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  1. S

    Question Where can I buy an iPad?

    Is it a good idea to buy an iPad on Ebay? Or will there be after market parts in it? Where is the cheapest place to buy an iPad online in USA? As a first time iPad buyer, which generation should I buy? Should I buy refurbished? Should I buy a Wi-Fi or 4G iPad? What screen size should I get...
  2. D

    Question It's worth buying a LG V20/V30 used on eBay?

    Hi people, i want to buy a LG V20 or V30 (i am not decided yet) but because my budget i think buying it used on eBay, do you think it's worth it buying it used or not? i don't care really about scratches and things like that, i am only worried about the durability and functionality of the phone...
  3. L

    htc u11 new in box bought from ebay factory unlocked will it work in uk networks

    htcu11 factory unlocked bought from eBay
  4. C

    Solved! Is This A Good Deal

    Hey everyone I won an auction on ebay and was wanting to know if I got a good deal its a camera bundle that comes with a OLYMPUS E20 camera a tripod 2 memory cards and ill paste the description down below. A Olympus E20p camera kit with 3x extension lens tele 300 PRO-YCON-300 f2.8, a 1.45x tele...
  5. R

    USA ads driving me nuts on eBay

    I'm consistently seeing American adverts when I login to eBay on my Samsung J5. For example; Walmart stores, US dealerships etc. Although I am a UK citizen, I do not travel to the US, so does anyone know why am I should be seeing these ads? I use an eBay app called eBay Mobile installed from...
  6. X

    Solved! Dell e6410 rejecting upgrades

    Recently, I purchased a Dell E6410 from Ebay. The laptop came configured with 2 sticks of ram summing up to 4gb and an i7-640m cpu. The plan was to upgrade the ram and the battery. I went ahead an purchased the following products for it...
  7. J

    Should I buy my Windows 10 from eBay

    Hello I am picking the parts for my first PC and I looked that on eBay they sell windows 10 for 10 dollars. Should I trust that? Where I can find Windows 10 cheap? Thank you
  8. P

    Solved! dont have permission

    Reference #18.3f75b917.1541440654.1bc8c3f I am a ebayer and this is what I get when I try to go to ebay now
  9. S

    Want to sell a 2015 MSI GT70 Dominator

    I would like to sell my MSI GT702QD (GTX970). It has 2x128 SSDs, i would say condition is fair, no surface or keyboard scratches but some visible wear. The battery is weak (1-2 hours of light use, 40 mins of gaming). Would buying a new battery be cost effective for selling? Charger/adapter is in...
  10. J

    Solved! How much can I sell my gaming laptop for?

    How much can I sell my Lenovo IdeaPad Y700-15ISK Touch Gaming Laptop for since I want to post it on eBay to hopefully sell it since I need to catch up on bills and whatnot? I hardly ever use it since I rely more on my Surface Pro that's company provided. Tech Specs Processor 6th Generation...
  11. W

    Solved! How can I embed a One Drive or Vimeo video into an eBay listing ?

    I have [[a few]] short films on DVD's that are in auctions on eBay and want to add a short video example to the listings. YouTube does not want this type of video on their site, so I put them on other sites that do not care such as OneDrive which embeds iframe HTML and Vimeo using object HTML to...
  12. noor1000

    is my hard HARD DISK is dying ?

    hi i buy from ebay 3.5-inch 2TB HGST HARD DISK now I start hearing sound from my hdd after i format it and resize partition like this sound in 0:14 from this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J09pWNQPK7U but i tested hdd its give me 100% health and no bad sectors should i bay new one...
  13. B

    Ebay buyer wants refund for iCloud locked iPhone 7 plus

    I'm going to try to keep this as brief as possible but still give the background and reason for my question. I bought an iPhone 7 plus off Craigslist about a year ago. At the time I didn't know much about iPhones let alone iCloud locks and blacklisting etc. Probably should have been suspicious...
  14. K

    Looking for free T7i shutter count utility (Windows)

    Got a used Canon t7i off Ebay. I am looking for a shutter count utility. I've tried EOSinfo, EOSmsg and CanonEOSDigitalInfo to no avail. They do not recognize the camera. I used EOSinfo with my xsi. So I know that works.
  15. A

    Advice on what to buy first

    Hello, so recently I purchased an HTC Vive headset off ebay, however It was without any base stations or controllers. Im looking for advice on what to buy first/cheap places to get the base stations and controllers. Buying them new would cost relatively $400 and I’d be better off buying the full...
  16. I

    6w 6ohm Speakers

    Hello, I have a pair of 6W 6ohm speakers and I need a stereo amplifier, should I use 6W amp? or maybe 9W? I'm looking for a cheap amplifier on ebay, and I have no Idea about wich one to choose. Thanks!
  17. C

    need magellan activation code

    i bought a magellan gps on ebay and need an activation code
  18. M

    Solved! need help finding battery

    i have a vector II 17 laptop from cyberpower pc, i've had it since october of 2016 and while the laptop still works nice the battery is starting to kick it. my issue is: i am having issues finding the right battery for it! this is the exact battery it has right now (<- link) and i cannot find...
  19. R

    Bought an "Unlocked" iPhone, when in reality it is at&t only

    On ebay i had bought an unlocked iPhone 6. When I got it, I tried to put the sim card in. It said sim not supported. I have purchased 3 unlocking tools already. None of them worked. I can't use the phone at all because I can't activate it. Is there any way of getting past the sim activation or...
  20. V

    Scam or legit?

    Hello all I was browsing ebay in search of a laptop to buy. I found these two, but they are way too cheap to be legit.. in my opinion. Is there something I'm missing or not understanding about their description? https://m.ebay.it/itm?itemId=332589955133...
  21. F

    Laptop for less than 100$

    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F132539171142 Found this on eBay, too good to be true but I thought I'd ask the community.
  22. ajsski99

    Lenovo Thinkpad L440

    Hiya, I’m considering purchasing this Lenovo laptop off of eBay. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F192471097685 I’m going to be using this Laptop for College (in the UK) and for DJing as it’s my hobby. I’ll be running RekordBox as my software...
  23. E

    Android features locked and don't know pattern to unlock

    I just bought a used Nikon s800c camera on Ebay, but it is locked out of the android features and I don't know the pattern. Is there some was to factory reset it so I can use Android features?
  24. S

    OEM APU usable on retail pc?

    I have retail laptop and I would like to upgrade to A10-5750M but it is listed as oem on ebay and i'm not sure if i can use it on my retail laptop could I get some help? Yes my laptop does support this apu but I am just wondering if it will not work because my laptop is retail and this apu is...
  25. D

    corrupted memory card

    I bought 64 GB Samsung memory card from eBay which is corrupted and having a virus in it. I had raised claim but they rejected my claim. my problem is I have tried all methods to format card but all methods fail to fromat it. like: cmd method changing label method used esus partition manager...
  26. B

    Alienware 18 worth it or not?

    Hey guys I am looking at an alienware 18 on eBay that’s has a fault but does work here is the listing and info FAULTY Alienware 18 Laptop 16GB Ram i7 4700MQ, 512GB SSD, twin Nvidia GTX 765M's For Spares Or Repair. The fault is that when the laptop is cold and turned on, the screen remains...
  27. O

    Laptop CPU replacement

    I have 4005U cpu and I found on ebay i7 and it has same socket as my i3 (bga and random numbers I dont remember) can I replace it somehow? I found that it is possible to replace BGA socket CPU, but it is hard.
  28. H

    Sony vaio pro 13 motherboard upgrade

    Hello i would like too upgrade my Sony vaio pro 13 motherboard Svp1321m2eb i have found one on ebay from a pro 13 SVP1322C5E i just want too know would it be possible too do a straight swap
  29. S

    Selling Lenovo Laptop, how much is it worth?

    Hello! I am looking to sell my Lenovo Ideapad 510-15ISK (Model 80SR00DVUK) on Ebay and was wondering how much it is worth? Quick Specification: - Nvidia Geforce GTX 940MX dedicated graphics card. - Matte IPS Full HD screen panel (1920x1080p). - Intel i5 6200U Processor @ 2.40GHz. - 8GB DDR4...
  30. GoldenBoy99

    Possible Remote Connection to PC. Malicious Amazon and eBay Charges.

    Hello! Sorry to be bothering anyone on this Christmas day, but this happened a few hours ago. Relevant details: Just before going to a Christmas gathering I bought some items on Amazon and then left for a Christmas gathering. I don't remember if I left the "order confirmed" page open or not...
  31. T

    Replacing LEDs on tv help

    Hey guys, My tv lost picture so I ordered some new leds off eBay and looking to repair it. I attached the new leds to the power board I have about 6 attached so far and when I test it they all come on but when I add another 2 and test it they dim and then if I add another 1 or 2 none of them...
  32. L

    unstable flash drive ?

    Bought 2TB flash drive on eBay. Thing is not stable. Formatting doesn't help. Is there some initialization I need to do?
  33. T

    Where can I get a replacement CF card slot? (canon 350D)

    I bought a canon 350d off ebay spares and repairs - good condition just needs a new CF card slot due to a couple of missing pins. Does anyone know where I can get a new CF card slot? Is it the same part for all cameras or will I need a specific 350D part? Tristan
  34. I

    Bought malwarebytes on ebay lifetime license

    So I bought a lifetime license on ebay for $20 and I was like alright and they mailed me the code on my ebay account within 30 minutes. So I tried downloading malwarebytes trial on malwarebytes website but the serial did not work so they gave me a download link to a malwarebytes corporate...
  35. T

    EOS 350d scroll wheel not working

    I bought an EOS 350D used off ebay, supposedly in working condition, however now it's arrived the scroll wheel used to change settings doesn't work properly. It sort of responds to scrolling to the right but sometimes jumps left and doesn't respond at all to left scrolling. So I can crudely...
  36. T

    How do I activate my next book ares 10 without the code

    I bought a next book ares 10 from eBay it's new. I don't know the activation code
  37. G

    Acer aspire 5745-5387 freezing and the screen flashes after about 2 min of being on

    Possible solutions please just bought screen from eBay and the post saidits lightly used and it was 100 percent working but after I connected the screen I noticed my laptop kept freezing and screen flashes lighter
  38. G

    I'm looking for a Android phone

    Hi, I'm looking for a android phone the is on eBay for around $150 I need it to be a android phone at lest 5" screen and is running android 5.0, thank you
  39. WildCard999

    Measures against theft.

    Hi all, unfortunately my debit card was somehow stolen online and was being used in a purchase on ebay as a guest. They also got into my ebay account and changed the email so I called ebay and got the account back. I then called Paypal to find out if the purchase was through them and it wasn't...
  40. A

    Possible to buy original 3310?

    Hi all, I'm trying to find a legitimate place to buy an original Nokia 3310 - NOT the new 2017 model. Does an eBay 'used' listing at £19.99 (about $27) seem genuine?
  41. H

    how much does the cheapest Nintendo 3ds cost on ebay?

    i'm looking for the cheapest nintendo 3ds
  42. M

    Need new lamp

    Need to purchase a new lamp for my Mitsubishi 73" Model WD-73C10... Seen on ebay for $25, shop Jimmy for $100.....any suggestions. Weary of eBay although part had good reviews
  43. tarmiricmi

    How to check if I can sell on Ebay

    Hello, I'm long-term Ebay user (more precisely, buyer). I want to sell something so I need to check can my Paypal account accept money. Where and how can I do that?
  44. C

    Maybe This Subwoofer?

    Hey there. I'm looking to buy a new subwoofer. I have a large to medium sized basement that is a little hard to position speakers and subwoofers. I found this listing recently on ebay for a Rockville subwoofer. It is the Rockville RBG15S 15" 1600w. Now I know this maybe a lot just for home...
  45. B

    is this good to be true?

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Gaming-PC-Desktop-Computer-4-0GHz-1TB-8GB-RAM-PRO-WIFI/253039174223?_trksid=p2045573.c100033.m2042&_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D41375%26meid%3D1fd4b5cf3558446d94afc10ea78870fc%26pid%3D100033%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D8%26sd%3D232404468346 Look at...
  46. sioni90reggae27

    Is this a good amplifier for 8 ohms 700 watt speakers

    are these speakers good combination with amplifier? Ebay Technical Pro VMPR8 Passive Speaker 700 Watts 8 Ohms X2 speaker specs > Dimensions (H x W x D): 20" x 12" x 9.5" 20-700 Watts Recommended Power 50Hz - 20kHz Frequency Response 95dB Efficiency/Sensitivity 8ohm Impedance Technical Pro...
  47. J

    Fixing speaker on an old 45 record player

    I suspect the answer to this question is going to end up being that it's not worth figuring out, but I thought I'd ask. I just bought a little Tele Tone 45 player off of eBay. The speaker is internal and there are no outputs. I'm guessing it's from the 60s. The platter turns, but when you put...
  48. D

    What is this Audio cable called?

    http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/Vk8AAOSwTM5Yw~pw/s-l1600.jpg Looking for a few of these. Looks like a male/female stereo RCA to female 3.5mm jack to me. I need a female stereo RCA to female 3.5mm jack. but when I search for that on Ebay, can't find any. so maybe i've got the terminology wrong...
  49. F

    Help pricing an unusual/boutique laptop for sale

    Hello all! I'd like to sell my laptop, but don't know what to price it at. I know that the typical advice is "ebay it, then price it around completed auctions," but I bought it from a boutique shop - Digital Storm - that doesn't have enough volume to have a presence on eBay. Here's a link to...
  50. R

    Snowball Mic Recognised As Advanced Audio Device

    I have bought a snowball mic from ebay.co.uk and it worked for the first week after that it started being recognised as Advanced Audio Device. I have tryed everything from software to buying a new cable. I also have put the cable the right way. Is there any fixes?
  51. L

    Help with S6 activation

    I recently purchased an S6 on Ebay and a Straight Talk BYOP kit. However, when I attempted to activate the phone both online and with customer service, they indicated the phone would need to be "rescanned". Does anyone have any advice on bypassing this so I don't have to send the phone back to...
  52. N1njaDestr0yer

    New Laptop Needed

    Hello, I've been in the market for a new laptop i've been looking on eBay for a broken version of a new laptop to fix, but what are some possible brands like (Dell, ASUS, Lenovo, HP etc....) this would be for basic tasks and light gaming, games i mostly play are Minecraft, COD4 (not the...
  53. T

    Are these sennhesier earbuds FAKE?

    I'm going to buy this sennheiser cx 400 ii from ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/CX-400-II-BLACK-Precision-In-Ear-Earphones-Headset-Headphones-/252749965220?hash=item3ad91267a4:g:cFgAAOSwEjFXcS2D it's only 22 $ (+6$ for shipping) and it's coming from a top rated seller. i'm not sure about it's...
  54. P

    Newegg VS Ebay

    So I'm looking to buy a gaming laptop, my budget is about 1200$ CAD, I'm hoping to get something with a gtx 970m in it. I've found 2 deals, one is from ebay, the other newegg. They're both the same laptop. Which one should I go for? Also, does the newegg one have the fancy keyboard, despite not...
  55. P

    Where to buy ribbon cables from?

    I need to buy a "JI-HAW AWM E118077 2896 80C 30V VW-1 8 1/2" long and 1/8" wide. Can anybody tell me where to buy it from please? Ebay doesn't have the length and width I need. Thanks!
  56. P

    Solved! How many pins needed on ribbon cable?

    I need to replace a ribbon cable with "JI-HAW AWM E118077 2896 80C 30V VW-1" printed on it, but on ebay the same cable is for sale with different numbers of pins. how do i know how many pins it should have? thanks
  57. M

    i need some help finding a new screen for my laptop

    i bought a broken laptop off of ebay to be my little project i mean fixing it slowly to fill my free time it's a HP Pavilion DV6 6135DX it has a broken screen and needs a new battery and charger other than that it works i already ordered the battery and the new charger but i didn't order a...
  58. W

    Needing of Pahantom Power

    So, I have this cheap microphone,you may know it BM-800. From ebay. So Im asking do I need phantom power to get most of it and sound better..or? Thanks
  59. M

    HP Password Lock

    HP laptop. Bought on EBay and it has a password locked to it. The seller will not respond. Is there any way to reset?
  60. M

    amazon and/or ebay question

    i know this is something i can easily look up but i seem to have trouble finding the answer so i thought i would turn here. what information does the seller get from the buyer on amazon and/or ebay? I'm assuming they get the shipping address for obvious reasons but they don't get any other...