Aug 19, 2013
Recently i bought a leptop (Msi ge60 2oe) its specs are awesome for the price till i started to think about it how am i going to use this 3 hour lasting battery at school whole day so i came up with the idea that i need a powerbank which bring 19 V for my leptop at high Mah and i found this is after i bought the item i noticed it has no brand maybe it can explode or something that hurt me and other poeple so im realy worrying about it can you check the specs at the link and tell me how is this item also if it going fit my laptop or not as physical and Voltage amperage . My leptops adapter has got 19.5 V and 6.15 Amperage and my leptops cell is 4400 Mah with 11.2 V Please help me fast so i can cancel or contnue the order. is it safe to use ? it says lithium-ion-polymer cells used


Jan 22, 2013
Basically, all that is is a large battery. The problem with any "one size fits all" unit is that they really don't fit all. Unless you are comfortable that you can pick the correct adapters from the set they send you and set the voltage correctly, I think you would be much better off to buy a second battery from MSI for your laptop.