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    What power bank does your smartphone use?

    As title what power bank does your smartphone use?
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    Charging Laptop with underpowered amperage adaptor / powerbank

    i will buy a power bank that has 86000mah 3.5 Amperage max and 19V and my leptops AC/DC adapter is 19v 6.15 that is capable of runing my laptop at full tdp and charge the battery same time.And my laptops internal battery is 11.15 V 4400 mah. 1-What happens if i plug this power bank instead of...
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    Powerbank For my Msi Laptop

    Recently i bought a leptop (Msi ge60 2oe) its specs are awesome for the price till i started to think about it how am i going to use this 3 hour lasting battery at school whole day so i came up with the idea that i need a powerbank which bring 19 V for my leptop at high Mah and i found this is...