Does this Nextech m to f 3.5mm 6ft cord (from The Source Canada) have a copper stereo wire & shielding all along the cord?


Apr 8, 2003
Hi, I was wondering if this Nextech gold plated, Male to Female 3.5mm 6ft extension cord (from The Source Canada) has a copper stereo wire & shielding all along the cord? It says "shielded" but not if that is just the connector or the whole cord. It also doesn't say if the wire inside is copper.

I even tried The Source support and they couldn't find the answer. I was hoping someone here might know.

Can't say specifically but usually it would mean that the cable has a shield.
Copper would be the most common material for the conductors. How pure that copper is and whether it is plated is another question. Aluminum would be a surprise and silver would be very expensive.
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