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  1. alannm37

    How Will This Netbook Computer Perform?

    Hi all :) I recently bought myself a good bargain on eBay, it's a Dell Latitude E4310 Laptop ( Link - http://goo.gl/pC3JMR ); 13.3" Screen (1366x768) i5 2.53Ghz 4GB Memory 128GB SSD Intel HD Graphics My first question would be, could this run Team Fortress 2 on the minimal settings without...
  2. T

    What do you guys are think?

    I am thinking about buying these laptops from eBay (new): 1).http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321278401683 -£450 after shipping and tax 2). http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/291050668302 -£610 after shipping and I tax I have to pay expensive shipping and tax since I live in UK and Vizio are US only. My...
  3. E

    Laptop Hitting 95C Help

    hello everyone i recently got a laptop off ebay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/15-6-Acer-M3-581PG-Core-i5-500GB-HDD-20GB-SSD-1GB-NVIDIA-GT640M-Win8-/291022031763?pt=AU_comp_laptop&hash=item43c243cb93&_uhb=1 and its pretty great except one thing my temps are going through the roof when gaming the...
  4. A

    Toshiba screen replacement C650-07J

    Hey guys anyone know where I can get a Matte screen for a toshiba laptop model c650-07J Not a $200 screen something like they sell on eBay for like $75. I tried looking but can't really find any. Anyone know?
  5. S

    $50 PC Gaming headset

    Hello I am looking for a headset for under $60. I like the Steel Series Siberia V2 and I found the 7H refurbished on Ebay for $50. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  6. F

    Downgrading sony vaio laptop to win7 from win8

    Got a slightly used laptop off of ebay and it came with win8, but i'd really love to downgrade it to win7. I'm not totally sure how though. Looked around and got several guides and some different explanations. Also how do I know if i have the downgrade rights? And s there a program i have to...
  7. S

    How to use an eBay sniper like a pro

    Sniping is a valuable thing to know on ebay because it can be the difference between scoring a sweet deal on ebay and missing out altogether. Sniping is entering a set bid to bid on an item in a future time. This is especially useful to use when you have work or something else and you can't be...
  8. E

    Powerbank For my Msi Laptop

    Recently i bought a leptop (Msi ge60 2oe) its specs are awesome for the price till i started to think about it how am i going to use this 3 hour lasting battery at school whole day so i came up with the idea that i need a powerbank which bring 19 V for my leptop at high Mah and i found this is...
  9. M

    how to verify the xperia z phone on sony website

    I want to buy a xperia z cellphone on Ebay, Get the IMEI # from the Seller. When i try to find where to check the IMEI on sony website. It is very complicated, after 30 mins I gave up. Anyone know how to verify IMEI # of sony xperia z phone. Please help. Thank you in advance, PS! Because people...
  10. JMcEntegart

    eBay's 'My Gadgets' Helps Users Sell Their Electronics

    eBay's newest tool helps users catalog and sell their gadgets. eBay's 'My Gadgets' Helps Users Sell Their Electronics : Read more
  11. C

    Just bought an HTC one on ebay and it says "Audio heard through the speakers is extremely distorted."

    Hello I just bought a very lightly used HTC One on ebay and everything is in almost mint condition but the seller says audio heard through the speakers is extremely distorted. Anyway to fix it? Thanks
  12. D

    Cheap alienware recommendations?

    I tried looking up cheap alienware at ebay, amazon, newegg, usedalienware.com, etc,... I want to know a good bang for my buck alienware.
  13. V

    hp envy dv6 7273ca

    Hi, I'm planning to buy this from ebay: http://www.ebay.in/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=181177221141#ht_1990wt_699 Is it a good deal? Or is there any other similar config at a better price. Please suggest.
  14. A

    No idea what to start with!

    Im looking for a laptop from preferably bestbuy or newegg. Im not open to using websites like amazon or eBay. I have no idea what to buy, im looking for a laptop thats good for gaming on a budget of around 600 and under... But if its necessary i can go to 850. I want to be able to play games...
  15. A

    How much is my HP Dv6Z-6c00 Worth?

    I'm having trouble selling my HP DV6Z-6c00 on eBay and craigslist and I would like to know how much you would pay for it, please give a fair price. Condition: Good, only one small dents a corner. It is not very noticeable at all. Specs: "Dark Umber" color AMD Quad-Core A8-3520m 1.6Ghz (2.5...
  16. M

    Is this laptop worth the money?

    Hi there, I was browsing Ebay today and I saw this laptop: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MSi-GX660R-Core-i7-Blu-Ray-1TB-RAID-8GB-Ram-TDE-1999-Gaming-Laptop-/171070441930?pt=UK_Computing_Laptops_EH&hash=item27d497c9ca Would it be worth getting this laptop for the price it's currently standing at? :)
  17. I

    Acer Aspire One ZG5 Ram not showing up!

    Hi, I had 512mb of ram originally. I bought this off ebay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/161046918822?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 and I installed it just now. On bios and in windows 7 it says 512mb ram. My processor is intel atom N270. Why isn't the 1gb stick showing up...
  18. A

    Need an OEM Dell charger and Battery

    Hey guys! I have a Dell Inspiron 14r (N4010) as and after three year of usage, my battery and charger are dead. My battery does not have any power and my charger is 'not recognized'. So I was going through the Dell online store and I found that the battery costs more than 100$ and the...