users find this annoying, as they believe these videos should be optional rather than mandatory. While Netflix hasn’t yet given viewers the option to turn these preview videos off, there is a Chrome/Firefox...
  22. S

    Need help finding a good TRRS male to female extension cable

    Hello, I was wondering if I could get a recommendation for a good TRRS male to female extension cable that will not introduce noise to mic input and is 3ft or longer. I have a laptop with a headphone/microphone jack combo and a CTIA headset, and I would like to purchase an extension cable...
  23. M

    I want to install "Al Qur'an" in open office writer. I have the link from http://code.google.com/p/qioo/downloads/list, they

    How to install Al Qur'an on open office writer? I cannot find extension manager menu bar
  24. T

    I need help removing safefinder

    So, I got the Safefinder virus again. This time however, nothing seems to be working. Normally, safefinder pretends to be an extension, but this time, it won't show up in my Chrome Extensions tab. I think I found the actual folder in windows explorer, but everytime i simply delete it, it comes...
  25. E

    How do I reinstate the Menu (3 vertical dots)? It's gone and Google Chrome Beta didn't include them.

    I have what I think is a super-duper DELL Desktop (it's not clogged as I use it only for surfing, no gaming) running Windows 8.1, 64-bit, and lately my only browser Google Chrome has been a pain. Almost every day I have to bring up my Bookmarks Bar using the 3 vertical dots (Menu), I have to...
  26. S

    LastPass Password Manager

    I just starting using LastPass as a browser extension on Firefox. One of its features is that when I login to a website, LastPass prompts me if I want to save the site and the login credentials. If I click OK, boom its done. I don't have to re-type the login credentials which tell me LastPass...
  27. M

    Solved! Should I get an RCA extension cable to prevent my adapter ports from wearing out?

    I had to buy a new TV and couldn't find any new ones with RCA ports, only HDMI. I've been wanting to play my PS2 and N64 again so I decided to get an RCA to HDMI adapter. Since I have two RCA consoles, I would be switching between them, not every day but often. My question is, should I get...
  28. T

    Is Adaware a virus?

    Last night I notification about Adaware extension popped up. It said it could read data such as passwords. I didn't add the extension. Then today I noticed a program called Lavasoft Adaware was installed today which I never did. I removed it. Anyone know anything about this program and if it...
  29. N

    Looking for component cord extension (RGB)

    I found a VGA to component cord on Amazon for my computer. When I got it, I realized that the heads of the component side were too thick, and I couldn't plug them into the computer. I am looking for an extension cord so that I can plug them in. It has to be male to female, and preferably 6...
  30. R

    How to Stop Twitter Ads

    Twitter, while not as popular as Facebook, still has over 300 million users worldwide. Seeing as it’s a free service, the majority of the money Twitter earns is through advertising. While they can serve their purpose, a lot of the time ads are just plain annoying. Luckily, there is a way to do...
  31. R

    Use Firefox To Stop Facebook From Spying On You

    You may or may not know, but Facebook is virtually tracking you constantly. There isn’t much you can do about it, apart from completely stopping to use it. Luckily, Firefox made a great solution - Facebook Container extension, helping you gain more control over your data on the social network...
  32. Bscull12

    Ovulus Rift Extension Cables?

    So I am thinking about buying an Oculus Rift but I would need the cables extended about 15 feet. Is this possible to do with a GTX 1080 and some extension cables? I would think it would have enough power to push the extra length but I don’t know. If you have any recommendations please post...
  33. Darkmatterx

    Does this Nextech m to f 3.5mm 6ft cord (from The Source Canada) have a copper stereo wire & shielding all along the cord?

    Hi, I was wondering if this Nextech gold plated, Male to Female 3.5mm 6ft extension cord (from The Source Canada) has a copper stereo wire & shielding all along the cord? It says "shielded" but not if that is just the connector or the whole cord. It also doesn't say if the wire inside is copper...
  34. T

    Using combo jack splitter cuts off mic.

    My laptop has single combo jack. I want to add an extension speaker. I bought a splitter adapter which splits the jack into mic and headphone/speaker but of course the laptop mic gets disabled. How can I get audio out without cutting off laptop mic?
  35. R

    Can an extension cord be used o the comcast USB cord to reach an electric outlet

    No USB outlet on TV electric outlet further away than the length of the USB cord.Can an extension cord be used to reach electric outlet
  36. A

    Is This Chrome Extension SCAM or LEGIT?

    I came across an extension which is really impressive. But i feel its a scam. [scam link removed] They say you get free bitcoins while using chrome and its also available on chrome store. IS IT TRUE?
  37. L

    Solved! Laptop plugged in, not charging - charger/power outlet problem?

    So I recently moved from Europe to the United States. I brought my MSI with me, which has a European charger - the charger is attached to an extension cord, which is in turn attached to a Europe - US power adapter. For the first two weeks, everything was fine: my laptop was charging just fine...
  38. J

    I cant seem to get my chrome extension to work!

    I want to make a extension that can open links when clicked on, exactly like this one: http:// But I have more then one account so it creates the doc on my home email, not my school. The fix is to make the doc create link like this : https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/create They have it...
  39. A

    chrome cleaner pro

    This extension keeps reinstalling with chrome. I don't know how to prevent this extension to reinstall. can't find it with antimalware scanners
  40. SyncroScales

    Cryptojacking and Script extensions and add-ons? What to look for?

    Hello, I was updating Firefox, Chrome and Chromium. I installed some add-on's and noticed a few new ones. They were about Cryptojacking. Read the Tom's Hardware article The Rise Of Cryptojacking And How To Stop It by Lucian Armasu December 29, 2017 at 9:45 AM - Source: Bad Packets Report (via...
  41. E

    Help With A Virus

    So, I've got virus that I've been battling with for a few days and it's been driving me crazy. It slows my computer down by an insane amount and at any given time, almost all of my 4GB of RAM is being used even if I have nothing else open. It's also redirecting all of my Google searches through...
  42. S

    Need an audio cord extension for 2.1 speakers. This it?

    So I have a rather basic speaker system I use. Not sure what it is called but it has the same green audio jack that virtually every basic PC speakers use. Problem is the cable length for the audio jack is rather short. For me to use them without having them in a awkward position on the desk I...
  43. tarmiricmi

    Website scan for cryptocurrency mining

    Hello, is there any web-check where one can enter particular website address to check whether that site uses cryptocurrency mining scripts? One could use browser extensions to do that but I'm looking for an online scan.
  44. Charitzo

    Cannot Remove Microcosm - New Tab Extension

    So my girlfriend recently downloaded a file that turned out to be a bit dodgy and added Microcosm - New Tab to Chrome. We promptly deleted the extension, however, on the New Tab page on Chrome she now cannot remove any of the websites that are there, and the list of websites is now fixed...
  45. B

    Solved! External Malware Help

    Hello the other day I accidentally got infected by a virus that changed certain file extensions to .LOSERS files. Certain mp3, wave, jpg, mp4 etc. files all have the extension .losers after their original extension, and are not accessible. I backed up all the files to an external hard drive and...
  46. T

    Surround Sound Issues

    A couple months back I broke my front panel audio plugs( only the left side would work) so instead I decided to get extension cables to connect my headphones to the back. It was working for a few weeks, however, the extension cable broke and I just ordered and receive another one. When plugging...
  47. kskordestani

    spam pages keep opening on chrome.

    It started recently these pages keep opening randomly in chrome, I have been using multiple adware removal tools, gone to multiple posts, closed unknown processes, reset chrome, deleted any unwanted extensions and god knows what else! can someone help?
  48. M

    How do I access an extension Monitor on my Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop

    How do I turn on an added Monitor which is cabled into my Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop? Do I use the Fn key? If so with which button on the top lineup?
  49. D

    Do I get an extension on my cell phone bill?

    How do I get an extension on my cell phone bill?
  50. T

    Google Chrome Scrolling Lag

    When pages are loading in Chrome and I try to scroll it lags a lot. When I try to scroll it will be very delayed and slow. When I use incognito this weird lag doesn't happen. I have no extensions. I also have tried smooth scrolling and it doesn't help. Thanks for your help!
  51. H

    3.5mm extension cable

    Can anyone recommend a quality brand 3.5mm extension lead. There seems to be a lot of cheap alternatives on the market. many thanks for your time.
  52. K

    Extensions for auto saving documents in .html

    Hello my friends, it is the first time I write here. I couldn't find the right forum for my question. I am looking for an extension for firefox or google chrome, which saves specified pages into a folder as .html file. I had been using "auto save document" for a while, but now firefox has...
  53. M

    Im trying to find the HP Pavilion G7 model # extension. But its not listed on system info

    How do I find an extension of the model #? But in system info, it only lists "Pavilion G7". I need to replace the CPU Fan and the store has several extensions the...Pavilion G7.
  54. S

    identify this chrome extension icon? (unicorn head with pink hair)

    Sent to me in a screen photo (yes, I know). I already tried Google Image Search and the Chrome Extension Store. Thanks.
  55. angelness

    HUGE mystery: Can't get Adware to go away no matter what I do?

    Adware has always been a joke to me. In the past, I've managed to easily remove it off my grandparent's PC or wherever I saw it. It's usually always either a toolbar or an extension. However, recently my PC has become infected and no matter what I do, IT WON'T GO AWAY! I've tried EVERYTHING...
  56. D

    My payment is due today may 29th. Can i get a extension to june 1st? I do not have the money to pay my bill today

    My payment is due today may 29th. Can i get a extension until june 1st? I do not have the money today to pay my bill.. I might be able to pay half the bill if possible. Need to ask about a payment extension
  57. P

    Google chrome settings

    Cannot get to google chrome settings. Everytime I click on settings or extensions.... it takes me to chrome://apps/....... always.... I cannot change any settings on google chrome because I cannot get to the settings page.... even if I type google chrome://settings or anything similar. I even...
  58. N

    Getting rid of SearchLock ....yesterday

    Hi, I did not intentionally download SEARCHLOCK. Now it's on my system and I don't know how to remove it since there's no Chrome extension. Does anyone know how to remove it? Thanks
  59. T

    How to remove Hapara Highlights Extension on a school Chromebook.

    A new extension was installed on my school chromebook, and it's called Hapara Highlights. It's an extension that let's teachers watch what is going on, and I don't know how to remove it, and can't remove it. It says "Installed by enterprise policy." I tried ending the process with the task...
  60. D

    Win7 desktop delete

    Have this file that may have a .txt extension... the name of it like handcrafted sterling silver necklace 22 in. seems there is a period in the path? This file will NOT delete. Tried rmdir (cannot find the folder) tried del (cannot find the file) tried handcrafted.... dir /x does not tell...